Scheduled to be held on October 23-25 at the Javits Convention Center in New York, the 2001 Chem Show will offer 26 education sessions and have exhibits from more than 900 manufacturers.

The 2001 Chem Show will offer three days of new technologies and business solutions from some of the industry's experts. Scheduled to be held on October 23-25 at the Javits Convention Center in New York, the 2001 Chem Show will offer a total of 26 sessions with more than 100 industry speakers discussing topics such as energy-efficient ways to lower production costs, new process techniques to improve quality, better control management and safety, and environmental issues and regulations.

Attendees will be able to zero in on four key areas of process operations: process design and application; plant engineering and management; instrumentation, control and data; and environmental and energy issues. Some of the highlighted sessions include:

Organic Heat Transfer Fluid Systems: Design and Application
Topics discussed during this session will include heat transfer fluid equipment (heaters, pumps, valves, heat exchangers); design of heat transfer fluid systems; testing and evaluation of in-service thermal fluids; heating alternatives for elevated temperature chemical processing; and operation of heat transfer fluid systems.

Advancements in Heat Exchanger Technologies and Applications
A forum to expose the users of heat exchangers to the latest developments in the field of heat transfer, this session is scheduled to present advances in heat exchanger design and performance. The information presented primarily will focus on the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Understanding Industrial Hazards in Flammable Processes
The processing and handling of chemical products involves many potential dangers, including explosions and flash fires, as well as human injuries such as poisoning. Attendees of this session will be presented with a detailed discussion of the common hazards encountered and the most up-to-date solutions practiced.

Managing Corrosion with Fluoropolymers
This technical session will address the use of flouropolymers as protective coatings and linings as well as extruded and molded process components. Fabrication methods will be reviewed and case histories will demonstrate benefits of flouropolymers.

More than 900 exhibitors will be present to show off their latest products, services and emerging technologies. Three product pavilions -- the maintenance showcase, process control and automation center, and the powder processing showcase -- will serve as "a show within a show."

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