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Blue M

Blue M's industrial ovens, furnaces and experienced people are helping industrial customers lead with advanced thermal process technologies and meet global productivity, quality and cost objectives.

April 2001, RS# 232

Heat Trace

Heat Trace designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and commissions electric trace heating solutions for the process industries.

April 2001, RS# 233

Burns Engineering

Download up-to-date information about Burns Engineering's temperature measurement solutions. Catalogs, configuration software, technical data and installation manuals are available.

April 2001, RS# 234

Web site features zero-cross SCRs, phase-angle SCRs, load-shedding, temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring products.

April 2001, RS# 235


The new Despatch web site matches applications and thermal processes with standard and custom oven solutions. Site features a search function and downloadable product specifications.

April 2001, RS# 236


The Fluke line of handheld test tools includes a wide range of digital ther- mometers, including the 50 Series II contact thermometer and the Fluke 65 laser-sighted noncontact thermometers.

April 2001, RS# 237

Brighton Electronics

Brighton Electronics manufactures multi-featured noncontact infrared, Touch Probe digital and an-alog thermometers for processing in-dustries: food, chemicals, materials, industrial and manufacturing. Web site shows specs on all products.

April 2001, RS# 238

Hot air for industrial processes, for consultation and conception of hot air applications for quality and process control as well as sensor technologies and electronics.

April 2001, RS# 239

Megtec Systems

Megtec Systems offers flotation ovens, VOC control and energy recovery systems. Provides dryer/oxidizer refurbishing, plant and process energy optimization, engineering studies, pilot coating-line testing, heat exchanger replacements, etc.

April 2001, RS# 240

Super Radiator Coils

For 73 years, Super Radiator Coils has been a leader in totally integrated heat transfer sources; engineering/manufacturing coils for industrial, OEM, replacement, environmental and specialty applications.

April 2001, RS# 244

Technical Heaters

Browse our web site to discover who we are, what we manufacture, where you can reach us, and most important, how we can help you. Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab.

April 2001, RS# 245

Wisconsin Oven

Wisconsin Oven offers America's broadest range of industrial ovens, standard and custom. Check out our web site for information on our infrared and convection ovens, and more.

April 2001, RS# 246

See the latest industrial process interface instruments: Signal transmitters, isolators and converters; temperature transmitters; alarms; distributed I/O; pneumatics; power transducers; indicators and more from Moore Industries.

April 2001, RS# 241


Nextron Corp., a technology company, designs, produces and market industrial electronic products for temperature control. Products include single- and multi-point controllers distributed through stocking distributors, OEMs and service companies.

April 2001, RS# 242


Our web site is a full-service site for pressure and temperature instrumentation: online storefront, downloadable PDF literature, instrumentation specifications, monthly product specials and more! April 2001, RS# 243


Trent's web site provides descriptions and specifications of their electrically heated process equipment. The site also offers online product catalog request and product quote request capabilities.

April 2001, RS# 231

ARI Valve is committed to servicing the global market -- producing more than 2,500 valves per day and maintaining stocking locations around the world.

April 2001, RS# 248


ASCO, the leading manufacturer of solenoid valves in the world, invites you to visit From product information to contact information to what's new with ASCO, it's all readily available online.

April 2001, RS# 249


Walk through Athena's catalog of temperature, process and power control products. Review technical specifications and reference data or leave E-mail message while online.

April 2001, RS# 291

Therminol heat transfer fluids from Solutia meet the operating needs of virtually any single or multiple station heat-using system. We offer the wid-est selection of fluids, and superior technical service and support.

April 2001, RS# 336

Catalytic Industrial Systems

Catalytic Industrial Systems provides a wide range of low and high intensity infrared systems, hybrid systems combining infrared and convection technologies, and pure convection systems.

April 2001, RS# 293

Comdel is the leading manufacturer of reliable RF power supplies. At the core of Comdel's success are engineers with the experience to design power solutions for your application. is your RF resource.

