The July 2000 Product Guide provides a section dedicated to sensors, controllers and instrumentation. Search this section for devices that meet your needs.

4-Channel Thermometer

Chub-E4 includes four channels for reading thermocouples, platinum thermistors and all common platinum RTDs, including 100 A and 25 A RTDs with two, three or four wires. The graphical LCD displays the current temperature from all four inputs, and users can select any eight data fields to view on screen.

Hart Scientific Inc.,

Combustion Safeguard Control

Protectofier is designed to protect against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens and other heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the flame rectification principle or ultraviolet scanner sensors.

Protection Controls Inc.

High In-Rush SCR Power Control

With oversized fuses and semiconductors, Model 18D-4-150H handles high in-rush variable resistance heating loads easily. Control is designed with integral heat sinks engineered for full-rated operation in 122°F (50°C) ambient. In addition, Vboprotection provides immunity from high voltage spike damage, and a 0.5 sec soft-start feature further reduces in-rush currents. Payne Engineering,

Resistance Temperature Detector

Element conforms with DIN, IEC, JIS and SAMA standards and is fully traceable to NIST. Standard platinum wire-wired RTD can be supplied in a range of sizes and accuracy tolerances.

Sensing Devices Inc.,

Temperature Indicator

P Series can be used to monitor temperature in ovens, incinerators and pollution-control equipment. The factory-calibrated device does not require a power supply or batteries and is sealed water-resistant up to NEMA 4. Its sensing probe is a nickel alloy tube that encases a Type K 16-gauge thermocouple.

Burling Instruments Inc.,

SCR Power Control

Engineered to operate reliably in many process environments, SCR power control is available as zero- and phase-fired, single- and three-phase designs. With UL, CSA, cUL and CE listing or approval, power control can be used in kilns and ovens, environmental chambers, extruders, molding equipment, autoclaves and dryers.

HDR Power Systems Inc.,

Digital Temperature Controller

E5_N Series can communicate to other automation devices and computers via RS485. Autotuning and fuzzy logic self-tuning functions can be included. Offered as a 1/16 or 1/32 DIN controller, it accepts thermocouple, RTD, noncontact temperature sensor and analog inputs.

Omron Electronics Inc.,

Thermocouple Calibrator

Used to measure temperature from a thermocouple output, Model 714 also can simulate thermocouple output. It operates with nine types of thermocouples and can calibrate a linear thermocouple output with a millivolt source function. It has a selectable °F/°C display and is CE approved.

Fluke Corp.,

Mechanical Thermostat

Tempswitch has an adjustable setpoint and is designed to function as an economical temperature controller or standalone high or low limit controller. Designed for hot melt systems, plastics and textile processing, the lightweight, compact thermostat is UL listed.


Process Control

Temperature and process control has dual display, self-tune capability and fuzzy logic. Other features of the 1/32 DIN control include universal input, loop break protection, peak/ valley and percent output indications, and an illuminated keypad. With ramp/ soak function, 32 Series also provides auto/manual station function.

Love Controls Div., Dwyer Instruments Inc.,

Bipolar Control for Thermoelectric Modules

Model 5C7-362 employs an H bridge arrangement of solid-state MOSFET devices that are capable of up to 25 A of load current at maximum efficiency. A pulse width modulated output is PC selectable for either 675 or 2,700 Hz operation. It averages the energy provided to the module, which reduces extreme temperature excursions.

Oven Industries Inc.,

Polymer System

Omega Vanzetti 4121 employs a noncontact method to monitor temperature in the extruder nozzle, barrel or injection molding cavity. Polymer system provides real-time temperature data and a 10 ms response time. It has quick-disconnect probe tips containing an abrasion-resistant sapphire window and fiber optic cable assembly.

Omega Engineering Inc.,

Communicating Controller

Series 1ZC can be used for precise setpoint control of a single control loop, and two independent outputs are configurable as direct-acting, reverse-acting or alarm. The DIN rail-mounted, autotuning PID controller can be employed in nonindicating subpanel applications. It will communicate with a control computer or PLC via a built-in bidirectional RS485 serial communications interface.

Athena Controls Inc.,

Temperature Recorder

Suited for use in high temperature ovens that are too hot for pass-through profilers, KIC-Recorder also can provide continuous monitoring for batch and box ovens. It does not employ paper or pens to record temperature, eliminating the risk of lost data due to paper jams.

