Editor Linda Becker suggests you think of this issue as your process heating punchlist.

Need some new process heating equipment? Want to maintain what you have already? Our annual 10 Tips issue provides information on how to select, maintain and troubleshoot all types of process heating equipment. Let's take a closer look at each.

In "10 Tips on Troubleshooting Dryers," columnist Darren Traub explains how to troubleshoot a dryer that has previously operated to specification and is no longer. Focused on methodology rather than system- or equipment-specific changes to make, this approach also can help you if your oven or furnace is out of whack.

In "10 Tips to Ensure Reliable Vacuum Condenser Performance," James Lines of Graham Corp., Batavia, N.Y., explains how to specify a vacuum condenser that maintains a satisfactory vacuum level. According to Lines, failing to take these 10 tips into account may result in improper vacuum levels, compromising product quality and production rate.

In "10 Tips for Selecting Thermal Fluid Heaters," Tom Franey of GTS Energy Inc., Marietta, Ga., outlines the features to look for when considering a hot oil heater. Thermal fluid heaters have fewer maintenance concerns than steam or hot water systems, but to take advantage of these benefits, you must select a system that delivers everything you need.

In "10 Tips on Valve-Proving Systems," Kevin Carlisle of Karl Dungs Inc., Lino Lakes, Minn., explains what a valve-proving system is and how it can be used. Should you add it to your gas control scheme? Carlisle's 10 Tips article will help you decide.

In "10 Tips on Choosing a Temperature Transmitter," Scott Saunders of Moore Industries-International Inc., Sepulveda, Calif., notes that advancing technology has made the use of temperature transmitters affordable even in cost-sensitive applications and outlines the factors to consider when selecting one for your process.

Finally, in "10 More Tips for Combustion System Care," Jim Roberts of Eclipse Combustion, Rockford, Ill., provides a followup to his article, "10 Tips on Combustion System Care," which appeared in August 2001. In this edition, he focuses on the thinking side of combustion maintenance. His common-sense ideas are intended to help you and your company alleviate the concerns about how to keep your combustion systems in peak operating condition.

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