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Heating Cabinet

Cabinet is designed to heat one, two, three or four 350-gal IBC tanks. Constructed of painted carbon steel or stainless steel, the heating cabinet can be heated with steam, electricity or thermal fluid heat. A range of process and control options are available to service your heating needs properly.

July 2001, RS# 288


(419) 625-4014

Dryers for Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical

Designed to handle products ranging from free-flowing to wet-sticky, dryer has climate control to ensure uniform product moisture. Internally mounted circulating fans minimize noise and utilize the thermal energy produced by the fan's motors to reduce the energy required for drying. Circle 290

Food Engineering Corp.

(763) 559-5200

Custom Gas-Fired Oven

High intensity infrared oven is designed to heat product surfaces to high temperatures quickly, shortening process cycle times. A combination infrared and convection system permits the use of infrared energy to ramp product temperatures. It is followed by a convection stage for lower temperature, slower, yet uniform finish curing or drying.

July 2001, RS# 289

Catalytic Industrial Systems

(800) 835-0557

Reach-In Ovens

RA and RF Series reach-in production ovens are designed to provide process versatility, reliability and consistency in drying, curing and bonding applications. The RA Series is designed for use in standard environments while the RF Series is suitable for Class A environments where flammable solvents are used. Both ovens operate up to 650oF (343oC) and offer the company's microprocessor-based Protocol Plus controller. Uniform, horizontal recirculating airflow system is a perforated supply-and-return plenum, which requires no adjustment during installation and setup.

July 2001, RS# 265

Despatch Industries

(612) 781-5363

Conveyor Dryer

Multi-use conveyor dryer is suitable for high temperature drying and curing applications. Versatile design can be used for high speed webs, fibers, nonwovens and textiles.

July 2001, RS# 274

National Drying Machinery Co.

(215) 464-6070

Electric Belt Conveyor Oven

No. 832 is a 350oF (177oC) electrically heated belt conveyor oven with a workspace measuring 30 x 120 x 15". At each end of the workspace, an 18" open belt zone is provided for loading and unloading. Nichrome wire elements heat the workspace, and a 4,100 cfm, 3 hp recirculating blower provides downward vertical airflow to the load.

July 2001, RS# 247

Grieve Corp.

(847) 546-8225

Dryers and Ovens

Conveyor and stationary batch-style electric infrared dryers and ovens operate at temperatures up to 450oF (232oC) for use in a range of applications. Batch ovens are designed to create an environment to effectively remove water and liquid solvents from a range of materials. The systems' microprocessor console provides programmable, pinpoint temperatures with recirculating airflow.

July 2001, RS# 294

Hix Corp.

(316) 231-8568

Triple-Pass Rotary Dryer

Designed for safe, efficient drying of sludge, biosolids and other wastes, triple-pass rotary dryer evaporates large volumes of material with varied densities, producing a uniform end-product.

July 2001, RS# 291

Baker/Rullman Mfg. Inc.

(920) 261-0703

Custom Ovens and Dryers

Designed to utilize specific combinations of radiant and air-impingement systems to satisfy the user's process requirements, custom ovens and dryers ensure product uniformity and maximize production. Suited for use in chemical, food, finishing, plastics and rubber, and textile operations, the ovens and dryers range in size from high volume to small batch or lab prototype.

July 2001, RS# 293

Lanly Co.

(216) 731-1115

Ovens for Many Applications

Used for applications such as metal finishing, preheating, solder reflow, curing, drying, sterilizing and shrink-fitting, industrial ovens are available in batch and continuous designs. Batch configurations available in-clude cabinet, walk-in, car bottom, top load, elevator, drop bottom and laboratory. Continuous ovens can be arranged as belt conveyor, monorail, overhead trolley, indexing, pusher, Ferris wheel, carousel or spindle. Both convection and infrared heating can be employed.

July 2001, RS# 292

Wisconsin Oven

(262) 642-3938

Convection Air Oven

Catenary oven is designed for drying and curing coated metal coil. The coil is suspended in the oven, and drying takes place via convection air nozzles located above and below the strip. Length and number of zones are determined by the press specifications and variables such as coating weight, solids and metal strip pressing speed.

July 2001, RS# 254

Megtec Systems

(920) 336-5715

Cure Oven

Dacromet coatings are capable of withstanding corrosive transportation applications, and the coatings comply with government regulations. Using state-of-the-art design and controls, Dacromet cure oven uses recirculating hot-air. System design provides precise temperature uniformity for optimum production results.

