Hoffman Specialty has updated the Web-based steam calculators and component selection programs available through www.hoffmanspecialty.com.

The online programs will calculate flash steam condensate, steam piping size, condensate piping size and steam loss through failed traps. Also, a steam component selection tool allows users to select the company's steam pressure-reducing valves, steam traps and steam and water temperature regulators. Its selection report function documents the entire job history, including inputs entered, products chosen and specifications for each chosen product.

High Heat Coating Used in Chemical Facility

A supplier to demanding applications such as complex petrochemical chemistry, pharmaceutical, chemical-intermediate and high-purity electronics uses will be applying a high heat coating based on nanotechnology to test its efficacy.

Gulbrandsen Chemicals has agreed to test Nansulate translucent high heat coating from Industrial Nanotech Inc., Naples, Fla., at one of its chemical manufacturing facilities. The application is intended to demonstrate the coating's ability to insulate and prevent corrosion on high temperature chemical vessels with approximate surface temperatures of 270oF (132oC).

“We have a product that can provide thermal insulation and corrosion protection in the most extreme temperature conditions frequently encountered within chemical manufacturing facilities, particularly by chemical vessels,” said Industrial Nanotech CEO Stuart Burchill.

In addition to chemical vessels, the company believes that its industrial coatings could serve multiple applications within chemical manufacturing facilities.

Visit www.industrial-nanotech.com for more information.