A group of process heating equipment users and suppliers have formed the Process Heating Advisory Committee.

A group of industrial users and suppliers of process heating equipment have formed Process Heating Advisory Committee to identify actions that address the needs of the process heating industry. The committee met in Arlington, VA, in October to discuss performance measures of throughput gain, reject rate education, emission reduction and energy savings.

The committee is composed of 10 members -- five representatives from the Industrial Heating Equipment Associa-tion (IHEA) and one representative from each of the five "Industries of the Future" (steel, aluminum, glass, petroleum and metalcasting), which are significant users of process heat. The Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT), Washington, developed the Industries of the Future program, which creates partnerships between industry, government and supporting laboratories and institutions to accelerate technology research, development and deployment.

At future meetings, the advisory committee will provide a forum to offer input about the direction of DOE-OIT "Best Practices" activities. Best Practices is a DOE-OIT program that provides industrial users with the tools needed to improve plant energy efficiency, enhance environmental performance, and increase productivity. The committee also will provide advice and offer services to OIT's Best Practices team in areas such as development of a solicitation for process heating and review of subsequent proposals.

For more information about the Process Heating Advisory Committee, e-mail lou.sousa@ee.doe.gov or visit www.oit.doe.gov.