April 2001, RS#294

Dean Pump

Dean Pump is recognized worldwide for high quality pumps that handle a broad range of industrial applications. Dean Pump is particularly recognized for the ability to move high temperature liquids to 850oF.

April 2001, RS# 295

Delta Cooling Towers

Delta Cooling Towers manufactures seamless corrosion-proof plastic cooling towers, high-efficiency counterflow designs backed by 15-year warranty on casing.

April 2001, RS# 296

Dickow Pumps

Dickow Pump Co. has manufactured centrifugal pumps for more than 75 years, always emphasizing precision, service longevity and hydraulic efficiency. We offer the broadest and most technologically advanced range of magnet drive pumps.

April 2001, RS# 297


Learn about the full family of Dow heat transfer fluids, including Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids, Syltherm silicone fluids and Dowtherm and Dowfrost inhibited glycol-based fluids. Online fluid ordering available!

April 2001, RS# 298


Durex manufactures electric heaters and temp sensors of all types. Site describes cast platen, cartridge and barrel heaters as well as thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors and more.

April 2001, RS# 299

Energy Convertors

Looking for a reliable source for your electric tubular heating element requirements? Check out our site for an easy-to-use request for quote process.

April 2001, RS# 300

Exergy Inc.

The Exergy Inc. web site features complete product specifications for our standard miniature shell-and-tube and tube-in-tube heat exchangers.

April 2001, RS# 301


Visit Exothermics' web site for infor-mation about their "World Class Heat Exchangers," including their line of industrial stainless steel plate exchangers and tubular recuperators.

April 2001, RS# 302

Fenwal Controls

Get the Fenwal literature you need through your own computer. Visit our newly updated web site for the latest downloadable data sheets on temperature and heat detection controls.

April 2001, RS# 303


For over 50 years, Fireye has manufactured reliable flame safeguard controls for the industrial market. Our commitment to customer service, quality engineering and manufacturing excellence remain our highest priorities.

April 2001, RS# 304

Grieve Corp.

Site describes over 450 standard laboratory, cabinet, bench, walk-in and truck ovens, along with Grieve's complete line of box, floor and pit furnaces for heat treating. Grieve welcomes all heat processing requirements.

April 2001, RS# 305


Self-lubricating Graphalloy graphite/ metal alloy bearings offer proven solutions for high temperature applications up to 1000oF. Web site details Graphalloy features/benefits and a wide range of applications.

April 2001, RS# 306

GTS Energy

GTS Energy's site covers the variety of process heating systems GTS Energy manufactures. Photos, dimensional drawings and operational testimonials show the advantages of GTS Energy's heating equipment.

April 2001, RS# 307

HDR Power Systems

HDR Power Systems provides thermal process control solutions, including SCR power controls, single and multi-zone power control systems, and AC and DC power supplies up to 15 MW capacity.

April 2001, RS# 308


Hotwatt manufactures cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glass rope and ceramic heaters.

April 2001, RS# 309

International Thermal Systems

International Thermal Systems LLC is an original-equipment manufacturer specializing in complete custom-designed state-of-the-art ovens, furnaces, washers and material handling systems for thermal-processing and finishing industries.

April 2001, RS# 310

Indusrial Heating & Finishing

For 40 years, Industrial Heating & Finishing has met drying and curing needs regardless of substrate or coating with dry-off ovens, curing ovens,

3-D or flatline UV curing systems, gas or electric IR ovens, etc.

April 2001, RS# 311

ITT Standard

The ITT Standard website provides an excellent overview of the features and benefits of plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers as well as air-cooled heat exchangers.

April 2001, RS# 312

Jumo Process Control

Visit Jumo Process Control online and browse through our complete line of process control equipment. Download the latest data sheets for Jumo's newest products. E-mail your Jumo team for personal assistance.

April 2001, RS# 313


Lanly's web site offers tips on choosing an oven or dryer for your applications, and a list of customers in different industries. Also find helpful tech notes, case studies and more.

