Chillers and temperature control units maintain stable control at elevated temperatures.

Family of Chillers

Merlin Series of chillers ranges in cooling capacities from 810 to 5,045 W. Units offer easy-view fluid reservoir, reservoir drain for clean fluid changes and integrated fluid-pressure reducer/flow controller. User-interface options include high and low temperature safeties, audible alarm, computer control and stability to +/-0.18oF (+/-0.1oC).
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Thermo Neslab
(603) 436-9444

Portable Cooling System

With a user-friendly design, DeltaTherm is offered in direct-injection or closed-circuit models with single- or dual-zone construction. It uses PID temperature controllers to provide precise, flexible temperature control. Horizontally mounted pumps extend seal life.
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Delta T Systems Inc.
(262) 628-0331

High Temperature Control Unit

Designed for processes requiring 0 to 550oF (-17 to 288oC), Royal Series is available with 12 to 24 kW heaters and 1 and 2 hp positive-displacement pumps that are capable of reverse to evacuate the process. The system includes M2B fuzzy-logic control; displays setpoint and process temperatures simultaneously; and has half- and full-heat capabilities.
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Sterling Inc.
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Compact Chiller

Series 5000 chiller employs the company's Cool Command refrigeration technology that smoothes the transition from heating to cooling mode and provides cooling effects within the unit's entire operating range. Additional features include a pressure regulator, reusable fluid filter and reusable air filter. A reservoir drain simplifies fluid removal.
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Circulating Water Bath

Designed for critical applications that demand close temperature control, circulating water bath has advanced microprocessor controls, industrial-strength pump and 304 stainless steel interior construction. A dual independent overtemperature safety system with adjustable temperature control is standard.
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Blue M
(800) 252-7100

Recirculating Chiller

Model RC030 recirculating chiller provides cooling capacity of 3,000 W. Standard unit comes with a brass 4.3 gal/min positive-displacement pump and offers a compact footprint. The chiller provides tight temperature control, maintaining temperature stability of +/-0.18oF (+/-0.1oC). Its ozone-friendly refrigeration system with hot-gas bypass extends compressor life.
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Lytron Inc.
(781) 933-7300

Water-Circulating Temperature Control Unit

The redesigned version of the Sentra SI has a new cooling valve, microprocessor controller with enhanced electronic circuitry and programming, and new cabinetry design. The water-circulating temperature controller is available with heaters from 6 to 36 kW and pumps from 0.5 to 7.5 hp. It is suitable for applications that require temperature control from 30 to 250oF (-1 to 121oC).
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Advantage Engineering Inc.
(317) 887-0729

Water-Temperature Control System

Hydrotherm water-temperature control system is a compact, portable system constructed of all nonferrous plumbing and heating components as well as a stainless steel pump. It is available in 9 kW heating capacities and 25 gal/min pumping capacities for operation up to 250oF (121oC).
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Mokon Div., Protective Closures Co. Inc.
(716) 876-9951

Heating/Cooling Unit

MPCA/TC combines refrigeration and heating in a single unit and maintains water temperatures from 40 to 230oF (4 to 110oC) with +/-1oF accuracy. The portable, stand-alone unit can be custom designed to meet process requirements.
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Cooling Technology
(704) 596-4109

Recirculating Chiller

RS Series is suitable for laboratory heating and cooling. The recirculating chiller is mechanically refrigerated for subambient operating, providing temperatures from -40 to 167oF (-40 to 75oC). With its small footprint, the unit is suited for use with condensers, extractors, rotary evaporators, diffusion pumps and analytical instrumentation.
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Kinetics Thermal Systems
(800) 824-0400

Thermoelectric Chiller

Thermocube is suitable for use controlling the temperature of a laser or other small equipment. The 1 ft3thermoelectric chiller cools, heats or cycles between 23 and 122oF (-5 and 50oC), providing up to 400 W (when air-cooled) or 600 W (when liquid-cooled) cooling capacity at ambient temperatures.
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Solid-State Cooling Systems
(845) 635-5500

Portable Air-Conditioner

Designed to keep electronics operating by providing air-conditioning down to 65oF (18oC), Office Pro 60 provides 60,000 BTU/hr of cooling and operates on 230 V. It incorporates a programmable digital controller for automatic operation and a two-speed fan for airflow control.
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MovinCool, Denso Sales California Inc.
(800) 264-9573

Water-Circulating Temperature Controller

Veteran Series temperature controller has microprocessor instrumentation and controls temperature from 30 to 250oF (-1 to 121oC). Unit can include pumps from 0.5 to 3 hp and heaters from 6 to 16 kW. Twin-cylinder design provides a range of temperature control. Cooling is provided via an integral cooling valve mounted to the cooling cylinder, and heating is provided by a flange-mounted heater.
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Temptek Inc.
(317) 887-6352

Mold Temperature Controller

Designed for applications requiring full-feature temperature control in a compact unit, MTC portable hot water system offers 30 psi discharge pressure, which can be upgraded to 50 psi. The unit eliminates pump failures by using industrial-duty pumps with EPDM nickel-resistant mechanical seals rated at 300oF (149oC).
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Budzar Industries
(440) 918-0505

Rack-Mount Chiller

Designed to replace tap water usage in water-cooled equipment, RK-19 provides 2,500 BTU/hr of cooling in a CFC-free refrigeration system. Equipped with a hot-gas bypass to maintain stability to +/-0.1oC over the temperature control range of 41 to 86oF (5 to 30oC), the air-cooled model also has a microprocessor controller.
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Tek-Temp Instruments Inc.
(215) 788-5528

Temperature Control System

TCM-350 for controlling process temperature is offered in standard designs using glycol and hot water with a temperature range of -20 to 35oF (-29 to 2oC). Heating capacities range to 1,200 kW and cooling capacities range to 100 tons. The design eliminates cross contamination among utilities while minimizing the possibility of corrosion in a process vessel jacket, reducing fouling.
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Pfaudler Reactor Systems
(585) 235-1000

Chiller/Temperature Controller

Designed for use with all electric machines, Opti-Temp is a combination mold temperature controller and water chiller. The unit's refrigeration circuit allows operation from 40 to 190oF (4 to 88oC) and from zero to full load. A digital temperature controller allows the desired temperature to be set. The self-contained unit does not require an outside source of cooling water.
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Opti-Temp Inc.
(231) 946-2931