Tyco Thermal Controls added Pyrotenax to its list of acquired companies.

The acquisition of yet another cable company has expanded Tyco Thermal Controls' thermal product line. Formerly Raychem HTS, Tyco Thermal Controls, Menlo Park, CA, purchased Pyrotenax, Trenton, ON, a maker of mineral-insulated cable. A former supplier to Tyco's Tracer Division, Pyrotenax manufactures heat tracing, thermocouple and fire-rated cable in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The MI-cable business provides "a huge opportunity to serve our customer with a more complete range of heat tracing solutions," said Jim Thompson, Tyco Thermal Controls' president.

Just last April, in a move to better reflect the growth of its products and services, much of it through acquisitions, Raychem changed its name to Tyco Thermal Controls. Com-panies added to the cable giant's stable over the past two years include Tracer Industries, Houston; Accutron, Hyde Park, ON; and LG-Cable, Sterling, VA.

"Each of these acquisitions align and support our growth strategy," Thompson said.