KIC Thermal Profiling,

Temperature Profiling System

EasyTrack includes a datalogger that records 25,000 readings over five channels, offers accuracy to I1.0°C and provides programmable readings from 1 sec to 10 min. Profiling system allows users to analyze data over time, make comparisons probe to probe and identify peak temperatures and time at temperature.

Datapaq Inc.,

Thin Film RTD Elements

Sensycon GWP 2108 and GWP 2148 are 0.05" (1.25 mm) wide, 0.0664" (1.66 mm) long and 0.044" (1.1 mm) thick at the strain-relief point. The platinum 100 A and thin-film platinum 100 A RTD elements have a temperature measuring range of -58 to 1,022°F (-50 to 550°C) and a temperature coefficient of 0.00385.

DWM & Associates Inc.,

Disposable Thermocouple

Molded plug-and-wire disposable thermocouple is manufactured with Autobond wire. It is designed to eliminate the leakage path often found in autoclave applications where traditional wire is employed. Color-coded wires are bonded together to eliminate the need for a jacket.

Eustis Co. Inc.,

Process Controller

PX Series from Hanyoung has a universal output that allows the operator to configure the output for relay, solid-state relay or 4 to 20 mA from the front keyboard. The unit also has universal inputs that are programmable for all standard thermocouple and RTD types as well as VDC and mA.

Control & Measurement International Inc.,

Temperature and Process Control

ETR-9300 incorporates Smarter Logic decision making to prevent initial overshoot and setpoint differentials due to process disturbances. With universal input, all thermocouple, RTD, voltage and current types can be selected from the front panel. A universal power supply and low voltage input option provide a wide operating range.


Retractable Melt Thermocouple

The depth of immersion into the melt stream can be varied from zone to mid-stream during maximum flow and pressure conditions using the retractable melt thermocouple. It can be used to solve problems inherent to fixed immersion melt thermocouples used in plastic extruders and processes.

Noral Inc.

Digital Thermometer

Touch Probe has a large, easy-to-read LCD and is compatible with most standard thermocouple and thermistor probes. Features include data hold, min/max and status display functions, °F/°C selectability and automatic power off. A waterproof thermometer and probe as well as food service grade units are available.

Brighton Electronics Inc.,

Programmable Temperature Transmitter

DTrans T01 and DTrans T02 allow users to customize the linearization, select the measuring range and choose a sensor type from a PC. Input options for the head-mounted T01 and rail-mounted T02 include RTDs and thermocouples. Some versions allow current and voltage.

Jumo Process Control Inc.,

SCR Power Control

A3P is a three-phase, phase angle-fired SCR power control designed to directly control resistive electric heaters. The series is available in power ratings from 20 to 600 V and from 30 to 250 A. Suited for use on fast processes where maximum response or accuracy is needed, standard features include I2T fuses, isolated heat sinks and inputs.

Avatar Instruments,

Infrared Pyrometer

KTX Series is offered in five spectral ranges: 7 to 15 Km for low surface temperature measurements on nonmetal objects; 2 to 2.7 Km for high temperature measurements on metal surfaces; 5.2 and 7.9 Km for temperature measurements on glass surfaces; and 3.9 Km for temperature measurements through flames and gases.

Wintronics Inc.,

RF Identification Tag

FastTrack high temperature radio frequency identification tag carries 48 bytes of memory, achieves good read/write ranges and can withstand an industrial paint oven environment. Tag communicates with reader/ writer to report complete production and paint identification data.

Escort Memory Systems,

Thin RTD Transmitter

Housed in a low profile 2" (50 mm) dia. extruded aluminum case, SF1303 employs a thin design that allows two transmitters to be stacked in one standard connection head for use with dual RTD sensors. Transmitter provides lead wire compensation for a three-wire RTD.

Wilkerson Instrument Co. Inc.,

Integrated Sensor/Heater

With F.I.S.H., the sensor is an integral part of the heater and is placed in an optimal location. The heater is shaped to deliver heat where the process requires it. The low mass plate provides fast response. Applications include frequency and viscosity control as well as biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical processes.

RdF Corp.,


Line of temperature controllers, timers and counters for industrial applications are available.

MPI Inc.

Sensor and Assembly

Nab-Pak Series is manufactured for process applications. Available in both thermocouple and RTD output, standard assembly consists of a thermo-well, aluminum flip-top head, Naba-Pak temperature element and programmable 4 to 20 mA transmitter. It can be used at operating temperatures from -38 to 3,200°F (-39 to 1,760°C).

