Temperature stability is essential in a heat transfer system. Consult this collection of heat transfer fluids to find those that will benefit your process.

Corrosion-Resistant Fluid

Designed to protect brass, copper, steel, cast iron, aluminum and other metals used in cooling and heating systems, Jeffcool coolants and heat transfer fluids contain corrosion inhibitors that attach to metal surfaces to passivate them. The ethylene glycol- and propylene glycol-based fluids can be used for process cooling.

July 2001, RS# 350

Huntsman Corp.

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Heat Transfer Oil Resists Oxidative Degradation

For use in indirect-fired heat transfer systems where the primary heat source is located away from the equipment to be heated or with low pressure systems at temperatures to 600oF (316oC), Shell Thermia C exhibits long-term thermal stability. The oil resists oxidative degradation.

July 2001, RS# 348

Equilon Enterprises LLC

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Heat Transfer Fluid

Syntherm 700 is resistant to thermal cracking and oxidation thickening. The fluid's distillation point allows it to operate with temperatures approaching 690oF (366oC) with minimal vapor pressure.

July 2001, RS# 342

Pacer Div., Southeast Terminals Inc.

(281) 885-1254

Heat Transfer Fluid

MobilTherm 603 can be used at temperatures to 550oF (287oC) and where minimum shutdown temperatures are not below 25oF (-4oC).

July 2001, RS# 352

Exxon Mobil L&PS

(800) 662-4525

Nonfouling, Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid

For processes requiring uniform process temperature control to 600oF (316oC), nonfouling Paratherm NF will not coat the system's heated surfaces with hard carbon deposits. The nontoxic fluid has passed Bioassay and can be recycled through local oil recyclers.

July 2001, RS# 347

Paratherm Corp.

(610) 941-4900


Food-Grade Heat Transfer Fluid

Xceltherm 600 is a liquid-phase paraffinic-based food-grade white mineral oil with a bulk-fluid operating temperature of 600oF (316oC). It is compatible with most other oil-based heat transfer fluids and offers comparable thermal stability and heat transfer efficiency throughout its operating range.

July 2001, RS# 345

Radco Industries Inc.

(630) 232-7966

Synthetic Fluid

Marlotherm N has a pour point of -76oF (-60oC) and upper film temperature of 644oF (340oC). The nontoxic fluid is suitable for use in closed-loop, nonpressurized, forced-circulation process heating and cooling systems.

July 2001, RS# 343

Sasol/Condea Vista Co.

(281) 588-3111


Specialty Heat Transfer Fluid

Calflo HTF is a nontoxic, odorless heat transfer fluid that does not pose a risk to worker health and safety. The fluid is designed for use where heat transfer systems operate continuously at temperatures up to 620oF (326oC).

July 2001, RS# 340


(800) 267-5968


Heat Transfer Fluid for Nonpressurized Systems

Designed for nonpressurized heat transfer systems operating at high temperatures, Dowtherm MX remains stable without unacceptable fluid degradation. The synthetic-organic fluid has a recommended operating temperature range of -30 to 625oF

(-34 to 329oC).

July 2001, RS# 349

Dow Chemical Co.

(800) 447-4369

High Temperature Fluid

Therminol 72 is a nonfouling fluid suitable for high temperature heat recovery applications that require a low pressure fluid. Fluid temperature range is from 15 to 720oF (-9 to 382oC), flashpoint is 270oF (132oC) and fire point is 289oF (143oC).

July 2001, RS# 344


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Nonhazardous Heat Transfer Fluid

With a temperature range from 0 to 600oF (-18 to 316oC), nonhazarous heat transfer fluid can accommodate a range of heating or cooling requirements. Manufacturer's experience includes providing proven recommendations on applications and a Tech-Team approach that identifies system problems that, if left uncorrected, may damage the fluid.

July 2001, RS# 341

MultiTherm Corp.

(610) 461-6442

Paraffinic Oil

Xceltherm 445FP is a liquid-phase heat transfer fluid with a flash point of 445oF (229oC). The fluid can expand the boundaries in systems where bulk temperature is limited by flash point and can reduce flash-point-related insurance costs. The fluid's thermal stability provides long fluid life.

July 2001, RS# 346

Radco Industries Inc.

(630) 232-7966

Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid

Dynalene SF is thermally stable at temperatures up to 600oF (316oC). The fluid has demonstrated performance over a range of system temperatures without compromising system reliability.

July 2001, RS# 351

Dynalene Heat Transfer Fluids

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