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Advanced Dryer Technology

Providing more than 100 years of drying technology, the company manufactures dryers for drying any type of bulk granular material at a low total cost. Choose from direct heat, indirect heat, impact or steam-tube dryers to meet your needs. Local technical and parts support, and material process testing are offered.
Circle 415
Metso Minerals
(717) 843-8671

Ovens for Many Applications

Used for applications such as metal finishing, preheating, solder reflow, curing, drying, sterilizing and shrink-fitting, ovens are available in batch and continuous designs. Batch configurations include cabinet, walk-in, car bottom, top load, elevator, drop bottom and laboratory. Continuous ovens can be arranged as belt conveyor, monorail, overhead trolley, indexing, pusher, Ferris wheel, carousel or spindle. Both convection and infrared heating can be employed.
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Wisconsin Oven
(262) 642-3938

Impingement Technology

Convection air-impingement system can be used to dry or heat products that are produced in a configuration that impedes airflow through the product. This technology utilizes columns of high velocity hot air directed at the product surface via nozzles mounted above and below the product. The nozzles create streams of air that impinge on the product's surface, disrupting the boundary layer of water.
Circle 228
Aeroglide Corp.
(919) 851-2000

Conveyor Oven

Custom conveyor oven/cooling system is designed for use in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The oven-over-oven system incorporates four zones: flash-off, product preheat, product cure and product cooling. The oven system has a maximum temperature of 450oF (232oC), vertical down airflow and remote, floor-standing control panel.
Circle 229
Gruenberg Oven Co.
(570) 326-1770

Halogen Oven

QuikLite is a low-cost electric halogen oven kit that creates fast drying cycles by combining the penetrating capabilities of short-wave infrared with the added benefits of recirculating air. The smaller oven requirements and no wasted energy result in money savings.
Circle 405
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
(800) 661-8529

Stackable Burn-In Chambers

RBCI-50 offers flexibility for small-lot qualification testing, burn-in, reliability testing and research and development in the semiconductor industry and other production environments. The burn-in chamber has an automatically modulated damper for energy efficiency and an open rear wall for quick and easy fixturing. Available in temperatures up to 302oF (150oC), the chambers are suitable for high dissipation applications.
Circle 207
Despatch Industries
(612) 781-5363

Electric Infrared Curing System

Infrared system provides process flexibility through modular design, small footprint, low contamination, precise control and zoning capabilities. Utilizing long-life T3 short-wave emitters, the oven reaches operating temperatures instantly, allowing shutdown between parts or during line stoppages. Electric infrared system is suitable for curing finishes on parts.
Circle 230
ITW BGK Finishing Systems
(763) 784-0466

Oven for Catalytic Converters

The company developed an oven design that is used in the multiple stages for the process of a catalytic converter, including substrate, chemical formation and container. The hearth of the catalytic converter is a ceramic substrate that is impregnated with materials to capture the depleting-ozone-layer hydrocarbons. After the application of these materials to the substrate, they get dried. Nozzles drive hot air through the substrate to dry them. This particular process operates at a production rate of 180 per hour with an operating temperature of 350oF (177oC).
Circle 209
(8880) 441-2493

Batch Ovens

Computer-assisted engineering allows a range of size configurations with 144 to 2,800 ft3capacities. Gas-fired and electrically heated models provide temperatures from 450 to 840oF (232 to 454oC). Features include uniform temperatures, digital controls, adjustable air ducts and horizontal-vertical fan-forced air. They are offered with top- or rear-mounted heat chambers; plate or insulated floors; cart tracks; overhead conveyor headers; full horizontal air; and shelf, hanging or flatbed carts.
Circle 221
Precision Quincy Corp.
(800) 338-0079

Drying System for Liquid, Paste and Cake

Swirl Fluidizer unit can handle liquid, paste or cake feed stocks. The result is a free-flowing fine powder of uniform particle size with no need for postmilling. Its compact design requires minimal space, and the closed cycle/nitrogen systems prevent product oxidation. The enclosed operation eliminates emissions.
Circle 201
Barr-Rosin Inc.
(450) 437-5252

Infrared/Air Oven for Battery Processing

Designed to manufacture electrodes for nickel-zinc batteries, the conveyorized system dries and cures the calendared anode and cathode sheets in lightweight batteries used for portable electronic goods. RES Class A oven uses an efficient infrared and air combination, drying the wet cathode with infrared heat while introducing air to scrub the evaporating solvents off. The system includes an LFL monitor/alarm that maintains safety standards and optimal LFL operating levels throughout the drying process.
Circle 407
Radiant Energy Systems
(973) 423-5220


Series 70N provides in combination the functions of blending, mixing, heating and cooling any pumpable food product in one processor. The unit is made of polished stainless steel and is fully insulated. The smooth, 30oinner cone bottom is spot welded to an ASME-certified dimpled pressure wall bottom that ischanneled to permit heating or cooling media to pass between the two along definite lines.
Circle 204
Chester-Jensen Co.
(610) 876-6276

