Infrared, immersion, circulation, tubular or coil - this section contains a number of different shapes, sizes and types of heaters.

Infrared Heater

Infraround Series is a medium wavelength infrared emitter composed of long-life elements mounted to proprietary ceramic cylinders. Designed specifically for the wire and cable industry and for curing extruded rubber and synthetic shapes, the heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically, can be stacked end to end, and has intermediate exhaust ports.

July 2001, RS# 429

Process Thermal Dynamics

(800) 793-2077

Immersion Heater

Designed for both watertight and hazardous location applications, process immersion heater can incorporate an adjustable thermostat that controls temperatures from 70 to 210oF (21 to 99oC). The heater is ap-propriate for heating water, cooking oil, alkalis and process fluids.

July 2001, RS# 239

Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co.

(509) 536-8660

Panel Heater

Flexible, durable and efficient, F-Series panel heater is constructed by a patented process that bonds quartz fabric with a ceramic fiber coil support. The end result is a durable quartz composite face heater.

July 2001, RS# 204

Solar Products

(973) 835-6581

Once-Through Heater

VariMax is an indirect-fired gas unit that heats process airstreams without contaminating the air with combustion by-products. Available in six sizes ranging from 500 to 3,500 MBH, the heater has a maximum temperature rise of 150oF (66oC) and maximum outlet temperature of 600oF (316oC). The counterflow configuration, four-pass design and optimized secondary tubular heat exchanger result in efficiencies to 88%.

July 2001, RS# 236

Des Champs Laboratories Inc.

(540) 291-1111

Instant Water Heater

MicroMix II steam-fired water heater eliminates the need for bulky storage tanks. Prepiped package produces hot water on demand anywhere steam is available. Four models are available in capacities up to 120 gal/min.

July 2001, RS# 220

Graham Corp.

(716) 343-2216

Cartridge Heater

Firerod cartridge heater offers a swaged design, uniform temperature distribution and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Using the company's LA-lead adapter-modification process, more than 150,000 configurations of the heater can be created to suit application needs.

July 2001, RS# 201

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.

(314) 878-4600

Silicone Rubber Heater

Rugged and resistant to moisture and chemicals, the silicone rubber heater is thin and flexible to allow it to be used in flat positions or wrapped around irregular shapes. With a maximum operating temperature of 450oF (232oC), the heater can incorporate thermostats, thermistors and sensors.

July 2001, RS# 240

Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab

(800) 394-9435

Cast Aluminum Platen Heater

Cast aluminum bake-and-chill platen heater for wafer processing utilizes a high density mineral-insulated heating element that is formed to provide a specific heat profile. Temperature uniformity across the platen surface can achieve +/-1% of the maximum operating temperature.

July 2001, RS# 244

Durex Industries

(847) 639-5600

Infrared Heat Tool

Single-element bench unit with solid-state controls is designed for shrinking long lengths of heat-shrink tubing and other materials on cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Glo-Ring may be fitted with 0.5, 1, 2 or 3" dia. gold-plated plug-in quartz elements that radiate focused infrared heat on the work piece at temperatures up to 1,500oF (815oC).

July 2001, RS# 427

Eraser Co. Inc.

(800) 724-0594

Compact Heater

Sureheat compact heater offers element burnout protection against overtemperature or loss of airflow. Built-in protection sensors measure inlet air temperature and temperature of the element itself. Air/inert gas temperature limit is 1,500oF (816oC). Unit is available in 12 or 16" sizes.

July 2001, RS# 426

Osram Sylvania

(800) 258-8290

Gas Coolers and Heaters

Process gas coolers and heaters provide transitions on both ends to mate to process piping. Each transition is customized to properly distribute air across the finned tube bundle and minimize pressure drop. Removable core design allows heat exchange elements to be cleaned or inspected in a minimal amount of time.

July 2001, RS# 237

Aerofin Corp.

(804) 528-6216

Process Air, Gas Heaters

For direct-fired gas heating applications, process air and gas heaters provide high temperatures without air preheat in a packaged design. The heaters are available in sizes to 25 million BTU/hr for applications such as air separation, fuel gas heating, regeneration gas heating and other vapor-phase, direct-heating processes.

July 2001, RS# 238

GTS Energy Inc.

