One of Canada's largest brewers has replaced its old water-tube boiler with a new unit requiring fewer maintenance workers.

Toronto's Labatt plant manager, Bob Bowman, drew on his prior experiences at a food processing company, where he installed boilers for Miura Boiler West Inc., Wheeling, IL, and reduced his staff from three maintenance workers per day to a single day-shift person.

When Bowman took over at Labatt and needed to replace an old water-tube boiler, he again turned to Miura, acquiring three EX 300 BHPs. In addition to the Miura units, the plant also has one large water-tube boiler, which carries approximately half the load. The Miuras carry the rest, running 85,000 lb/hr, 1,200 thermal units.

"There was about a 15 percent reduction in fuel for equivalent loads," Bowman said. From a cold startup, the Miura boilers produce steam in 5 min. Floating headers made quick steam production possible without creating thermal shock to the boilers' water tubes and enclosure. The headers allow the water tubes to be short and straight so the entire boiler can be small. Smaller size leads to reduced radiation losses, fuel savings and reduced construction costs.