National Basic Sensor

Temperature Transmitter

Q3 universal-mount programmable 4 to 20 mA temperature transmitter can be used for thermocouples or RTDs. It can be programmed with proprietary Windows-based software and mounts in the company's snap-cover protection heads as well as industry standard screw cover heads and DIN flip-top heads.

SensorTec Inc.

Universal Multiloop Controller

UMC 800 performs loop and logic control of stand-alone small- to medium- sized unit processes. Features of the universal multiloop controller include up to 16 analog control loops, four setpoint programs, 16 output setpoint scheduler, function block configuration and an assortment of predefined analog and digital function blocks.

Honeywell Sensing and Control,

Infrared Temperature Sensor System

Thermalert GP has thermocouple inputs and outputs for Types E, J, K, N, R, S and T. Two-piece infrared temperature monitoring system displays temperature data on a four-digit LED display, and all monitor and sensor functions are configurable via the user interface on the front panel.

Raytek Corp.,

Controller with Fuzzy Logic

PX Series from Fuji Electric employs a fuzzy logic algorithm that allows processes to reach setpoint in the shortest time possible while nearly eliminating overshoot. With a NEMA 4X face plate, the controller can withstand corrosion, hose-directed water and wind-blown dust and rain. It has configurable menus as well as thermocouple, RTD and DC current/voltage inputs.

TTI Inc.,

Hand-Held Infrared Camera

Designed to ease predictive maintenance, ThermaCam PM family provides crisp pictures, precision temperature measurement and automatic features. ThermaCam Reporter Windows-based image analysis software produces reports integrating thermal and visual pictures with repair recommendations and trending information.

Flir Systems Inc.,

Programmable Transmitter

Transmitter accepts thermocouple calibrations, several RTD temperature coefficients, millivolt input and resistance input signals. It is loop powered, fully linearized, isolated and software-configurable using a PC. Its small physical size allows it to be universally mounted in the company's screw cover heads, thermostat housings and electrical handiboxes.

Pyromation Inc.,

Dual Safety Shutoff Valve

DMV Series combines two safety shutoff valves in a single housing that can be wired independently or in parallel. Valve 1 of the DMV-D and DMV-DLE is fast opening and fast closing. Valve 2 of the DMV-D is fast opening while Valve 2 of DMV-DLE is slow opening for smoother light-off.

Karl Dungs Inc.,

Power Control

Microprocessor-based SCR Power Series offers field-configurable phase-angle or zero-cross firing for improved application flexibility on site. Other features include 50/60 Hz independent operation, premounted, removable mounting subplate that allows snap-fit installation, and adjustable soft start.

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.,

Temperature Recorder

DataSource is a single-use, preprogrammed temperature datalogger with a standard temperature range of -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C). The logger provides accuracy of I0.9°F (I0.5°C), real-time monitoring and an alarm light that notifies the receiver if preset out-of-safe range temperatures are observed.

Cox Recorders

Phase-Angle SCR Control

SCR phase-angle power controller provides smooth proportional output from 0 to 100%. Offered with variable voltage outputs for multiple applications such as quartz lamps, tungsten lamps, wire annealing and oven and furnace control, it can control load current from 15 to 75 A at line voltage from 120 to 600 VAC, one and three phases.

Cristal Controls,

Thermostatic Control

PC-30 provides on-off control of up to 6 kW for 208 or 240 V single-phase loads. Electronic indicating thermostatic control also has 30 A double-pole, double-throw capability. It is housed in a 1/4 DIN corrosion-resistant case with an LED display. It offers 0 to 500°F (32 to 260°C) dual setpoint range for heating and cooling applications.

Lufran Inc.,

Dual-Probe Infrared Thermometer

825 Series can take quick measurements of moving, live or hot surfaces up to 750°F (399°C). Two integrated surface probes deliver temperature readings on all surfaces. With an adjustable emissivity range of 0.2 to 1.0, the infrared thermometer has user-adjustable alarms.

Testo Inc.,

Mini Datalogger

Model GL100 records time and temperature. Up to 2,048 readings can be recorded, and data can be viewed as a table or graph. Software is programmable for frequency of readings, and upper and lower temperature limits are user-set. Data can be recorded from 1 min to 4 hr intervals.

Cooper Instrument Corp.,

Flame Safeguard Control

MicroM Series provides automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for process heating equipment firing any type of fuel. Microprocessor-based modular burner management system incorporates smart diagnostic LED indication, reset function, optional remote display and serial communications via a ModBus interface.

