Feco continues to manufacture reliable and technologically advanced equipment.

At the foundation of Feco's success are its employees, known for their willingness to respond quickly to a customer's needs.

Industrial ovens, at the core of Feco's business when it was founded 84 years ago, still are manufactured as reliable and technologically advanced equipment. But now, as a Park Ohio Co., Feco has a product line that gives its customers even more.

Although industrial end users continue to turn to Feco for the basics, they also look to the Cleveland company when they face more complicated problems. Feco's expanded product development and a breadth of expertise provide ever greater application solutions.

To enhance the company's ability to serve its customers, Feco now is upgrading its on-site testing laboratory, scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

"We're adding test equipment and providing more space," said Mac Dalton, general manager. "These refinements will give our customers the opportunity to develop specifications for new products and improve existing ones."

Feco's custom-designed ovens, particularly convection air ovens, are in plants around the world. They frequently are part of a complete modular-designed line incorporating conveyors and automation, which provides maximum layout flexibilty.

"Feco's unique position is its ability to be a single source for systems that combine heat processing and curing technologies with material-handling and conveying methods," Dalton said. The company offers multiple services to support the purchase of a Feco-engineered system, including:

Project management. After acceptance of the order, Feco assigns a project manager to oversee and coordinate all phases of the project.

Approval drawings. Prior to fabrication, customers receive assembly drawings to ensure compliance with specifications.

Pre-assembly of main components.All major elements are pre-assembled on the factory floor for acceptance testing. Its large manufacturing facility allows Feco to test full systems of ovens and conveyors prior to shipping.

Installation drawings. A complete set of drawings can be provided to detail all service-drop locations and utility requirements.

System documentation. Two sets of service manuals provide operating instructions and critical component information.

Turnkey installation services. An installation crew can be supplied to handle all installation needs.

Startup supervision. A supervisor can be provided to assist the customer's personnel in starting up and debugging the system.

"The support is part of our commitment to ensure that a custom-designed system meets all of our customer's expectations," Dalton said.

Call for Free CDs

As a cutting-edge company, Feco has put its history and product information on compact disk. The two CDs cover all aspects of the company's offerings and services.

"The CDs provide a current view of our facilities as well as a commentary about Feco's capabilities," said Alan Smetana, product manager for heat processing. "One disk is specific to heat processing and the other focuses on material handling."

To get one or both of these CDs, call Smetana at (216) 441-2400.