Wenger Manufacturing provided a dehydrator to Cascade Fruit Drying Co., which solved its space requirement problems.

Cascade dries different sizes of fruits in a single dryer from Wenger.
Due to space and capacity limitations, it was necessary for Cascade Fruit Drying Co., The Dalles, OR, to dry its fruit products in a single dryer. However, variations in product sizes, moisture levels and drying parameter needs created difficult-to-meet dehydrating requirements.

Wenger Mfg., Sabetha, KS, was able to provide a solution with its Series VII dryer. The dryer has a dual plenum design for uniform product drying and enhanced flexibility through increased airflow control within the dryer. External and interior doors around the periphery are another advantage of the dual plenum design. To ensure long cycle times, a number of sanitation features were incorporated into the dryer. Wenger's Dryer Div. also provided installation, startup supervision and question-and-answer training before the dryer was operated on the production line.

The dryer has satisfied Cascade Fruit Dehydrating Co.'s process and quality control requirements since beginning operation in spring 1999.