Fireye Inc.,

Platinum RTD Probes

Manufactured in a hand-held configuration or as an immersible temperature or air probe in straight and right-angle designs, 100 A and 1,000 A RTDs can incorporate stainless steel braid or armored cable transitions. Interchangeable without calibration, probes are offered with thin-film, wire-wound glass and wire-wound ceramic elements.

BetaTherm Corp.,

Solid-State Relay

Intelligent Series is fully integrated and offers built-in replaceable semiconductor fuses and automatic shutdown on overtemperature conditions. The zero-cross solid-state relay is DIN rail or panel mountable and has an integrated heat sink, optical isolation, touch-safe packaging and UL, CSA and CE conformance. It is offered at 50, 75 and 100 A with 4 to 28 VDC or 100 to 280 VAC inputs and 48 to 660 VAC outputs.

Continental Industries,

T/C Protection Tube

SP heavy-duty protection tube is manufactured from drilled solid bar stock to ensure maximum wall thickness. Its heavy wall design increases service life in high temperature and abrasive environments and gives the tube additional stiffness to prevent physical damage and heat sag. Three stock configurations with 0.25 and 0.56" inner diameters are available.

Arklay S. Richards Co. Inc.,

Dewpoint/Temperature Transmitter

Suited for use in low dewpoint applications that might see water spikes in the process, DMP248 employs a Drycap thin-film polymer sensor that is immune to particulate contamination, water condensation, oil vapor and most chemicals. The transmitter performs auto-calibration/self-evaluation inline while the process is running.

Vaisala Inc.,

Temperature Monitor

Monitor utilizes compact RTD transmitters on a common four-wire bus to scan 16 RTDs over 1,000'. It is configured to accommodate platinum, nickel or copper RTDs using a standard PC keyboard. It scans preprogrammed temperatures and activates an alarm relay if the monitored RTD temperature exceeds its setpoint.

Allestec Corp.

Fixed Infrared Sensor

HSM100 Series is offered in three stainless steel models with varying temperature ranges of 32 to 932°F (0 to 500°C) and either Type J or K thermocouple output or 10 mV/degree analog output. The noncontact infrared sensor's distance-to-spot ratio is 5:1 with 1.5% of range accuracy. Spectral range is 8 to 14 Km and emissivity is fixed at 0.95.

Wahl Instruments Inc.,

Temperature Probe

Rugged probe provides high accuracy temperature sensing under harsh conditions. The integrated stainless steel sensor well and hermetically sealed connector resist moisture, vibration, mechanical shock, temperature shock and corrosive environments. It is available in both thermistor and platinum RTD element versions.

Sensor Scientific Inc.,

Signal Conditioner

MCR-T/UI module can accept any thermocouple or RTD signal and convert, isolate, filter and amplify it. The Class I, Division 2 module will convert platinum, copper and nickel RTD signals to a standard analog output. Module temperature range is -328 to 1,472°F (-200 to 800°C) for RTDs and -328 to 4,172°F (-200 to 2,300°C) for thermocouples.

Phoenix Contact Inc.,

Compact, Multizone Controller

SR Mini CN can integrate the operator interface, control modules and final output device in a minimal amount of panel space. The system controls multiple temperature zones and eases access to instrument inputs and outputs with plug-in connectors. The compact operator interface has bright, easy-to-use screens.

Syscon International Inc.,


Type 8400 measures fluid temperatures from -40 to 257°F (-40 to 25°C) and has a programmable switch setpoint that can be set via three pushbuttons on the display or from a PLC or computer. Applications include control of process fluids within a narrow temperature band and the monitoring of max/min temperature in a running process.

Burkert USA,

Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Model 650 can perform continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon levels in the parts-per-million range. Duct-mounted, the flame ionization detector does not require heated sample lines. Suited for process and stack monitoring in a range of emission services, applications include thermal and catalytic oxidizers.

Control Instruments Corp.,

Emissivity-Correcting Thermometer

Pyrofiber Lab dynamically determines a target emissivity value. The system's main sensor head reads the radiance emitted from a hot target. The infrared thermometer then fires a pulse laser at the target, and the main sensor head collects the reflected energy from the laser. Its microprocessor control processes all data collected and displays the results on the unit's LCD.

