From temperature and process controls to power controls and process monitoring equipment, flip through this section to find the devices you need to take control.

Modem Support for Control Systems

Sending an engineer to a customer's manufacturing site to make modifications to process parameters can be eliminated by using modem support for PLC-based control systems. The technology allows users to access the control system and operating data no matter where the dryer and its control system are located.

July 2001, RS# 396

Aeroglide Corp.

(919) 851-2000

SCR Power Controller

SCR power controller is designed for single- and three-phase applications from 10 to 1,000 A. Phase-angle controls and zero voltage switching controls as well as custom assemblies are available.

July 2001, RS# 376


(727) 573-1900

Temperature Controllers

Series C panel-mounted, universal-input temperature controllers can be designed for network applications, including Modbus messaging protocol, and for communications with other components of a DeviceNet control network. Each controller is microprocessor-based and has autotuning as well as full PID functionality. Con-trollers accept signal inputs from Type J, K, T, N, R, S, B, C, E, NNM and Platinel II thermocouples.

July 2001, RS# 392

Athena Controls

(800) 782-6776

Temperature and Process Control

ETR-9300 incorporates Smarter Logic decision-making to prevent initial overshoot and setpoint differentials due to process disturbances. With universal input, all thermocouple, RTD, voltage and current types can be selected from the front panel. A universal power supply and low voltage input option provide a wide operating range.

July 2001, RS# 423

Ogden Manufacturing

(847) 593-8050

Combustion Safeguard Control

Protectofier is designed to protect against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens and heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the flame rectification principle or ultraviolet scanner sensors.

July 2001, RS# 410

Protection Controls Inc.

(847) 674-7676

Bipolar Control for Thermoelectric Modules

Model 5C7-362 employs an H bridge arrangement of solid-state Mosfet de-vices that are capable of up to 25 A of load current at maximum efficiency. A pulse-width-modulated output is PC selectable for either 675 or 2,700 Hz op-eration. It averages the energy provided to the module, which reduces extreme temperature excursions.

July 2001, RS# 412

Oven Industries Inc.

(717) 766-0721

Miniature Thermocouple

Microcoil miniature thermocouple can measure surface temperatures perpendicularly with accuracy and flexibility. The device's footprint can be as small as 0.110" dia., allowing for precise management in small spaces. The thermocouple uses mineral insulated cable and has a maximum operating temperature of 1,292oF (700oC).

July 2001, RS# 398


(314) 878-4600

High In-Rush SCR Power Control

With oversized fuses and semiconductors, Model 18D-4-150H handles high in-rush variable resistance heating loads easily. Control is designed with integral heat sinks engineered for full-rated operation in 122oF (50oC) ambient. In addition, Vbo protection provides immunity from high voltage spike damage, and a 0.5 sec soft-start feature further reduces in-rush currents.

July 2001, RS# 416

Payne Engineering

(304) 757-7353

Mechanical Thermostat

Tempswitch has an adjustable setpoint and is designed to function as an economical temperature controller or standalone high or low limit controller. Designed for hot melt systems, plastics and textile processing, the lightweight, compact thermostat is UL listed.

July 2001, RS# 411


(508) 881-2000

Mini-Sanitary RTD

Autoclavable mini-sanitary probe is designed for applications where the capability to sterilize the entire RTD is required. Probe has a waterproof connection system, sealed 316 stainless steel construction and 0.5" process connection. The device will perform in small pipe applications.

July 2001, RS# 399

Burns Engineering

(800) 328-3871

Solid-State Contactor

Model 7100L is a rugged fixed-build single-phase solid state contactor. It is rated from 80 to 100 A, 100 to 500 VAC with an AC or DC control input. Unit is available in a panel- or DIN rail-mounted package and is suitable for fixed resistive heating applications such as plastic extrusion, blow molding, ovens and dryers.

