Baltimore-based Novatec has re-entered the industrial dryer market with the introduction of custom-designed, high pressure and low pressure systems. Industrial uses of these types of dryers include removal of water, moisture and volatiles from air, liquids and industrial gases.

During the years, Novatec has built low pressure industrial dryers and now is adding custom high pressure systems, which the company anticipates to serve the chemical/petrochemical and food processing industries, among others.

NEMA Revises Electrical Standards

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, Va., released two revised standards: ANSI C37.46-2000, "For High Voltage Expulsion and Current-Limiting Type Power Class Fuses and Fuse Disconnecting Switches" and ANSI C37.47-2000, "For High-Voltage Current-Limiting Type Distribution Class Fuses and Fuse Disconnecting Switches." It is the first time both documents have undergone significant revisions in 20 years.

The NEMA High Voltage Fuse Technical Committee, in consultation with industry experts on high voltage fuses, prepared these standards to bring them up to date and in line with present day requirements for high-voltage current-limiting type power and distribution class fuses and fuse disconnecting switches.

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