Multifunctional Valves Reduce Gas-Train Size, Weight

New to North America from Siemens Building Technologies Inc., the VGD40 Series of double gas valves meet all codes in all countries. Offered in pipe sizes from 1.5 to 6.5", the gas valves contain a double-seated design to provide extremely high flow rates. A 4" VGD40 incorporating the control functions of a strainer, regulator and two safety shut-off valves is less than 14" long.

Ports allow the mounting of high and low gas-pressure switches, vent valves and/or gas-valve leak-testing control all on one block. The double valve can be fitted with any existing SKP Series actuator so that one compact unit provides the functions of the main gas regulator, safety shut-off valve, air-gas ratio regulator and mixing tube. The modular design allows users to significantly reduce the number of gas-train components, save space, increase performance and lower costs. Siemens Building Technologies Inc. * (847) 215-1050 *