A number of chillers and temperature controls are provided in the July 2000 Product Guide. Browse this section to find those that meet your needs.

Heat Transfer Fluid System

Providing temperature control at elevated temperatures, HTF System has a maximum operating temperature range from 350 to 600°F (177 to 316°C). The system is offered with a variety of heating and pumping capacities and single, dual or triple control zones.

Mokon Div., Protective Closures Co. Inc., www.mokon.com

Water-Cooled Central Chiller

A six-compressor, two-circuit unit composes the TSW 90/100 water-cooled central chiller. Offered in sizes from 20 to 100 tons, the chiller also has a 16-color touch screen interface, Trane scroll compressors, stainless steel evaporators and encapsulated refrigerant safeties.

Thermal Care Inc., www.thermalcare.com

Mold Temperature Controller

Designed for applications requiring full-feature temperature control in a compact unit, MTC portable hot water system offers 30 psi discharge pressure, which can be upgraded to 50 psi. The unit eliminates pump failures by using industrial-duty pumps with EPDM nickel-resist mechanical seals rated to 300°F (149°C).

Budzar Industries, www.budzar.com

High Temperature Control Unit

Designed for processes requiring 0 to 550°F (-18 to 288°C), Royal Series is offered with 12 to 24 kW heaters and 1 and 2 hp positive-displacement pumps capable of reverse. The compact high temperature control unit is equipped with M2B fuzzy logic control for adaptive tuning.

Sterling Inc., www.sterlco.com


Ranging in cooling capacities from 810 to 5,045 W, Merlin Series has an easy-view fluid reservoir, reservoir drain and integrated fluid pressure reducer/flow controller. User interface features include high and low temperature safeties, audible alarm, computer control and stability to I0.1°C.

Neslab Instruments Inc., www.neslab.com

Temperature Control Unit

For tight temperature control during production, temperature control unit supports temperature requirements from 194 to 662°F (90 to 350°C). Features include stainless steel construction, leak-proof pumps and optional multiple machine interfaces. Single- and dual-zone and custom units offered.

Regloplas Corp., www.regloplasusa.com

Circulating Water Bath

Designed for critical applications demanding close temperature control, circulating water bath has advanced microprocessor controls, industrial-strength pump and 304 stainless steel interior construction. A dual independent overtemperature safety system with adjustable temperature control is standard.

Lindberg/Blue M, www.lindbergbluem.com

Water Recirculating Temperature Control

Combining 1/2 to 3 hp pumps and 4.5 to 18 kW heaters, Century Series has a footprint of 10.5 x 19". A touch- panel display provides one button startup, automatic air purge and autotuning to control the process temperature to within I1°F. An Incoloy heater element and all nonferrous water path construction are standard.

Cooling Technology, www.coolingtechnology.com

Water-to-Ambient-Air Cooling System

Designed as a compact drop-in component to cool furnaces, Model 9229-733P2 is a liquid-to-air heat exchanger with stainless steel tubes. Equipped with a positive-displacement pump with motor, inline deionization cartridge and particle filter, and liquid flow switch and level sensor, the system provides 110 W of dissipation for every 1°C of initial temperature differential.

Thermatron Engineering Inc., www.thermatroneng.com

Rack-Mount Chiller

Designed to replace tap water usage in water-cooled equipment, RK-19 provides 2,500 BTU/hr of cooling in a CFC-free refrigeration system. Equipped with a hot gas bypass to maintain stability to I0.1°C over the temperature control range of 41 to 86°F (5 to 30°C), the air-cooled model also has a microprocessor controller.

Tek-Temp Instruments Inc., www.tek-tempinstruments.com