(877) 487-4328

Ceramic Heaters

Developed for use in the semiconductor and process control industries, ceramic heater accommodates watt densities to 100 W/in2. The heater is constructed with a proprietary ceramic adhesive to maintain element registration in extreme temperatures without organic resins to eliminate outgassing at startup.

July 2001, RS# 243

Translogic Inc.

(714) 890-0058

Circulation Heater

A 420 kW, 10", double-bundle circulation heater and the 420 kW, NEMA 4, epoxy-coated SCR power control panel that works with it are offered. Heater configurations range from 1 kW to 1 MW and up to 48" dia. Pressure classes range from 150 to 2,500 lb. Custom terminal enclosures and special control panels also are available.

July 2001, RS# 202

Wellman Thermal Systems

(317) 392-5402

Circulation Heater

Suited for use at temperatures to 800oF (427oC), circulation heater is offered with optional welded elements and extended terminal enclosures. The heater also can be provided with integral controlling thermostats and high limit temperature thermocouples. Units with ASME certification are available.

July 2001, RS# 231

Warren Electric Corp.

(877) 399-4328

Electric Heating Products

A range of application needs can be met with

electric heating products. Designs include duct, process air, unit, circulation, immersion and compressor heaters as well as complete heat transfer systems, tubular elements and pipeline heating. The products cover an array of process applications over several industries.

July 2001, RS# 430


(800) 243-8162

Immersion and Fintube Heaters

Oil immersion and fintube heaters are designed for oil preheating and other heat transfer fluids. The immersion heaters use a tubular heater design while fintube heaters have an aluminum flange welded to longitudinal finned tubing.

July 2001, RS# 304

Trent Inc.

(215) 482-5000

Tubular Heater

Hotflex tubular heat can be bent into various shapes to ease installation. Installation can be completed by hand.

July 2001, RS# 425

Hotset Corp.

(800) 937-4681

Heaters and Hot Air Blowers

Hot air blowers and heaters are designed for continuous operation and installation in machines and equipment in various drying and heating processes. Equipment is suitable for shrinking and welding packaging films and molded parts.

July 2001, RS# 428

Leister Process Technologies

(+41) 662 7474

Thermal Fluid Heater

Available in a fuel-fired coil design, thermal fluid heater provides 800,000 to 12 million BTU/hr up to 750oF (399oC). The large coil-type unit operates in a closed-loop system pumping hot oil to and from process tanks, presses, baths, fryers, ovens, drying units or reactors. Temperature is controlled to +/-2oF, and there are no high pressures.

July 2001, RS# 234

Fulton Thermal Corp.

(315) 298-5121

Mat Heater

Mineral-insulated heating cables on stainless steel mat are used to preheat asphalt polymer blending tanks. Stainless mat heater measures 36 x 94" and installs around steel blending tank sides. Heater is rated 240 VAC, 2.1 kW. Heatup time from 70 to 300oF (21 to 149oC) is approximately 1 hr.

July 2001, RS# 203

Trasor Corp.

(800) 324-1551

Extrusion-Based Heater

Instead of using tubular elements, UltrAluminum extrusion-based heater uses resistive coils embedded into a dielectric element. This design provides a path for heat to flow from the heating element to the working piece. Eliminating tubular heaters allows for flexibility in the heater's physical design. The unit provides higher allowable watt density capability and improved temperature distribution across heater width.

July 2001, RS# 209

Omega Heater Co.

(631) 588-8820

Spot Heater

Micro-miniature spot heater is designed for use in fiber-optic assembly and curing applications where high heat is required in a small area. Manufactured with high purity ceramic and super-alloy materials, the heater can operate in bell jar applications. A number of sizes and alloys are offered to suit a range of process applications.

July 2001, RS# 219

Hitec Products Inc. (HPI)

(978) 772-6963

Ceramic Heating Elements

With a noncorrosive ceramic surface, infrared heater can be supplied with individual cast-in, fast response thermocouples or replaceable thermocouples. A range of shapes and sizes are possible, and the heater can be configured for specific application needs.