April 2001, RS# 314

Love Controls

Use Love Controls' web site to check out the latest technology in instru- ments and sensors for temperature and process control for industrial and OEM use.

April 2001, RS# 315


The Maxon Corp. web site is designed for easy navigation. Experience online combustion schools and access Maxon's catalog including low and high temperature burners, packaged systems and valves.

April 2001, RS# 316


Mokon Division, Protective Closures Co. Inc.'s web site offers products, sales contacts, product specs, appli-cation questionnaires and quotation information on circulating liquid temperature control systems.

April 2001, RS# 317

MP Pumps

Web site home page provides access to industrial product catalog, new product introductions, and company information. MP supplies Adobe Acrobat Reader to download PDF files.

April 2001, RS# 318


MultiTherm's web site provides infor-mation on MultiTherm 503, Multi-Therm IG-2, and MultiTherm PG-1 heat transfer fluids. Other topics include fluid analysis, fluid handling, fluid life and safety.

April 2001, RS# 319

Thermo Neslab

Thermo Neslab, the constant temperature equipment leader, offers detailed features and specifications in a user-friendly layout to find the right chiller or water-to-water heat exchanger for your application.

April 2001, RS# 320

Thermocouples, RTDs and thermistor probes for temperature measurement in plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, rubber molding, food, diesel engines, gas turbines, industrial and furnace applications.

April 2001, RS# 321


Everest-Interscience -- your source for infrared thermometry. Visit our web site to learn about our full line of temperature sensors, infrared thermometers and calibration.

April 2001, RS# 337

Ogden Manufacturing

Ogden's web site takes you through a very extensive product line of process electric heaters and controls. Check us out today.

April 2001, RS# 323


Shop online for over 100,000 process measurement and control products! Online order and shipping status available. Order by part number. Search by part number. Save your shopping cart as an e-quote.

April 2001, RS# 324

Osram Sylvania

If you need to seal, melt, bond, cure, dry, cut or solder, visit our web site for the best solutions in process heat from Osram Sylvania.

April 2001, RS# 325


Award-winning web site provides interactive e-commerce with online ordering, technical reference materials. Site allows application-specific questions. ParaCale calculations program performs computation of inside film coefficients and pressure drops.

April 2001, RS# 326


Mueller offers complete system packages including heat transfer, refrigeration and storage for all your processing needs.

April 2001, RS# 327

Payne Engineering

Payne Engineering supplies the most complete line of all solid state power controls, 10 to 1,200 amps, zero-fire, phase angle, 1 and 3 phase, to 600 vac.

April 2001, RS# 328

Protection Controls

Manufactures the Protectofier combustion safeguard controls for continuous protection against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure in ovens, furnaces and other industrial heating equipment.

April 2001, RS# 329


Across the U.S. and around the world, Radco Industries is delivering high performance Xceltherm heat transfer fluids to cost-effectively meet heat transfer requirements.

April 2001, RS# 330

Sensing Devices Inc.

Manufacturer of quality platinum, wire-wound RTDs, industrial transfer standard thermometers and custom industrial platinum resistant thermometers. Calibration services available. Sensing Devices Inc.

April 2001, RS# 331


Tempco maintains an inventory of over 100,000 stock items and will custom engineer/manufacture to meet your requirements for electric heating elements and temperature sensors.

April 2001, RS# 333


ThermTech Inc. manufactures process heating and air pollution control equipment. These systems include thermal and catalytic oxidizers, wastewater evaporators and dryers.

April 2001, RS# 334


Tranter manufactures heat transfer equipment, including plate and frame, prime surface and all-welded plate heat exchangers, offering full service capabilities for regasketing and reconditioning.

April 2001, RS# 335

Solar Products

Find information on Solar Products in-frared heater and quartz product line, industry case studies, an infrared question/answer page, and a listing of in-frared books and articles.

April 2001, RS# 332