July 2001, RS# 258

International Thermal Systems LLC

(414) 672-7700

Gas-Fired Oven

Gas-fired drying oven has a chilled air-cooling section. Oven dries coatings on aluminum sheets and cools the sheets to ambient temperature. System includes a custom conveyor belt and dirt-free air-handling and heating system.

July 2001, RS# 257

Infratrol Mfg. Corp.

(414) 475-7140

Conveyor Oven

Custom conveyor oven/cooling system is designed for use in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The oven-over-oven system incorporates a flash-off zone, product preheat zone, product cure zone and product cooling zone. The oven system has a maximum temperature of 450oF (232oC), vertical down airflow and a remote, floor-standing control panel.

July 2001, RS# 262

Gruenberg Oven Co.

(570) 326-1770

Stacked Oven

STL Series integrally stacked mechanical convection oven is designed for curing, drying and baking in semiconductor applications. In addition to the standard version, a dry box oven is offered that may include a low gas-flow switch or low gas-pressure alarm.

July 2001, RS# 270

Blue M Electric

(920) 262-3721

Truck Ovens

A number of 500 and 800oF (260 and 427oC) truck ovens are available from 47.5 to 180 ft3. The ovens offer digital microprocessor-based setpoint control, fan-forced horizontal air circulation and aluminized steel interior with adjustable shelves.

July 2001, RS# 432

Precision Quincy

(800) 338-0079

Infrared Curing System

Infrared system provides flexibility through modular design, small footprint, low contamination, precise control and zoning capabilities. Utilizing long-life T3 short-wave emitters, the oven reaches operating temperatures instantly, allowing shutdown between parts or during line stoppages. Electric infrared system is suitable for curing finishes on parts.

July 2001, RS# 245

ITW BGK Finishing Systems

(763) 784-0466

Tempering Oven

Custom-designed oven includes a gas-fired, convection-type tempering oven and spray-mist cooler. The one-zone oven handles 225 parts/hr at 0.156 ft/min with variable speed. Panel construction with interlocking 4" thick, tongue-and-groove, low density insulation maximizes heat retention and lowers fuel consumption.

July 2001, RS# 263

Feco, A Park Ohio Co.

(216) 441-2400

Process Ovens

Suitable for use in powder coating, graphite composites, semiconductor, optical and plastics applications, among others, process ovens meet EPA and NFPA safety criteria. Manufacturer offers gas-fired, electrically heated or steam-heated systems that include UL-listed instrumentation and controls as well as FM or IRI fuel trains.

July 2001, RS# 268

Baker Furnace Inc.

(800) 237-5675

Four-Pass Convection Dryer

QuadPass classifies and dries particles simultaneously, ensuring that all material exits the dryer at the desired moisture content level. Faster-drying particles convey more quickly through passes two, three and four. Heavier, wetter particles convey more slowly. The four-pass convection rotary drum dryer allows materials to be processed at increased drying efficiencies with fewer emissions and without product degradation.

July 2001, RS# 284

Dupps Co./ Productization

(620) 331-0025

Dehydrating Equipment

Columbia Model MTD-3 dehydrator can process fruits, nuts, vegetables and other products. The system operates in three modes, depending on the process demand: parallel flow for high production, counterflow for highest quality and batch format to process small volumes. The optional electronic package has an automatic humidity control system.

July 2001, RS# 285

Commercial Dehydrator Systems Inc.

(800) 369-4283

Web Processing Dryer

Dryer system allows thorough, high speed (80 ft/min) processing of a web without damaging the film substrate. High velocity air-impingement nozzles inside the dryer direct a perpendicular stream of air at the web's surface. The airstream breaks through the boundary layer of air that surrounds the moving web, facilitating heat transfer to the product.

July 2001, RS# 283

Glenro Inc.

(888) 453-6761

Infrared Continuous Belt Oven

Electric infrared system offers high production throughput capacities in a short heat zone length. Production throughput rates are achieved with the system's rapid startup and high burn-temperature heating elements.

July 2001, RS# 434

Infrared Technologies LLC

(865) 574-9784

Batch Ovens

Gas and electric batch ovens are available to 500oF (260oC). Standard equipment includes FM gas trains, NEMA 12 panels, 12-hr timers and digital temperature controls.

July 2001, RS# 433

Col-Met Spray Booths

(888) 452-6684

Radio Frequency Drying System

The 50 ohm radio frequency drying system is designed to dry, remoist or pressure seal adhesives for continuous web finishing lines. System is available with continuously rated radio frequency power sources operating on ISM bands. Power source can be remotely mounted, and remote datalogging via modem is possible. Targeted to the paper converting industry, the unit provides selective heating of the adhesive without heating the substrate.

