Bekaert Combustion Technology acquired Solaronics Technologies and its subsidiaries, Solaronics IRT and Solarelec.

Bekaert Combustion Technology N.V., Assen, Netherlands, acquired Solaronics Technologies, Armentiéres, France, and its subsidiaries, Solaronics IRT and Solarelec. Bekaert's combustion technology division specializes in gas burners based on ultrathin metal fibers. The division employs more than 200 people and is part of the company's Advanced Materials Group.

Solaronics, with 100 employees worldwide, specializes in gas and electrical solutions for the drying of coatings on paper, metal and wood. Solaronics also makes infrared drying equipment for the paper industry. The company supplies additional value for its customers through its large service network.

Bekaert's metal fibers concept for gas burners will be integrated into Solaronics systems, providing customers with a choice of burner systems compatible with different gas qualities.