OIT Clearninghouse provides answers to difficult questions.

"Can you help me justify a preventative maintenance program for our steam system?" That's just one of the questions OIT Clearinghouse can help you answer.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT), Washington, the OIT Clearinghouse answers hundreds of calls each month from plant, process and production personnel on topics such as how to make a plant more efficient, how to make processes more reliable and how to make a business more competitive and profitable. It also provides a range of products and services industrial processors might find helpful, including publications, technical assistance, cost-shared financial assistance, software tools, consultations and training.

OIT helps industry identify and pursue technology needs through public-private sector partnerships. Through its Industries of the Future strategy, OIT helps energy-intensive U.S. industries determine their collective technology needs. This strategy ensures that federal resources, including research and development, are aligned with industry's priorities. OIT also works with industry to develop:

  • Best practices that improve industry's motor, steam, compressed air and com- bined heat and power systems.

  • Improvements that cut across several industry sectors such as process heating, advanced industrial materials and sensors.

  • Emerging technologies that are targeted for demonstration and commercialization.

There is no charge to use the OIT Clearinghouse as a resource. For more information, call (800) 862-2086 or visit www.oit.doe.gov.