We provide an overview of two useful Web sites.

Heraeus Noblelight Inc., www.noblelight.net

An easy-on-the-eyes home page without the distractions of flashing neon-colored graphics marks www.noblelight.net as something of a novelty. But, you'll find more than enough visual appeal to keep you clicking through the site's well-marked pages. There are plenty of photos, each one carefully placed to illustrate the text it enhances.

You'll get a great education on infrared technology on this site that's been updated recently by Heraeus Noblelight Inc., the Duluth, Ga., company specializing in tailor-made light sources for industrial and scientific use. Separate sections are devoted to infrared, ultraviolet and laser technologies.

The site isn't overloaded with headings that lead you into a dead end, and the headings that do exist faithfully remain across the top of every page. At any time, you can painlessly jump from infrared to ultraviolet to laser without going back to the home page.

The best part is the terrific site map. On every page in the upper right corner under the Heraeus name, you'll find "Site Map." Click there and you pop into the site's family tree. Like a genealogy chart, the branches lead you from main areas to subsections. Case studies are listed, as are various applications. Not only can you quickly find an application in, for example, the plastics industry, you can hear it. You can view the infrared application for plastics welding with a 49-sec video plus sound on your computer. Heraeus also gives you the option of examining still photos.

The site lists downloadable product literature, application information and case histories with the number of pages and file size of each item. An interactive form allowing visitors to request specific information online will be available soon. Meanwhile, you can contact Hereaus directly at earneson@heraeusnoblelight.com.

Site Highlights
Case studies
Downloadable literature
Product photos
Product applications
Site map

Sterling Inc., www.sterlco.com

Just as the Nike "swoosh" is recognizable to consumers, the oval logo for Sterling companies is familiar to the users of industrial temperature control equipment. Milwaukee-based Sterling Inc. reinforces that familiarity by using the black oval as a navigation tool on its Web site, www.sterlco.com. A quick click on any one of the logo variations brings you to the specific products made by that Sterling division.

While not nearly as old as the 85-year-old company, the site gives visitors an easy way to check out the products available today, including the steam control units on which the company was founded. Chillers, cooling towers, automation controls and more carry ever-increasing details as you go deeper into subpages.

For example, a click on the Sterlco oval brings you to a description of that division and options for different products. Point and click on chillers, for instance, and more options appear: 5 to 15 ton, 1¿to 3 ton, 20 to 40 ton, and onward. A click on the tonnage you need brings up a photo of the unit and more specs and features, from control range in degrees to the type of evaporator used.

When a site offers this much detail for its products, visitors often have enough information to request a quote, and the Sterling site is ready for that. In the right-hand column, simply click on "Request Quote" and fill out the form that pops up, allowing you to enter your own spec requirements. Or, if all you want at the moment is literature, click on "Request Info." It even gives you an option of whether you want a sales rep to contact you.

Site Highlights
Online request for quote
Interactive literature request
Product specs
Product photos
Sales rep locator