The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) and the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA), Arling-ton, VA, have formed a partnership to promote energy efficiency in industrial process heating systems. The OIT/ IHEA alliance signifies a commitment by both organizations to raise awareness of energy-efficient heating processes and system designs. Both organizations believe increased knowledge of heating system innovations will lead to improved productivity, reliability and reduced life-cycle costs for equipment users.

By working together, OIT and IHEA, which is made up of industrial equipment manufacturers, can offer a number of resources, tools and information designed for industrial end-users. As a result, the partnership plans to develop the following:

  • Assessment tools.
  • Tips and fact sheets.
  • Training to support the systems approach.
  • Apprenticeship programs.
  • Sensor and process controls forum.
  • Materials forum.
  • Trade journal articles.
  • Case study referrals.
  • Year-end report.

    Allied partnership agreements are implemented through OIT's Best Practices program. For more information, call Bob Gemmer of OIT at (202) 586-5885.