Software that rates, simulates and designs the entire line of SGL graphite block exchangers has been developed by Heat Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI), College Station, TX, under contract to SGL Acotec Inc., Strongsville, OH. The exchangers are used in corrosive environments where normal exchanger materials would not survive. The software, named BLK, will become the standard tool for sizing graphite block exchangers within SGL Acotec.

BLK consists of a Windows graphical interface and calculation engine based on HTRI's proprietary tube-side heat transfer and pressure-drop correlations. The main input window of the software allows a user to select the type of model desired. The program automatically loads all exchanger geometry.

The program operates in rating, simulation and design modes. In the design mode, it automatically rates a user-specified grid of models, passes and block numbers, and then selects the optimum design. Spreadsheet-style output reports summarize exchanger properties and performance.

The BLK program is currently in final testing at SGL Acotec and, once accepted, will be distributed throughout the company as the standard method of sizing the company's line of graphite block exchangers.