Pyrometer Instrument Co. Inc.,

Temperature Transmitter

THZ Smart Hart can be programmed using a standard hand-held smart transmitter or with the company's PC-based configuration program. Transmitter can be set to handle nearly all temperature sensor inputs as well as direct input from millivolt, ohm, resistance and potentiometer devices. It provides an isolated 4 to 20 mA output that is ready for direct interface with indicators, recorders, PLCs and other systems.

Moore Industries-International Inc.,

Analog Reset Timer

Series 305 is available for on-delay or off-delay operation. DPDT instantaneous contacts and DPDT delayed switches allow operation of multiple load circuits in delayed, interval or pulse functions. Many timing ranges from 0 to 6 sec up to 0 to 60 hr are available.

Automatic Timing & Controls,

On-Off Temperature Controller

For thermistors, RTDs and thermocouples, electronic on-off temperature controller is available from stock. Each unit has a 2.25" dia. skirted knob and scale calibrated in °F/°C. A high torque potentiometer allows for precise and repeatable temperature setting.

Quantem Corp.,

Temperature Controller

Controller allows direct plug-in of heating devices and incorporates adjustable overtemperature and loop break cutoff for fail-safe operation. Suited for use in pilot plants, research and development laboratories and OEM applications, maximum accuracy is I0.4°C. Basic on-off, autotune PID and programmable PID control modes can be provided.

Barnant Co.,

Process Controller with Color Housing

Single-loop 1/16 DIN controller has a range of input and output options as well as RS232 and RS485 Modbus communication options. For OEMs wishing to increase the aesthetic quality of its equipment, process controller is offered in red, blue, gray jade and yellow housings. Custom-colored housings can be ordered in bulk quantities.

Cal Controls Inc.,

Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

I-2000 Series can be used in environments up to 390°F (200°C) and has improved temperature compensation of the humidity sensor. Transmitter includes temperature compensation of the probe cable and a four-wire precision RTD temperature circuit. Range and type of output signals can be changed by the user.

Rotronic Instrument Corp.,

Infrared Thermometer

M190 can monitor temperatures from 482 to 5,432°F (250 to 3,000°C). Its Mirdac software provides live graphing of all data received from the thermometer in scroll, scope or sweep mode. Other features include user setting of high and low alarms and sophisticated datalogging.

Mikron Instrument Co. Inc.,

Mercury-Displacement Relay/Contactor

Contactor is a compact, rugged device for reliable, long-life switching of 30 to 100 A heater loads. Mercury-displacement relay/contactor is available in single-, two-, three- or four-pole models with a range of coil voltages.

Mercury Displacement Industries Inc. (MDI),

Dryer/Moisture Control System

Model-based system measures moisture inside the dryer and automatically makes changes to the dryer conditions such as heat or feed rate to produce constant exit product moisture content.

Drying Technology Inc.

Digital Temperature Controller

DRG-165 has a NEMA 4X fume-tight enclosure with moisture-proof fittings and a clear hinged lid to protect instrumentation. Its flip-out face plate with built-in single- and three-phase terminals simplifies installation. The solid-state digital controller provides field-calibration offset and °F/°C field-selectable scales.

Cleveland Process Corp.,


NetScan 1500 is designed to provide isolated, high-channel count temperature measurements. Features include 16 to 128 analog input channels, 200 V channel-to-channel isolation and an internal memory that can continue to log data if network service is disrupted.

IOtech Inc.,

Dual-Mode Thermometer

DMT has two NIST-traceable sensing elements (bimetallic coil and RTD or thermocouple) in a single probe. The design of the multipurpose temperature indicator allows the sensing elements to be replaced separately in the field.

Reotemp Instruments Corp.,

Combustion Controller

PosiMax is a precision premix system for blending fuel, gas and air. Capacities are available for 500 to 150,000 ft3/hr of mix or a nominal 15 million BTU/hr with output pressures to 6 psi. Completely self-contained, it is supplied as a mixing valve, compressor with motor, air filter and gas regulator.

Selas Corp. of America,

Temperature-Indicating Label

Model 110 provide a tamperproof permanent record of highest temperature reached. As ambient temperature reaches the calibrated temperature of the label sensor, the corresponding indicator turns from silver to black. Self-adhesive, irreversible label is provided for temperatures ranging from 100 to 500°F (38 to 260°C).

Telatemp Corp.,

Field-Mount Controller

Series 600 is designed to control analog process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow or fluid level in batch or continuous process environments. Its rugged metal housing is corrosion resistant, watertight and dust-tight, and all inputs and outputs are isolated. The unit is supplied ready to wall mount.

Powers Process Controls,