Process Heatingoffers you some tools that can make your job easier and allow you to get more done.

Out my yard is about a third of an acre, with a steep slope in the back. I love the space -- except when I have to cut the lawn with my push mower. I've thought about buying a riding mower (heck, most of my neighbors have one) but I kept thinking, that's the easy way out, the exercise is good for you, pioneers had it a lot rougher. I just couldn't justify it. Then, the lawn gods smiled on me, and my family gave me a brand new lawn tractor. Now, as I ride it up and down that slope each week, I still think, the pioneers had it tougher, but then I think, and that's why I'm not a pioneer. If there's a tool that can make the job easier and allow me to get more done, why shouldn't I use it? PaIngalls used a horse and plow rather than turning the soil by hand for the same reason.

In this month's issue, we have some tools to help you get more done, too. The first is our e-mail newsletter, available by simply subscribing This weekly-mail newsletter is designed to give you industry news you can use -- new testing labs, interesting new products, training information -- and links to solid feature articles on the complete breadth of process heating equipment, components and supplies. The newsletter distribution list is controlled by yours truly, and you have my personal assurance that we won't sell your email to a spammer or send you spam. It's simply another tool that will deliver tips and technical articles directly to your mailbox, saving you search time.

Another way to save search time is our Equipment Overview on Convection and Conduction Heaters. Available on this web site with interactive searching capabilities, this bullet chart allows you to tailor your search for heater and heating system suppliers to those configurations and processes that apply to your application.

Speaking of heaters, I received an interesting document from Craig Tiras at Integrated Flow Solutions, Houston, proposing an industry standard for skid-mounted, prewired heating assemblies. Craig notes, "The specification defines industrial grade electric process heaters and describes the technical requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, cleaning, painting, packaging and delivering of industrial grade electric process heaters." It's a working document, and Integrated Flow Solutions is seeking comment on the standard, both its content and the concept of developing an ASME- (or other organization) recognized standard for skid-mounted heating systems. If you'd like a copy of the proposed standard, visit or call Craig at (713) 956-9473.

If heater manufacturers rally around the idea of a heater standard --whether it's this standard or another-- you could have a tool that would make buying a skid-mounted system easier. Like me with my tractor, you could get the job done without it. But if the tool exists (and, in my case, if it's parked in my garage), it would be silly to not use it.

Linda Becker
Editor and Associate Publisher