Corporate Profile: New York Blower

The New York Blower Company has been setting industry standards for 114 years. In 1889, two brothers - J. W. Mathis and August Mathis - opened a sheet-metal shop in Chicago called Mathis Brothers Company. They designed and installed heating and ventilating systems, which included fans purchased from outside suppliers. In 1904 the brothers bought The New York Blower Company, a fan manufacturer founded in 1893. The company weathered the Great Depression and joined American industry to fight two World Wars. In the 1950s and 1960s, New York Blower grew into a position of leadership. They were one of the first to install wheel-balancing equipment and utilize all-welded wheels and housings.

They developed FRP fans [fiberglass-reinforced-plastic] for use in highly corrosive applications, several lines of high-pressure, high-volume fans, and began using finite element analysis [FEA] in critical product design. In the 1990s the company introduced three new lines of axial fans and was the first to invest in laser-cutting machinery to improve product quality. With the new century now along, the company's incredible new generation of electronic tools have been distributed to thousands of customers. The New York Blower Company has grown to be a world-wide leader in the industrial fan market and their business relationships span the globe.