July 2001, RS# 211

Infrared Internationale

(800) 442-2581

Drum Hot Box

Sahara drum hot box heats and rotates two 55-gal drums in the horizontal position. Rotator controls and motor are mounted on the outside of the unit for convenient access and temperature protection. Available in a number of capacities, the drum heater can be heated with steam, electricity, hot oil or hot water, depending upon what is available on site.

July 2001, RS# 235

Benko Products Inc.

(440) 934-2180

Tunnel Heater System

Designed for the wire and cable industry, Clam Shell tunnel heater system integrates rugged design with infrared performance. The clam-shell design eases threading and cleaning, and rapid-response heaters provide fast heatup and cooldown. Unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is available in standard 5' as well as custom lengths.

July 2001, RS# 206

Radiant Energy Systems

(973) 942-7767

Process Air Heater

Inline process air heater can be modularly assembled from a set of components to provide both standardization and design flexibility. The family of heaters can be configured to meet a range of performance specifications and is suitable for use in automotive and circuit board manufacturing as well as drying, curing and heat shrinking applications.

July 2001, RS# 221

Farnam Custom Products Inc.

(828) 684-3766

Electric Heater

Hot air/N2/argon electric heater can heat exit gas to 1,900oF (1,038oC) in the plasma mode. Product applications for Airtorch and Plasma Airtorch include ovens, die heaters and aluminum melting furnaces.

July 2001, RS# 213

Micropyretics Heaters International (MHI) Inc.

(513) 772-0404

Split-Sheath Cartridge Heater

Watt-Flex is warranted removable from bores and sleeves. The heater's construction allows each half to expand independently when energized and contract independently when de-energized, eliminating warping. With its continuous coil construction, the heater has no sections to burn out and provides a uniform temperature profile along the heater sheath.

July 2001, RS# 223

Dalton Electric Heating Co. Inc.

(978) 356-9844

Explosion-Resistant Unit Heater

Model XGB offers a compact and lightweight design while using extra heavy wall, finned tubular heating elements. The unit heater can be supplied from 3.75 to 10 kW with 850 to 1,000 cfm. Area classifications include Class I, Group D and Class II, Group E, F and G, Division 1 and 2. Each heater is third-party tested and certified to applicable U.S. and Canadian standards.

July 2001, RS# 205

Caloritech Inc.

(716) 564-0010

Flanged Immersion Heater

Designed for use in tanks and pressure vessels, standard flanged immersion heater is offered in immersion lengths from 13.5 to 86.75" and 1.125 to 400 kW. Heater is furnished with a choice of moisture- or explosion-resistant terminal closures, and controls can range from simple on/off thermostats to digital process control systems. Standard operating voltages are 240 and 480 VAC.

July 2001, RS# 233

Glo-Quartz Inc.

(800) 423-4078

Miniature Electric Heaters

Designed for the industrial processing, fuel cell, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, CRES inline fluid heaters are compact and lightweight with 316 L or 304L construction. Elements are electrically isolated from fluid, and the device can be used to heat water, deionized water or air. Custom elements can be provided.

July 2001, RS# 160

Infinity Fluids Corp.

(888) 565-8137

Circulation Heaters

Used in ash-handling conveyors and other processes in a power generation plant, air and fluid circulation heaters are packaged units designed to control the heating of water, oils, steam, air and other gases. The heaters are adaptable to the control requirements of specific applications.

July 2001, RS# 216

Heatrex Inc.

(814) 724-1800

Drywell Heater

Used as part of a paper machine lube system and in hydraulic reservoirs to maintain oil temperatures during downtime, rigid tubular drywell heater increases oil temperatures to a workable point prior to startup. It can be installed as new or replacement equipment for existing metal sheathed-style tubular units. Machine downtime and oil draining are not required during heater replacement.

July 2001, RS# 208

Process Heating Co.

(206) 682-3414

Instrument Heater

ThermoMount combines instrument heating and mounting capabilities in a single unit. The heater's self-regulating internal construction prevents instrument freezing and provides even, predictable heat distribution while helping to prevent overheating. Typical temperature ranges are from 40 to 150oF (4 to 66oC), and each system includes a mounting flange, thermal gasket and stainless steel bolts for securing heater and instrument.