July 2001, RS# 278


(219) 477-4554

Thermoforming Oven System

Preheat oven design includes a top infrared heat bank divided into four zones and a single-zone platen heater as the bottom zone. The system incorporates flexible control options, allowing the operator to monitor recipe and cycle parameters and select be-tween time or temperature setpoints. Its conveyor belt rides on a slider bed outside the oven and on a platen heater inside the oven.

July 2001, RS# 261

Fostoria Industries Inc.

(419) 435-9201

Horizontal Drying Systems

Belt-O-Matic horizontal dryers, dehydrators and coolers provide complete control of airflow, residence time, temperature and depth. The range of models include those constructed of carbon steel and an all-stainless steel design. Sanitary features are available.

July 2001, RS# 286

BNW Industries

(219) 353-7855

Batch Truck Oven

Designed to cure powder coatings on metal parts, gas-heated batch truck oven operates at 500oF (260oC). It is provided with an 880,000 BTU/hr natural gas burner with modulating control and includes an automatic cooldown and shutdown circuit.

July 2001, RS# 246

Mayberry's Custom Metal Fabrication

Combined Infrared/Convection Oven

Infrared and combined infrared/convection ovens are offered with metal-mesh conveyors in lengths and widths to fit any application. Temperature can be controlled precisely and the conveyor can be adjusted to meet production requirements. Con-trols can either be manual settings or computerized devices that interface with the factory management system.

July 2001, RS# 250

Thermation Inc.

(651) 905-3757

Vibrating Bed Dryer

Fluid bed dryer cools or dries bulk solid materials. Its vibratory conveying action reduces interparticle friction, so material moves as a fluid would. Simultaneously, air is forced up through openings in the conveying surface so it permeates through the mat depth of the material.

July 2001, RS# 282

Kinergy Corp.

(502) 366-5685

Conveyor Oven

Designed for a belt-supported, wet-web product, this two-zone, gas-fired conveyor oven has a belt cleaner module. Oven interior and conveyor belt is all stainless steel. High velocity downward airflow and large burners are provided in each zone. More than 50' in length, oven is shipped completely assembled and tested.

July 2001, RS# 271

Advanced Design Concepts

(612) 378-1100

Infrared Oven

Contraflow provides short cure times, consumes minimal floor space and offers energy efficiency similar to other infrared ovens. In addition, it has reverse convection air movement, allowing even heat distribution and good curing performance. Available with either electric or gas catalytic infrared emitters, the oven is designed to meet specific application requirements.

July 2001, RS# 253

PED Technologies

(859) 647-0980

Paint Curing Oven

Oven provides high efficiency convection, infrared or combination configurations using electric, oil, steam or gas heat sources. Custom monorail, power and free, square transfer and batch designs with aluminized steel interiors and exteriors and semirigid mineral wool insulation are offered. Where possible, bottom entry is provided for accuracy.

July 2001, RS# 251

Therma-Tron-X Inc.

(920) 743-6568

Carbon Activation Kiln

With a capacity to produce 4,000 tons of activated carbon or 8,000 tons of regenerated carbon annually, this carbon activation kiln provides the operator with full control of the quality and degree of activation produced in the process. Unit offers a modular design and is assembled and tested prior to shipment.

July 2001, RS# 266

College Research Corp.

(262) 255-4700

Milling Flash Dryer

Designed for temperature-sensitive products, milling flash dryer has no moving parts. Short residence times protect temperature-sensitive products such as powders, filter and centrifuge cakes, flakes and slurries and deliver a discrete, fine end product. Dryer has small footprint, uses jet milling principles to preserve particle distribution of wet feed, and dries and de-agglomerates in a single step.

July 2001, RS# 273

Crown Iron Works Co.

(651) 639-8900

Combination Oven

Unit combines the technology of a high velocity convection oven with the technology of an infrared oven for applications demanding evaporative processing and fast rampup of surface temperature. Warm air is passed over a coating's surface to remove VOCs or moisture. As evaporation is completed, infrared elements rapidly raise the surface temperature to polymerize the coating.

July 2001, RS# 256

George Koch Sons LLC

(812) 465-9600

Controlled-Atmosphere Furnace

Transheat furnace provides precise atmosphere and temperature control. Unit is configured to process requirements and is designed to operate with an inert gas blanket of nitrogen, hydrogen or a mixture of both.

July 2001, RS# 267

BTU International

(978) 667-4111

Benchtop Convection Oven

Accu-Heat II benchtop convection oven is designed for operations where precise heat and motion control are required. Design features include microprocessor controls with digital readouts for accurate temperature control to 662oF (350oC), consistent belt motion from 0 to 27" per min, automatic cooldown/shutoff and adjustable tunnel gates. A 110 V plug-in power design makes the oven portable.

