At an air-cooled chiller application for a prison in Maryland, the facility official told the chiller manufacturer how the prisoners like to sabotage a machine so they would not have to work that day. He was looking for a solution to this unique problem.

The chiller manufacturer engineers offered the prison official two customizations that would certainly help with the unusual problem. First, wheels were added to a standard unit - normally equipped without wheels - converting it to a portable chiller. This would allow the prison guards to remove the chiller from an area when it was not in use to eliminate opportunities for sabotage. Second, the chiller manufacturer suggested the chiller be equipped with city water bypass, so if the prisoners were successful in breaking the chiller, the process would immediately switch over to city water for cooling. Once the unit wass repaired, standard chiller operation could resume. This way, the prisoners would not get out of working if the chiller were down. It was hoped they would ultimately leave the unit alone as damaging it would not serve their purpose.