July 2001, RS# 388


(703) 443-0000

Dual Stage Temperature Controller

Model 565 NEMA 4X dual stage temperature controller has a 6' weatherproof temperature sensor. Features include LED display, field selectable 120 or 230 VAC power input and 10 A SPDT relay outputs in a 4 x4" panel mounting enclosure. Setpoint range is -30 to 220oF (-34 to 104oC). User program-mable parameters includeoF oroC display, on/off differential, visual high and low alarm and sensor offset.

July 2001, RS# 372

Zytron Control Products Inc.

(609) 771-0101

Dual-Mode Thermometer

DMT has two NIST-traceable sensing elements (bimetallic coil and RTD or thermocouple) in a single probe. The design of the multipurpose temperature indicator allows the sensing elements to be replaced separately in the field.

July 2001, RS# 413

Reotemp Instruments Corp.

(800) 648-7737

Dual Process Limit Alarm Trip

ECA limit alarm trip has solid metal housing that provides a barrier against RFI/EMI, which can cause false instrument alarm trips. The four-wire unit provides a solution when alarm trip outputs are needed to indicate high or low process conditions. Unit snaps onto standard G-type and DIN style rails. When input falls outside of user configurable limits, the device provides two contact closure outputs for indicating high or low conditions.

July 2001, RS# 381

Moore Industries-International Inc.

(818) 894-7111

Universal Process Controller

CN3440 wall/pipe-mount controller is a single-loop controller packaged in field-mounting housing. The instrument has control and I/O capabilities fitted as standard, allowing it to be configured for a number of applications. With NEMA 4X water/dust protection, the controller can be mounted next to a process, no matter how harsh the environment.

July 2001, RS# 379

Omega Engineering Inc.

(203) 359-1660

SCR Power Control

Engineered to operate reliably in many process environments, SCR power control is available as zero- and phase-fired, single- and three-phase designs. With UL, CSA, CUL and CE listing or approval, power control can be used in kilns and ovens, environmental chambers, extruders, molding equipment, autoclaves and dryers.

July 2001, RS# 418

HDR Power Systems Inc.

(888) 797-2685


G2 PhotoMOS Series of relays is available in a variety of contact configurations, including three types of normally open, two types of normally closed, and a combination of both that can be configured for make-before-break operation. Units are available as through-hole or surface-mount.

July 2001, RS# 390

Crydom Corp.

(858) 715-7200

Burner Control System

Flameworx II burner control system modules are available as DIN rail-mount flame switch modules. The system provides visual and electrical output to signal the user regarding flame presence or absence in a combustion chamber. Modules use ultraviolet scanners to sense flame presence.

July 2001, RS# 386

Fireye Inc.

(603) 432-4100

SCR Power Controls

Designed for use with electric heaters, SCR power controls are available as single- or three-phase units from 10 to 600 A, 12 to 600 V. The device has phase-angle fired, zero cross and on/off control methods as well as full power ratings at 122oF (50oC). Oversized, isolated SCRs with MOV, DV/DT protection and I2T rectifier standard.

July 2001, RS# 395

Avatar Instruments Inc.

(610) 275-9680

pH and ORP Controller/Recorder

12D18 is a recorder/controller for pH and ORP measurements. The wall-mount unit is enclosed in a waterproof NEMA Type 12 cabinet for use under harsh environmental conditions. High and low alarms can be set to 0.1 pH units for single electrode controller input. When limits are exceeded, front-panel LED signal lights are activated; controller then activates auxiliary pumps, solenoid valves or other devices connected to two 110 or 220 VAC outlets.

July 2001, RS# 382

Kernco Instruments Co. Inc.

(800) 325-3875

Digital SCR Power Controller

Model 853 digital SCR power controller allows for a single amplifier to operate in any of three different firing modes: phase-angle, zero-crossover and zero-crossover into a transformer. The controller offers flexibility, on-board diagnostics, computerized setup and calibration, and advanced process and fault monitoring features. Optional features include network communications and local digital control.