July 2001, RS# 252

Strategic Products Inc.

(321) 773-4236

Custom-Designed Ovens

Flexibility in design is enhanced by the use of electric infrared heater panels for uniform heat distribution in these standard and custom ovens. Gas infrared, gas convection and electric convection ovens are available for applications up to 1,200oF (649oC).

July 2001, RS# 259

Intek Corp.

(800) 387-8559

Twin Agitator Dryer/Reactor

Steam heat is indirectly applied to process material by twin counter-rotating agitators and jacket that carry steam at pressures in the range of 200 to 300 psig (14 to 24 bar). Agitator dryer/reactor heats and maintains temperature of material at approximately 380oF (193oC) for preset residence time. All process material contact parts are 316L stainless steel custom finished to 3.2 mm or better.

July 2001, RS# 281


(908) 234-1000

Catalytic Oven

The heating or curing force of the Thermcat oven is in the Thermcat or Boostercat catalytic gas infrared emitters, which can be fueled by natural gas or propane. Oven can be designed to operate on electric power supplies ranging from 120 to 600 V. A built-in exhaust system allows an adequate number of air changes in the oven to meet code or customer requirements. Electrical and electronic functions are controlled and monitored from one central control panel. The curing chamber is lined with stainless steel and fully insulated.

July 2001, RS# 248

Scottcan Industries Ltd.

(780) 463-5505

Conveyorized Microwave Oven

Computer-modeled microwave cavities provide even heating results and high efficiency when properly loaded. The oven offers an unrestricted microwave vestibule opening of 10", yet it maintains microwave leakage levels below industry standards. Its field strength monitor will control microwave power output, maintaining a preset cavity level and optimizing system efficiency. Air intake and exhaust ports are standard. Auxiliary gas or electric heat may be added to aid in the removal of moisture.

July 2001, RS# 249

Thermex-Thermatron Inc.

(502) 266-5454

Food Processing Oven

Model CVU-200E is offered either as a hand-load or truck-style unit. The food processing oven has a built-in automatic shower, wash/rinse and detergent control, steam cook or steam humidity with built-in steam generator, liquid smoke or natural smoke, microprocessor control and internal product temperature recording. The oven is designed to surpass current USDA and HACCP requirements and has UL and NSF approval.

July 2001, RS# 264

Enviro-Pak Div., Tech-Mark Inc.

(503) 655-6117

Tubular Dryer

Air swept tubular dryer can dry materials ranging from 95% liquid slurries to fine powders. Unit provides agitation that mixes hot air with wet product entering the dryer inlet. The dryer can reduce a slurry's moisture content from 95 to 1% in a single phase, and the unit's adjustable paddles and air dams facilitate a change in retention time to allow for variations in the drying process.

July 2001, RS# 287

Scott Equipment Co.

(952) 758-2591

Spherical Dryer

Guedu batch dryer provides good mixing properties due to its spherical shape. The heated or unheated high torque agitator ensures efficient solids mixing for improved heat transfer and minimal drying time. Machined vessel interior permits a close agitator-to-vessel wall tolerance, eliminating skin formation on the wall. It also permits complete product discharge through the bottom-mounted metal-to-metal seal valve.

July 2001, RS# 279

Rosenmund Inc.

(704) 587-0440

Air Flotation Dryer

Air flotation drying, curing and cooling of coated papers, films, metals and nonwovens is provided for the paper and converting markets.

July 2001, RS# 277

Spooner Industries Inc.

(920) 336-2010

Laboratory Conical Mixer/Dryer

Designed as a turnkey system with heating and cooling, dust filter, solvent recovery, vacuum, piping and instrumentation supplied, laboratory/pilot-sized mixer/dryer is portable. Offered in working capacities of 15, 30, 50 and 100 l, the mixer/dryer for pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications incorporates a heating mixing screw or internal cone.

July 2001, RS# 280


(856) 317-9960

Batch Oven

Custom engineered to optimize meat and poultry processing, batch oven can be heated by direct- or indirect-fired gas, steam or electricity. Traditional or liquid smoke systems are available, and vertical or horizontal airflow designs can be provided. Its air-handling design ensures product uniformity throughout the oven, and the DCC computer controls provide batch-to-batch consistency.

July 2001, RS# 269

Alkar, a Div. of DEC International Inc.

