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It's made by Ferrite.

We cook. We thaw. We dry. We sterilize. We pasteurize. We're managing high power microwave systems and technology. As a key part of that effort, Ferrite is dedicated to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art microwave heating systems and components unmatched in the industry. Our technical aptitude in the management of high power microwave frequencies is invaluable in providing the most reliable and cost effective cooking, batch tempering and drying systems in the world. We are also the world's leading provider of high power circulators, isolators and loads for microwave systems, radar, medical and high energy physics requirements.

Our capabilities include extensive design and customization, advanced engineering, manufacturing and application of high power and super high power microwave and RF technologies and equipment. Our service is legendary in the managing of high power systems -- troubleshooting, parts, repair and refurbishment, support and availability 24/7.

A note on Ferrite in space: RF communications to the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit are being channeled through NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) - part of its Deep Space Network.

Ferrite has been supplying JPL with the high power circulators used in this system since Ferrite first designed them for this application in 1984.

High Power Microwave Systems and Technology
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