CMM Group LLC, DePere, WI, was recently established by Charles M. Martinson, a former Wolverine and Megtec Systems executive. The new company provides custom-designed pollution control systems and web dryers. Products include regenerative, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, and roll support, air flotation and vertical tower dryers.

With 15 years of hands-on experience in the sale, design, development and installation of pollution control systems and web dryers, Martinson will serve as company president. Until September 1999, he was president of Wolverine's Pollution Control and Industrial Dryer Division, DePere, WI. The division was acquired by Megtec Systems, DePere, WI, and Martinson assumed the position of director of business strategy and market development.

According to Martinson, CMM Group's staff is immediately available to provide equipment, installation services, engineering design and upgrade services, replacement catalyst, spare parts and emergency repair. "At CMM Group, we are in a good position to provide customers with custom equipment designs, competitive pricing, timely responses, personalized customer service and attention to detail."