July 2001, RS# 373

Spang Power Electronics

(440) 352-8600

Dual Safety Shutoff Valve

DMV Series combines two safety shutoff valves in a single housing that can be wired independently or in parallel. Valve 1 of the DMV-D and DMV-DLE is fast opening and fast closing. Valve 2 of the DMV-D is fast opening while valve 2 of the DMV-DLE is slow opening for smoother light-off.

July 2001, RS# 414

Karl Dungs Inc.

(651) 792-8912

Precise Control Motor

SQM5 control motor is designed to respond to the finite adjustments provided by advanced process controls. Unit re-sponds with 300 step changes compared to approximately 50 step changes provided by standard products.

July 2001, RS# 375

Siemens Building Technology

(800) 877-7545

Noncontact Infrared Thermometer

SIR10-B gun style, noncontact infrared thermometer measures hot, cold or moving objects at a safe distance with a response time of less than 1 sec. Features includeoF/oC selectable, display hold function, operation lock function and 8:1 distance-to-target ratio. The device also offers gun-style handle, adjustable emissivity and K-type probe input compatibility.

July 2001, RS# 408

Brighton Electronics

(503) 644-1434

Resistance Temperature Detector

Element conforms with DIN, IEC, JIS and SAMA standards and is fully traceable to NIST. Standard platinum wire-wired RTD can be supplied in a range of sizes and accuracy tolerances.

July 2001, RS# 422

Sensing Devices Inc.

(717) 295-2311

Temperature Controller

E5ZN dual-loop temperature controller measures 0.89" (22.5 mm) wide. As many as 16 units can be mounted side-by-side to control up to 32 loops in minimal space. The controller has RS-485 communication capability at 38,400 baud and offers the choice of using either a local display unit or SYS-Config software for centralized control and recording, remote configuration and monitoring via a PC.

July 2001, RS# 380

Omron Electronics LLC

(800) 556-6766

Digital Thermo-Regulator

QT3 Series is an indicating temperature controller with on/off control mode and either single- or double-relay output. Input options include thermistor, RTD, thermocouple or 4 to 20 mA. A three-digit display shows actual temperature or set temperature in 1oor 0.1oincrements in either F or C. Unit is supplied preset to accept one of the four input options.

July 2001, RS# 377

Quantem Corp.

(609) 883-9191

Phase-Angle SCR Control

SCR phase-angle power controller provides smooth proportional output from 0 to 100 A. Offered with variable voltage outputs for multiple applications such as quartz lamps, tungsten lamps, wire annealing and oven and furnace control, it can control load current from 15 to 75 A at line voltage from 120 to 600 VAC, one and three phases.

July 2001, RS# 415

Cristal Controls

(800) 681-9590


Datapaq 11 datalogger provides 110,000 data readings over 10 selectable channels and an accuracy of +/-1oC. A choice of start-button, time or temperature trigger allows for data collection at critical process stages. Hard wired real-time data analysis is available and is telemetry ready. A NiMH battery powers the logger.

July 2001, RS# 420

Datapaq Inc.

(978) 988-9000

Brushless DC Motor Controllers

Three-phase brushless DC motor controllers are available in 5, 10 and 20 A and are operational from 11 to 52 VDC. Protection features include overtemperature sensing, cycle-by-cycle current limiting and current limit shutdown. Speed control input is set either through a potentiometer or 0 to 5 VDC analog input.

July 2001, RS# 391

Ametek Rotron Technical Products

(330) 673-6452

Microprocessor Controllers

iTron microprocessor controllers are available in 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 DIN. Units offer standard controller functions including ramp function, powerful self-tune algorithm, universal analog inputs and up to two alarms. A 0.39 or 0.79" (10 or 20 mm) LED display allows the operator to check current process temperature.

July 2001, RS# 384

Jumo Process Control Inc.

(800) 554-5866

Temperature Calibrator

Model 724 temperature calibrator has measure and source functions that can test and calibrate most temperature instruments. Standard features allow the device to measure and source/simulate RTDs, thermocouples, volts and ohms to test and calibrate temperature sensors and transmitters; simultaneously view input and output data on a dual display; and power transmitters during test using loop power supply with simultaneous mA measurement.