(608) 592-3211

Fluid Bed Drying and Cooling

Fluidized-bed drying system is constructed of stainless steel and can be supplied as a turnkey system. The dryer is supported on natural air bellows adjusted to product requirements. A pressure monitor ensures the air bellows are not over- or under-pressurized. Dehumidifying is accomplished by refrigeration or desiccant removal of moisture.

July 2001, RS# 156


(513) 398-8778

Infrared Predryer

Thermodry infrared predryer is designed to solve various drying problems in the textile and nonwoven industries by increasing web temperatures for faster line speeds. The dryer combines infrared and convection technologies to provide efficient heat transfer.

July 2001, RS# 157

C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.

(216) 267-8020

Vertical Dryer

Cascade dryer is de-signed with an internal fines settling chamber that removes airborne fines at each deck, eliminating the need for external cyclone collectors. Fines fall into a screw conveyor at the bottom of the dryer. Recirculation ducting, fans and burners are inside the dryer's frame to ease installation, and the unit is shipped prewired and pre-piped.

July 2001, RS# 276


(785) 284-2133

Continuous Tray Dryer

Turbo-Dryer continuously dries solvent-wet or environmentally sensitive ma-terials without the need for a vacuum. The 6' dia. continuous tray design consists of a stack of rotating circular trays in a sealed cylindrical metal enclosure. Material is fed onto the top tray, leveled, and after one revolution is wiped onto the next lower tray, where the operation is repeated. Fans circulate heated inert gas or air in the enclosure to provide a drying medium. The welded tank housing is provided with gasketed access manways.

July 2001, RS# 275

Wyssmont Co. Inc.

(201) 947-4600

Finishing System

Designed for the metal finishing industry, finishing system is suitable for paint, degreasing and powder coating operations. The system includes multistage washers, dryers, high velocity ovens, thermal recuperative oxidizers, regenerative oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers for pollution control.

July 2001, RS# 449

Epcon Industrial Systems

(936) 273-1774

Heat Cleaning Oven

Rejected parts can be cleaned safely in a controlled-temperature, direct-loading cleaning oven. The design of the control system, insulation, combustion system and thermal oxidizing afterburner provides energy efficiency while stripping and cleaning large loads of parts. Each oven is equipped with digital microprocessor-based controls and low consumption burners. Unit has material-handling carts and self-supporting refractory-lined stacks, and it can be installed inside or outside.

July 2001, RS# 260

Guspro Inc.

(519) 352-4550

Impingement Technology

Convection air impingement system can be used to dry or heat products that are produced in a configuration that impedes airflow through the product. This technology utilizes columns of high velocity hot air directed at the product surface via nozzles mounted above and below the product. The nozzles create streams of air that impinge on the product's surface, disrupting the boundary layer of water.

July 2001, RS# 445

Aeroglide Corp.

(919) 851-2000

Ovens with Wide Operating Range

Series 3600 and 2700 ovens provide wide temperature configurations such as -299 to 1,148oF (-184 to 620oC) and

-247 to 797oF (-155 to 425oC). In addition, cryogenic ability extends their use in quality control and testing laboratories. The custom design produces equipment that can be placed in most laboratory arrangements.

July 2001, RS# 446

Applied Test Systems

(724) 283-1212

Conveyor Oven

Heat Pro conveyor oven is available with vertical down, horizontal or dual airflow patterns. Standard unit can be equipped with a number of conveyor options, including wire mesh, steel slat and gravity roller. Available from 350 to 800oF (177 to 427oC) in natural gas, electric, steam and thermal fluid heat, unit offers a range of size combinations.

July 2001, RS# 448


(419) 625-4014

Infrared Thermal Reactor

InfraRed thermal reactor design incorporates multiple high output heaters located in the top of an enclosed process vessel. Each heater is capable of generating more than 2 kW of heat energy.

July 2001, RS# 159

Hosokawa Bepex

(612) 331-4370

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Vacuum Dryer

Specified to meet or exceed the sanitary and ease-of-cleaning requirements of the FDA, 3A and USDA, the vacuum dryer is based on a mechanically fluidized bed mix action augmented with high speed choppers. It is designed to take products from liquid to dry powders more quickly than ribbon, paddle, tray or tumble dryers.

July 2001, RS# 431

Littleford Day Inc.

(859) 525-7600

Custom Oven Systems

Designed to satisfy process requirements, standard oven systems utilize 4" insulated panels, but custom thicknesses and densities can be incorporated if necessary. Panel seams are insulated during the erection of the oven, and all structural steel is coated to withstand high temperatures and avoid rusting.

July 2001, RS# 447

RayPaul Industries Inc.

(888) 729-7285