MM Series is the next generation of the company's Marathon product line. Models include the LT, which operates in the -40 to 1,472oF (-40 to 800oC) range with a 50 ms response time; the G5, a glass sensor that operates in the 482 to 3,002oF (250 to 1,650oC) range with a 30 ms response time; and the MT, which operates in the 392 to 2,552oF (200 to 1,400oC) range with a 30 ms response time. Accuracy is within +/-1 percent, and repeatability is +/-0.5 percent. Other features include an integrated unit with advanced electro-optics; a built-in user interface with backlit LCD display for changing sensor operating parameters; active background temperature compensation capability; optional true spot size laser cross-target sighting; optional video sighting; 4 to 20 mA analog output; programmable relay output; and an RS485 digital interface with support software.

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