Online steam training is now available 24-hr per day.

Plant Support and Evaluations Inc., Milwaukee, a training and audit company specializing in steam and compressed air systems, launched an online training service. Using a standard browser with Microsoft Media Player or Real Player, short courses are available 24-hr per day. Each course includes slides with application photos and voice-over narration by various instructors. The online courses are free and open to anyone with Internet access.

"The Dos and Don'ts of a Steam System" teaches students practical lessons learned from more than 60 years of steam-system studies. Photos illustrate the "dos and don'ts" of safety issues related to steam systems.

"Plant Support and Evalu-ations is committed to using whatever technologies are available to ensure that our audience continues to receive unbiased training," said Kelly Paffel, technical manager. "Online training is one of the areas we think will help us deliver training to wider audiences around the world."

For more information about online steam training courses, visit and click on the free online-training links.