Build-to-Suit Oven Panels

The company's standard tongue-and-groove panels are made of 20 gauge, aluminized steel inside and out and are held together by perforated 2-gauge aluminized steel spacer channels on all sides. Panels are available 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8" thick. Standard panel width is 27", insulated with 4-lb density, resilient mineral wool blankets.
Circle 205
Spray Booths Inc.
(972) 272-3838

Flash Dryer

Milling flash dryer uses jet milling principles with no moving parts to dry and deagglomerate wet powders and filter cakes to a discrete and dry product. Product is significantly finer than can be obtained in traditional flash dryers and often does not require further milling before packaging.
Circle 206
Crown Iron Works Co.
(651) 639-8900

Thermoforming Oven

Designed to thermoform rubber and vinyl sheets used in headliners, floor liners, trunk and wheel liners, this oven picks up the material, places it on the transfer system, heats it to a specific temperature and transfers the material to the mold via a conveyor or shuttle. Ovens can use electric infrared, gas convection and conduction heat depending on the size and thickness of the material to be processed.
Circle 415
Fostoria Industries Inc.
(419) 435-9205

Batch Oven Provides Precise Control

Electrically heated, the oven has uniform heating capabilities up to 750oF (399oC), precise temperature control and any airflow pattern. All-welded carbon steel construction ensures reliability. Steam heated and gas-fired models also are available.
Circle 202
Benko Products Inc.
(440) 934-2180

Oven Removes Paint from Hooks

These ovens remove paint overspray from empty paint hooks on each pass of the continuous conveyor without removal from the conveyor.
Circle 211
Hamilton Thermal Specialties Ltd.
(905) 664-2396

Cabinet Oven for Clean Rooms

No. 880 is a 500oF (260oC) electric Class 100 clean-room cabinet. The 30 kW installed Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements heat the workspace while a 1,200 cfm, 2 hp recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow across the workload. The oven also has two 30 x 24 x 6" stainless steel high-temperature HEPA filters.
Circle 210
Grieve Corp.
(847) 546-8225

Air-Flotation Dryers

Offering contract-free drying, drying systems operate at a range of temperatures and air velocities for maximum flexibility to match the requirements of your process. They are suitable for handling difficult materials such as paperboard and lightweight film products.
Circle 212
International Thermal Systems LLC
(920) 491-4000

Convection Reflow System

Designed for general purpose surface-mount technology soldering applications, Electrovert Bravo 8105 is an eight-zone convection reflow system with a Windows NT-based operator interface. Capabilities include an elevated temperature operation of up to 662oF (350oC), reinforced conveyor system and process volatile active-cleaning for effective flux removal.
Circle 208
Cookson Electronics Equipment Group
(508) 541-4895

Gas Infrared Drying

Designed for the pulp and paper industry, Air system offers a combination of infrared and air-flotation drying that produces no detectable levels of NOX or CO. The dryers offer increased drying rates in a compact space.
Circle 217
Marsden Inc.
(856) 663-2227

Conveyorized Batch Oven

Designed for drying processes up to 900oF (482oC), three-chamber batch oven has chain conveyors for loading and unloading heavy racks. An air-operated vertical lift door is provided for each chamber. System operation includes a cooldown cycle with ambient air to cool the parts in the chamber prior to unloading.
Circle 213
Infratrol Manufacturing Corp.
(414) 475-7140

Gas or Electric Infrared Oven

PED Contraflow offers shorter cure times, minimal floor space requirements, lower capital expenditure, increased energy efficiency and decreased energy costs. It is available with either electric or catalytic gas emitters, allowing the user to select the curing performance required by the process and the most economical fuel source. Adjustable oven widths and a range of control options also are available.
Circle 223
PED Technologies
(859) 647-0980

Vibrating Fluid-Bed Cools, Dries

Beds are used to dry or cool bulk solid materials. As material is conveyed by vibration over a permeated deck, air is forced through the product to perform the heat transfer function. Adjustable conveying speeds vary the retention time for optimum flexibility.
Circle 215
Kinergy Corp.
(502) 366-5685

Gas Oven

Designed for preheating and annealing of plastic sheets, gas-heated oven has an operating temperature range is 120 to 500oF (49 to 260oC). Its airflow pattern is cross-flow recirculation with the supply plenum in the front and the return plenum at the rear.
Circle 219
Mayberry's Custom Metal Fabrication Inc.
(928) 341-9965

Electric Infrared Ovens

ProTherm line is designed to match process heating requirements. Powder coating ovens, flat conveyor ovens, plastics annealing ovens and ovens designed for web applications are among the types offered. Oven designs include electric infrared heaters, conveyors, insulated housings and complete prewired control systems.
Circle 222
Process Thermal Dynamics Inc.
(320) 834-3370

Centrifugal Dryer

The company stocks a large parts inventory for dryers for a range of industries, including food, chemical/petrochemical, mining, milling, pollution control, sludge drying and others. Preowned dryers also are available.
Circle 214
International Reserve Equipment Corp.
(630) 325-7040