July 2001, RS# 394

Fluke Corp.

(800) 300-1088

Process Control

Temperature and process control has a large dual display, self-tune capability and fuzzy logic. Other features of the 1/32 DIN control include universal input, loop break protection, peak/valley indication, percent output indication and an illuminated keypad. With ramp/soak function, 32 Series also provides auto/

manual station function.

July 2001, RS# 417

Love Controls Div.,

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

(219) 879-8000

Vapor Monitoring System

Solvent vapor monitoring system protects workers and equipment from explosions. LFL/LEL monitors are suitable for oven and dryer manufacturers and applications such as printing, packaging, coating and laminating.

July 2001, RS# 389

Control Instruments Corp.

(973) 575-9114

Burner Control Unit

BCU 480 individually controls the flames of the pilot and main burner. Suitable for continuous or intermittent operation, device allows flame control using ionization current or UV cell. Standard options include a single interface for pre-purging and use of a separate input for controlling the air valve. In combination with BCSoft software and a PC adapter, analysis features are offered via optical interface.

July 2001, RS# 393

Kromschroder Inc.

(330) 342-0595

Solid-State Relay

Available for single- or three-phase loads, solid-state relay provides power switching to resistive loads and has zero-cross switching. Units are rated up to 600 V, and custom and burst-fired relays are available.

July 2001, RS# 161

Zesta Engineering

(905) 568-3100

Dual Module System

CL120 Series is capable of simultaneous heat and cool sourcing in one unit and is available with one or two modules. Mod-ules can be provided as cool source only, heat source only, cool source and heat source or two heat sources.

July 2001, RS# 371

Omega Engineering Inc.

(203) 359-1660

Microprocessor-Based Temperature Controller

MDC4X microprocessor-based digital 1/16 DIN temperature controller has a 0.4" (10 mm) display, various alarm functions and sensor break protection. The unit operates on 85 to 265 VAC power. Input is Type K or J.

July 2001, RS# 374

Sigmacal Inc.

(800) 382-6271

Conductivity/Resistivity Controller

GF Signet 8860 dual channel conductivity/resistivity controller has a two-channel input device equipped with three scaleable 4 to 20 mA outputs and four programmable relays. Designed with full microprocessor-based electronics, the device allows control over a large operating range and provides long-term signal stability due to the elimination of potentiometer, jumpers and dip switches. Intuitive software design and four-button operation ease setup.

July 2001, RS# 385

George Fischer Inc.

(800) 854-4090

Process Controller

Dicon 400/500 process controller offers intuitive setup and operation, modular design and reliable control algorithms. Controller has two four-digit LED displays as well as an eight-character dot matrix display. Six keys on the front panel provide operation control. During setup, displays prompt the user through the configuration process. Additional front-panel LEDs indicate output status, ramp status and manual operation.

July 2001, RS# 383

Jumo Process Control Inc.

(800) 554-5866

Temperature Controller

Model FKS is a 1/32 DIN temperature controller, indicator or alarm unit. With two outputs as standard, the product connects to the manufacturer's solid-state relays as well as other AC or DC output devices. Auto-tuning, dual setpoints, alarm masking and ramped outputs ensure required control performance.

July 2001, RS# 387

Continental Industries International

(703) 669-1306

Calorimetric Airflow Sensor

Vent-Captor measures flow of air or gaseous media with no moving parts. Unit can operate as a single- or dual-setpoint alarm or control, or provide a linearized, 4 to 20 mA analog output for metering. The self-contained device does not require added circuitry. Features include field-adjustable span and setpoint with LED indication.

July 2001, RS# 400

Weber Sensors Inc.

(770) 592-6630

Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Model 600-9 thermal mass flowmeter has a completely unobstructed straight-through flow path and no moving parts or electrical contacts to the stream. The device is constructed from 316 stainless steel, and end connections are designed to meet customer requirements.

July 2001, RS# 397

Thermal Instrument Co.

(215) 355-8400