Chillers and temperature control units maintain stable control at elevated temperatures.

Rack-Mount Chiller

Measuring 19 x 10.5 x 20", RK-19 replaces tap water usage in water-cooled equipment. The air-cooled system provides 2,500 or 4,000 BTU/hr (733 or 1,172 W) of cooling and all of the features necessary for temperature control and coolant circulation. Unit uses CFC-free, ozone-protective refrigeration system with hot gas bypass to maintain stability to +/-0.18oF (+/-0.1oC) over the coolant temperature control range of 41 to 95oF (5 to 35oC).
Tek-Temp Instruments Inc.
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Single-, Dual- or Triple Zone System

HTF (heat transfer fluid) system is available in single-, dual- or triple-zone configurations with heating capacities up to 96 kW per zone and temperature up to 600oF (316oC). A compact oil system also is available for temperatures up to 350oF (177oC).
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Family of Chillers

Merlin Series ranges in cooling capacities from 810 to 5,045 W. Units offer easy-view fluid reservoir, reservoir drain for clean fluid changes and integrated fluid-pressure reducer/flow controller. User-interface options include high and low temperature safeties, audible alarm, computer control and stability to +/-0.18oF (+/-0.1oC).
Thermo Electron,
Control Technologies Div.
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Heating, Cooling Unit

MPC/TC Series has been expanded to include both air- and water-condensed designs with 1 to 13 tons of cooling and up to 18 kW of heating. The units are customizable and can provide more than six zones of water temperature between 10 and 230oF (-12 and 110oC) with +/-1oF temperature stability. Additional features include an all nonferrous water path, fluid filtration and an electronic controller.
Cooling Technology
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Recirculating Chiller

As a result of changes to the company's proprietary PID controller software, Kodiak offers temperature stability of typically +/-0.05oC and its response to a setpoint change is immediate. Other controller changes include allowing the pressure units (psi and bar) to be set independently of the temperature units (oF/oC).The recirculating chiller is offered in a range of cooling capacities from 600 to 6,500 W. Standard versions can use common coolants such as tap water and ethylene glycol/water
mixtures, and all have a pressure display, reservoir level indicator and low flow sensing.
Lytron Inc.
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Precision Chillers

Offered in a range of configurations such as one-, two- or three-channel chillers, system can be supplied with air- or water-cooled condensers. With a temperature range of -94 to 392oF (-70 to 200oC) and stability of +/-0.1oC, the chillers have cooling capacity ranges from 1,700 to 256,000 BTU/hr (500 to 75,000 W) and up to three independent loops. Cooling fluid types include water, deionized water, synthetic fluids, ethanol, ethylene glycol or propylene glycol/water mixtures, and mineral oil, or others as required. Embedded computer control monitors critical system functions and controls refrigerant valves. Built-in self-diagnostics test for critical functions such as refrigerant temperatures, voltages and sensors.
Mydax Inc.
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Temperature Control Equipment

Temperature control is a fundamental part of processing. Industrial temperature control equipment line includes hot oil units, water-circulating temperature control systems, tower systems, air- and water-cooled chillers, and conveyors.
QPC Systems Inc.
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Rental Chillers

Line of rental chillers ranges in size from 10 to 1,500 tons. The air- and water-cooled chillers provide emergency or temporary cooling in applications such as backup for failed equipment, new equipment delays, improvement of productivity, improvement of product quality, supplementation for an existing system and disaster recovery.
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Portable Mold Temperature Controller

All models of the MTC line are standardized as nonferrous units with stainless steel piping and pumps. Each mold temperature controller also includes a stainless steel brazed plate exchanger for closed-loop cooling, and a range of exchanger sizes are offered to cover most cooling loads. The risk of pump failure is minimized by using an industrial-duty pump with an EPDM carbon/silicon-carbide mechanical seal rated up to 300oF (149oC). Flow rates range from 20 to 100 gal/min 30 psi for turbulent flow, and all units may be upgraded to 50 psi.
Budzar Industries
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Portable Recirculating Chiller

Designed to provide reliable cooling for industrial, laboratory, laser and metalworking applications, 6000 Series can maintain process temperatures from 14 to 104oF (-10 to 40oC) with +/-0.1oC stability. For optimum versatility, each chiller can be equipped with the pump type (centrifugal, positive displacement or turbine) suited for the cooling application. Standard features include an extra-large digital temperature readout, digital pressure/flow rate display, one-touch temperature control, high and low temperature alarms, pressure and flow rate alarms, and ambient temperature tracking capability. A deionized water package and remote control capability are optional.
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Chiller/Heater Temperature Controller

CHeater provides heating or cooling automatically as needed to maintain the desired process temperature. Offered in capacities ranging from 0.6 to 10 kW, the chiller employs a refrigeration circuit that allows for active heating and cooling throughout a range from 0 to 190oF (-18 to 88oC) and from zero to full load with +/-0.18oF (+/-0.1oC) stability. A digital PID temperature controller eases setpoint entry. The self-contained unit does not require an outside source of water.
Opti Temp Inc.
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