Energy-Recovery Systems

Heat sources (direct, indirect or semi-indirect), heater boxes or plenums can be tailored to suit user's process heating needs. Heat recovery through the use of air-to-air heat exchangers or air-to-thermal-fluid systems can be added to equipment to capture heat and return it to the process. Steam or hot/chilled water can be supplied through the addition of waste-heat boilers or absorption chillers. In areas where building heat is required, water/glycol systems can be installed to capture heat from the process and use it to preheat building makeup air.
Circle 218
Megtec Systems
(800) 862-6943

Microwave Generators

TM75P and TM100P are 915 MHz microwave power generators with a four-door design. Features include on-screen diagnostics, alarm messaging and help screens; recording and storing all operating parameters for up to 32 recipes; on-screen calibration; microwave power optimization; automatic compensation for line voltage fluctuations; and exact microwave power output readings.
Circle 225
Thermex-Thermatron Inc.
(502) 266-5454

Continuous Lab Dryers

Continuous dryer is offered in infrared, can or forced air models. Labdryer LTE is a benchtop unit for maximum sample size of 13 x 17". Controllable features include temperature up to 500oF (260oC), top and bottom airflow and air velocity. An option is an infrared pyrometer.
Circle 227
Werner Mathis USA Inc.
(704) 786-6157

Custom Oven Systems

Designed to satisfy process requirements, standard oven systems utilize 4" insulated panels, but custom thicknesses and densities can be incorporated if necessary. Panel seams are insulated during the erection of the oven, and all structural steel is coated to withstand high temperatures and avoid rusting.
Circle 447
RayPaul Industries Inc.
(888) 729-7285

Custom Curing Oven

Designed for paint curing, oven is offered in high efficiency convection, infrared or combination configurations using electric, oil, steam or gas heat sources. Custom monorail, power-and-free, square transfer and batch designs are offered with aluminized steel interiors and exteriors as well as semirigid, nonsettling mineral wool insulation.
Circle 226
Therma-Tron-X Inc.
(920) 743-6568

Tube Dryer

Rotary steam tube dryers are supplied with optional purge seals to contain product up to 1.0 psig internal pressure.
Circle 408
Davenport Machine
(563) 322-6201

Dryer or Cooler for Coated Webs

ModuleDryer combines high evaporation rates with good web handling to allow for simultaneous turning and drying or cooling of the coated web. The forced convection dryer's nozzle system allows the coated web to be turned through a given angle in a stable manner without any loss of heat transfer.
Circle 224
Spooner Industries Inc.
(920) 336-2010

Gravity and Forced Convection Ovens

Oven features include a window in the door, stainless steel interior and programmable controller. Gravity and forced convection styles are available.
Circle 216
LR Technologies
(800) 574-2748

Ovens Cure Powder Coatings

Powder coat ovens are produced in modular sections, so the customer can start small and add on as their capacity increases.
Circle 220
National Equipment
(620) 252-1917

Triple-Pass Dryer

Providing less than 1,500 BTU/lb water evaporated, triple-pass dryer offers a gradually decreasing airflow that gently and consistently dries the product. Drum inlet temperature matches proper dryer size to meet pollution regulations.
Circle 418
(920) 261-0703

Four-Pass Convection Dryer

QuadPass classifies and dries particles simultaneously, ensuring that all material exits the dryer at the desired moisture-content level. Faster-drying particles convey more quickly through passes two, three and four. Heavier, wetter particles convey more slowly. The four-pass convection rotary drum dryer allows materials to be processed at increased drying efficiencies with fewer emissions and without product degradation.
Circle 421
Productization Inc.
(620) 331-0025


Dryers provide maximum efficiency and offer full climate control for uniform product moisture. Users get higher yields because each dryer is designed for the specific process. Sanitary designs are efficient and easy-to-maintain, reducing operating costs.
Circle 422
Food Engineering Corp. (FEC)
(763) 559-5200

Burn-Off Oven

Used to remove paint overspray from fixtures, hooks and racks, burn-off oven utilizes proprietary Automatic Process Control (APC) system to provide the quickest cleaning cycle time while protecting the product, operator and workplace. APC system automatically adjusts the required cycle time to the weight of the load and amount of combustible material on the parts. Digital temperature controllers are programmed to respond to the rate of temperature change in both the oven and the afterburner.
Circle 423
Steelman Industries
(903) 984-3061

Heating Cabinet

Cabinet is designed to heat one, two, three or four 350-gal IBC tanks. Constructed of painted carbon steel or stainless steel, the unit can be heated with steam, electricity or thermal fluid heat. A range of process and control options is available to service your heating needs properly.
Circle 406
(419) 625-4014

Dryers and Ovens

Line of custom-designed dryers and ovens includes arched or flat-roll support dryers, vertical tower dryers and high velocity jet-tube impingement ovens. De-signed for use in a range of applications, the units provide peak operating efficiency, consistent production rates and good product quality.
Circle 203
(920) 336-9800