Corporate Profile: Sasol / Marlotherm Heat Transfer Fluids

Sasol North America Inc., a part of the global Sasol family of companies, markets Marlotherm Heat Transfer Fluids in North America. For almost 40 years, Marlotherm products have provided reliable performance in a wide variety of applications requiring indirect, safe heat transfer from -80oC to 360oC.

The breadth of the Marlotherm line allows the customer to make a tailored choice of a heat transfer fluid that will meet specific process needs. Sasol continues to assess the product line and production capabilities to ensure that the latest technology and high performance products are available to the customer.

A new facility came on line in 1995 to manufacture Marlotherm SH and Marlotherm LH fluids for high temperature applications to 360oC. In 1998, a new version of Marlotherm X for low temperature applications to -80oC was introduced with improved regulatory and environmental profiles. U.S. production of Marlotherm N was established during 1999 within Sasol North America Inc. Marlotherm FP was added to the line in 2000; a non-toxic NSF registered fluid for use in food and pharmaceutical related indirect heat transfer applications.

Sasol consults on heat transfer system design, product selection, troubleshooting, analytical testing services, and environmental and regulatory information based on our extensive operating experience and know-how in heat transfer. Talk to us about process demands in many industries, such as:

  • Chemicals

  • Petroleum

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Plastics

  • Rubber

  • Metals

  • Textiles

  • Food

  • Oil & Gas

  • Heat recovery

The Marlotherm Technical Marketing and Service Group, headquartered in Marl, Germany, coordinates the international business and provides the technical support and information on the latest developments in heat transfer technology.

The Marlotherm line and Condea Group facilities were acquired in March 2001 from RWE-DEA, the petroleum and chemicals division of RWE AG. Sasol North America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasol Ltd., is a producer of commodity and specialty chemicals including linear alkylbenzene, fatty alcohols, alcohol ethoxylates, aluminas and solvents. These products are used to manufacture household detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, synthetic gems and consumer products.