Temperature sensors are vital for keeping heat processing equipment within process specifications. Process Heat-ing's Temperature Sensor Product Roundup offers thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, sensors and probes from a number of manufacturers. Information in this section represents manufacturers who responded to a special mailing and does not represent the entire temperature sensor manufacturing market.

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Probe Withstands Corrosive Environments

High-purity PTFE body allowsMastco's probe to be used for temperature measurement of corrosive and aggressive chemicals. Isostatically molded to a PFA-covered cable, the probe and cable have identical chemical resistance at temperatures from -328 to 536oF (-200 to 280oC). Platinum RTDs, thermistors, IC chips or thermocouples allow integration with a range of monitoring equipment.

April 2001,RS# 368

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

FromDurex Industries, sensor is constructed with thermocouple element compacted in high temperature magnesium oxide and protected by an integral metal sheath. Stainless steel and nickel alloys are available as sheath materials. Termination options are application-driven and range from standard male plugs to screw cover terminal housings. Standard calibration types are K, S, T, E, N, R, S and B.

April 2001, RS# 379

Thermocouple Assembly

Ultra heavy-duty thermocouple assembly fromArklay S. Richards Co.is available for severe service where durability, abrasion resistance and long life are critical. Device has protection tubes machined from solid bar with a thickness of 0.375". Protection tubes are available in lengths up to 60" in most alloys.

April 2001, RS# 350

RTDs Have Screw Cover Head Types

Tudor RTD assemblies are available fromAthena Controls Inc.with a choice of screw cover head types for a variety of process control applications. Capable of precise temperature measurement, RTD probes consist of a fine-diameter platinum circuit embedded in ceramic and encased in a stainless steel sheath. Available screw cover materials include cast aluminum, in either a general purpose or hazardous duty head. Thermoplastic, epoxy-coated and cast iron construction also are available.

April 2001, RS# 385

Glass Coating Provides Sensor Protection

Temperature sensors fromSensing Devices Inc.are available with glass coating for use in demanding environments. Coating is produced by applying multiple layers of a glass mixture to the external surface of an RTD's ceramic body. The glass also provides a moisture barrier for defense against off-gassing, contamination and abrasion.

April 2001, RS# 384

Dual-Mode Thermometer

DMT fromReotemp Instruments Corp.is a multipurpose temperature indicator offered in all bimetallic thermometer configurations. The device has two NIST-traceable sensing elements in one probe: a bimetallic coil and an RTD or thermocouple sensor. Either sensing element can be replaced in the field.

April 2001, RS# 378

Sealed Temperature Sensor

Advanced Thermal Productsoffers a probe to seal the sensing element from the outside environment. Features include a 10 kW thermistor with I0.2oC accuracy from 32 to 158oF (0 to 70o), industry standard connectors and cordsets. Sensing element is fully encapsulated and operating temperature is from 104 to 221oF (40 to 105oC).

April 2001, RS# 353

RTD Probe for Food Equipment

FromQuantem Corp., platinum resistance thermometer RTD probe has a wide temperature range, high resistance output and is UL recognized. The heart of the probe is a thin film platinum detector developed for fast response time and calibrated to DIN 43760. The element is protected by fiberglass insulation and mounted in a 304 stainless steel tube with 0.197" dia. A mounting bracket with slots is press fitted to the tube to facilitate installation, and a two-lead wire extension is supplied in 24 AWG insulated nickel wire. Wire termination is either plain or two-conductor recognized component receptacle.

April 2001, RS# 351

Flexible Sensor Installs Without Disassembly

Worm flexible sensor for thermowell temperature assemblies is designed to replace straight sensor probes. Design allows installation in minutes, and the device is available in RTD and thermocouple configurations. FromMoore Industries-International Inc., the device bends through the top or face of the enclosure, slides through the entry port and snaps into place. Installation eliminates the need to remove the enclosure, connection head or assembly components.

April 2001, RS# 355

Multi-Wavelength Noncontact Temperature Sensor

Pro 100 Series utilizes programming functions to provide aim and read capabilities for applications that are accurately measured by single- and dual-wavelength sensors. FromWilliamson Corp., the sensor's signal dilution factor allows it to tolerate small or wandering targets, misalignment, dirty lenses and partially filled fields-of-view. Features include visual or laser aiming alignment, and surface temperature and emissivity measurements.

April 2001, RS# 352


Super Omegaclad Type K Series quick-disconnect probes are available in standard and miniature sizes. The custom tip devices fromOmega Engineering Inc.have quick connect and integral handle styles with a maximum tip temperature of 2,220oF (1,205oC). Low thermal nickel-chrome based sheathing provides high temperature performance, good oxidation, carburization and chlorination resistance.

April 2001, RS# 374

Retractable-Melt Thermocouple

Device fromNoral Inc.allows depth of the immersion into the melt stream to be varied from zero to mid-stream during maximum flow and pressure conditions. Thermocouple allows plastic extruders and processors to solve problems inherent to the fixed immersion melt thermocouple.

April 2001, RS# 382

Custom Sensors

Weed Instrument Co. Inc.manufactures custom sensors to fit specific design and performance requirements. Off-the-shelf RTDs and thermocouples also are offered for process, power and OEM applications.

April 2001, RS# 365

Flanged Thermowell Assembly

Each thermocouple and RTD assembly fromNational Basic Sensoris built to required application specifications. Thermowells are available with flanged, NPT thread or weld-in socket process connections. Cold junction may be terminal or complete with a temperature transmitter.

April 2001, RS# 354

Mineral-Insulated Sensor Cable

For underground junctions, the high density compaction of a thermocouple's insulating material is critical for heat transfer from the metal sheath to the wire junction. Swaged compacted magnesium oxide is available fromWahlco Inc.Standard wire stocks include heavy-duty double fiberglass braid, laid over each conduction, then laid parallel and braided together in a jacket of the same material. Metal sheath diameters are available from 0.020 to 0.250" (0.508 to 6.35 mm) and may be formed or shaped to most contours. Standard sheath materials are stainless steel 304 and Inconel 600.

April 2001, RS# 359


Style R4 fromTempco Electric Heater Corp.is designed for mounting connection heads and thermowells. Fiberglass lead wire construction is suitable for applications up to 1,200oF (650oC) and Teflon lead wire construction is suitable up to temperatures of 392oF (200oC). Stainless steel fittings with 0.25 and 0.50" NPT thread are standard.

April 2001, RS# 363

Thermocouple Signal Conditioner Amplifier

Ruggedized Model NCA150 offers isolated input/output/power, low noise, low power consumption, short circuit protection and high accuracy over an ambient temperature range of -40 to 185oF (-40 to 85oC). The unit fromHades Manufacturing Corp.accepts user determined low level input span from thermocouples and strain gauges. It provides outputs of either 0 to 1, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 VDC. Internal solid-state thermocouple reference junction is accurate to 33oF (0.25oC). Unit energizing voltage is 28 VDC.

April 2001, RS# 356