Corporate Profile: Dupps

Dupps Co. designs, manufactures, installs and services process equipment and systems to convert animal and plant materials into finished products. Many processes require the separation of a liquid (oil, water, fat, solvent, etc.) from some type of solid. This is where we can help you: By creating turnkey solutions built around new technology or new uses for established technology.

Our Philosophy
After careful consideration, the management of the Dupps Co/ has confirmed and ratified the following statement of beliefs. These beliefs form the principles by which the Company is to be managed and to which all owners, managers, employees, and customers can look for guidance in the conduct of our business.

  • We believe profit is both an economic necessity and a reward for a well-managed company; therefore, we will manage the Dupps Company to assure long term profitability sufficient to perpetuate the company.

  • We believe the standards of acceptable performance in all areas of company operations are constantly increasing; therefore, we will manage The Dupps Company for continuous total quality improvement in every area.

  • We believe maintaining an efficient manufacturing base is essential to The Dupps Company and the economy; therefore, we will continue to be manufacturers of products for which we have a competitive advantage due to specialized knowledge, skills, or processes.

  • We believe our customers require efficient, effective solutions to their changing needs; therefore, we will continue to develop products and provide safety enhancements and service improvements to meet those needs.

  • We believe value, the balance of price with quality, is the right measure for goods and services; therefore, our goal is to provide the best value available in the market.

  • We believe employees who contribute to the success of the company should be rewarded with job security, career enhancement, and financial incentives; therefore, we will select, train, and reward employees who demonstrate the desire and ability to meet customer and company needs.

  • We believe vendors are an essential factor in our ability to meet our customers' needs; therefore, we will seek long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with vendors who consistently provide us with on-time delivery of dependable quality products and services at competitive prices.

  • We believe our reputation as a good company to do business with is a valuable asset; therefore, we expect all contacts, commitments, and conduct by owners, managers, and employees on behalf of the company to maintain and enhance our reputation.