Search the burners section of the July 2000 Product Guide. You'll find burners suitable for a number of applications.

Modular Line Burner

Designed for fresh and recirculated air process heating, Crossfire is a nozzle-mixing modular line burner used for in-duct firing. Capable of providing up to 2.25 million BTU-hr-ft, it produces NOX levels below 25 ppm and carbon monoxide levels below 250 ppm at 3% O2. Good temperature uniformity produces consistent results.

Maxon Corp.,

Radiant Line Burner

R1-130A offers modular design and single-socket screw mounting. The all-ceramic radiating surfaces have no metal exposures that absorb heat, increasing burner efficiency. The burner can be used to replace inefficient systems or boost existing convection ovens.

Indesco Products Inc.,

PC Packaged Oven Burner

With a turndown capability of up to 40:1, PC packaged oven burner is available in 17 sizes ranging from 200,000 to more than 5 million BTU/hr. Features include an integral combustion air fan, air pressure switch, ignition spark plug and flame sensor. Four firing methods are possible: on-off, high-low, gas-only modulation with constant air, or complete air-gas modulation.

Pyronics Inc.,

Low NOx Burner

Single-digit NOX levels are possible in many demanding applications using LoNOX. The burner's Cool Technologies feature allows it to be retrofit with minor modifications to achieve significant NOX reduction.

John Zink Co./Todd Combustion,

Combustion Equipment

Designed to help users achieve faster line speeds and higher dyne levels, a line of combustion equipment is suited for use in surface treating, laminating and substrate enhancement applications. Combustion equipment users can also find complete combustion systems and controls, replacement parts and engineering services.

ERB-Ensign Ribbon Burners LLC,

Direct-Fired Burner

Capable of providing up to 5.5 million BTU-hr-ft, direct-fired burner has stainless steel baffles to allow operation in outlet airstreams up to 1,000°F (538°C). Plain, raw natural or propane gas is delivered at low pressure directly to the burner ports. Air holes ensure proper combustion airflow.

Midco International Inc. ,

Air Heat Burner

Capable of producing a uniform, odorless and smokeless flame for heating fresh air in makeup and process air heating applications, Version 2.10 AH-MA provides stable operation over a range of velocities, inputs and fuels. The burner has an aluminum body to reduce weight and provide corrosion resistance. The low pressure version requires 5.5" w.c. gP natural gas at 800,000 BTU-hr-ft.

Eclipse Combustion,

Fiber Matrix Burner

Minimod 2000 has a maximum heat release of 250,000 BTU/hr with a 5:1 turndown. Features include a premix blower with a brushless variable-speed motor. The venturi and modulating fuel valve tracks the airflow and maintains correct fuel/air ratio for all firing rates. The burner occupies less than 1 ft2 in area and produces low NOX and carbon monoxide.

Packaged Burner Systems

Contaminant-Free Ceramic Burner

Providing a burner flame free of metal ion contamination, the ceramic burner can be fired with hydrogen, natural gas or liquid propane gas and has oxygen mix at the burner face. The burner's basic ceramic material does not expel burner-generated contaminants into the gas stream despite its 3,272°F (1,800°C) operating temperature.

AGF Burner Inc.,

Power Pressure Burner

Equipped with safety controls, the power pressure burner can be incorporated into boilers or ovens to form automatic packaged burner units. Where remote mounting is desired, the burner can be wired to a terminal strip to facilitate control wiring. Standard features include a 3,450 rpm motor for forced draft firing.

Ray Burner Co.,

Low NOX Burner

Using a staged fuel combustion design, Low NOX Vortex (LNV) Series is constructed to produce low NOX emissions ranging from 25 to 42 ppmvd, corrected to 3% O2. Corresponding carbon monoxide emissions remain below 10 ppmvd, corrected to 3% O2. The burner can fire waste gases in conjunction with fuel gases.

T-Thermal Co.,

Waste Oil Burner

Offered in capacities from 100,000 to 4.5 million BTU, waste oil burner can be used to convert boilers to be fueled by used lubricants. Using used lubricant as the fuel eliminates disposal concerns, and the burner can be serviced by personnel familiar with oil/gas burning equipment.

CompuHeat Inc.

Radiant Tube Burner

Uni-Rad produces an extremely stable and luminous flame envelope profile that maximizes heat transfer. Flame ignition is maintained by a continuous spark system that ensures ignition each time. Options allow operation with preheated combustion air to 1,200°F (650°C). The radiant tube burner fires on any clean fuel gas.

Maxon Corp.,

Burner Line

With capacities ranging from 300,000 to 5 million BTU/hr, this line of burners offers a choice of industrial pilots for maintaining stable flame from ambient to 6,000 fpm. Other components include air-cooled pilots for boilers and sulfur recovery, fuel trains, control panels and high temperature ignition wire and accessories.

Thermco Inc.

Gas Infrared Burner

Model QC-12 burner is supplied with Series 2000 pilot system. IPQ-1 is mounted on the burner section closest to the gas inlet. MPQ-1 is mounted at the burner location farthest from the point of ignition and ignited via flame propagation from the adjacent burner section.

Red-Ray Manufacturing Co. Inc.,

Low CO Emissions

AirHeat Version 2.00 reduces carbon monoxide emissions, particularly at low fire, and stays below TA-Luft requirements over a 9:1 turndown range. Up to 4' in length, it can be spark-ignited up to 900,000 BTU/hr per linear foot. Aluminum castings eliminate the need for corrosion-resistant manifolds.

Eclipse Combustion,