IPC and JEDEC are seeking technical papers for the 12th International Conference on Lead-Free Electronic Components and Assemblies.

With the clock ticking and just months to go before the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance deadline, IPC and JEDEC are seeking technical papers on the topic for the12th International Conference on Lead Free Electronic Components and Assemblies. The conference, which will be held March 6-8, 2006, in Santa Clara, Calif., is cosponsored by the organizations.

Papers from environmental managers and technical staff are sought on any relevant subjects, including:

  • Production issues such as design for lead-free production.

  • Components, solder, board developments, availability and-lead free compatibility.

  • Examples of implementation with reflow, wave, hand soldering, inspection, repair, rework and test, etc.

  • Reliability issues such as tin whiskers.

  • Reliability test data and method developments.

  • Environmental considerations: toxicity and risk, recycling, and hazardous substance substitutes

  • Policy development policy - European lead ban status.

  • European/Chinese/other legislation or voluntary activity on hazardous materials and recycling.

  • Legislative compliance and policy enforcement methods, etc.

  • Supply chain issues, including standards for marking and testing, as well as materials declarations, part numbers, obsolescence, etc.

The conference offers time slots between 30-45 minutes long. Some papers may be grouped together in a forum or panel discussion. To submit a 200-300 word abstract, along with a brief biography, send the information via e-mail to LFConf@ipc.org by December 6. Presentation materials and papers must be non-commercial in nature, focusing on technology rather than on a company's product. If your paper is accepted, the deadline for presentation and/or paper submission is February 10, 2006.