July 2001, RS# 224

Cellex Manufacturing

(512) 396-5801

Heater Rack

Heating elements radiate heat at low watt density from the Folded and Formed Rack. Within an aluminized or alloy steel frame, the ribbon elements, supported by high grade cer-amics, provide heat at temperatures to 750, 1,350 or 1,850oF (399, 732 or 1,010oC).

July 2001, RS# 225

Trent Inc.

(215) 482-5000

Flexible Bolt Heater

Designed to provide maximum watt density rating on the heated tube length, heater is energized at rated voltage and electrically tested at full heat prior to shipment. Heater is designed to allow access to stud bolts with overhead clearance restrictions.

July 2001, RS# 217

Heatrex Inc.

(814) 724-1800

Quartz Lamp Infrared Heater

Model QRH1 infrared heater has translucent fused quartz that provides efficient heat transfer capability. Lamp assemblies are available from 12.625 to 32.75", 500 to 2,500 W and 120 to 480 V. Assemblies include rugged aluminum housing with a polished reflector.

July 2001, RS# 210

Ogden Mfg Co.

(847) 593-8050

Cartridge Heater

High watt density cartridge heater is designed for maximum watt density, temperature, heat transfer and heater life. The 0.125" Superwatt optimizes heat transfer from the resistance wire to the sheath. Suitable applications include dies, plastic molding, instrumentation and packaging machinery.

July 2001, RS# 218

Hotwatt Inc.

(978) 777-0070

Self-Regulating Heater

PTC thermistor functions as a self-regulating heating element. It can operate at a nearly constant temperature over a range of voltage and dissipation conditions. The heater can be manufactured in a number of configurations, including discs, rectangles, squares and various shapes with holes to increase surface area. Multiple units can be used in parallel to provide constant heating over a larger area. No thermostat is needed and there are no moving parts.

July 2001, RS# 229

Advanced Thermal Products

(814) 834-1541

Mica Strip Heater

Made of a nickel-chrome ribbon-type resistance wire wound uniformly around a core, insulated by mica and encased in rust-resistant steel, the mica heater can operate at temperatures to 750oF (399oC). Special sheath materials provide a maximum sheath temperature of 1,000oF (538oC). Options include a choice of terminal constructions and special cutouts and gaps for unusual mounting requirements.

July 2001, RS# 242

Glenn Electric Heater Corp.

(814) 898-4000

Heat Transfer System

Model IHEHC offers compact horizontal design, low maintenance and operation up to 650oF (343oC). Capacities range from 1 to 30 million BTU/hr with efficiencies to 89%.

July 2001, RS# 222

First Thermal Heaters

(800) 665-4251

Tubular Radiant Heater

Universal mounting clamps on its housing allows Universal 2000 to be dropped into existing systems. The element is a high temperature Incoloy 840 sheath with mica-insulated #10 nickel-plated flat screw terminals. The rigid aluminum extrusion alloy housing has external slots and circular grooves to accommodate heat shield placement or connection between units.

July 2001, RS# 241

Tempco Electric Heater

(630) 350-2252

Plate-Fin Heater

Steel plate-fin heater maximizes heat dispersion efficiency, accommodates tight space constraints and increases field life expectancy. Suitable for use as a replacement for open-coil elements, the heater is offered in a stainless steel version for corrosive atmospheric problem areas.

July 2001, RS# 232

Encon, Energy Converters Inc.

(570) 675-5266

Electric Immersion Heater

Designed for use in the finishing industry, heater is offered in configurations and shell materials to meet specific application requirements. Companion controls include Model DRG-165, which has a NEMA 4X fume-tight enclosure with clear hinged lid to protect instrumentation.

July 2001, RS# 226

Cleveland Process Corp.

(800) 241-0412

Air Heater

Offering uniform temperature distribution at chamber exit and low NOX emissions, heater provides complete combustion with zero CO at 2% excess air. The heater has a compact and low weight design and provides fuel savings from 10 to 35% compared to conventional air heaters.

July 2001, RS# 227

Aecometric Corp.

(905) 883-9555

Infrared Emitter

Medium-wave infrared emitter combined with a reflector design projects radiant and convective heat onto product in a uniform pattern. Curing of coatings and adhesives can be achieved up to four times faster than the specification sheet times.

July 2001, RS# 228

Blasdel Enterprises Inc.

(800) 661-3213