Corporate Profile

Chem Group Inc. helps companies recover thermal heat transfer fluid, reducing thermal fluid costs by as much as 75%. With Chem Group's services, end-users can extend fluid use life, improve energy efficiency, lower annual maintenance costs and avoid costly disposal charges.

Chem Group offers its own Thermaflo line of heat transfer products, Polyflo plasticizers and fully additized antifreeze products. Through distribution agreements, Chem Group also offers Marlotherm and Calflo virgin heat transfer fluids .

Chem Group provides a broad range of products and chemical processing services to customers in the United States and abroad. Through its alliances, the company offers comprehensive chemical maintenance programs and reclamation services, and can recover ASTM-compliant glycols from spent antifreeze, as well as provide safe disposal of all non-hazardous oily water mixtures.

Chem Group
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