Six U.S. distributors of Leister hot air tools have become "Authorized Leister" re-sellers.

Six U.S. distributors of Leister hot air tools have successfully completed the necessary training and certification to become "Authorized Leister" re-sellers. Assembly Supplies Co., San Diego; Hapco Inc., Kent, Ohio; Heely-Brown Co., Atlanta; Malcom Co., Andover, Mass.; Uneco Systems, Romeoville, Ill.; and Winkelman Sales in Buffalo, N.Y., are the only U.S.-based Leister dealerships to have earned this badge of service integrity and quality in the hot air tools technology arena. All are veteran distributors of Leister Process Technologies, Sarnenx, Switzerland.

"The Leister certification and training program sets a high standard for technical support, product service, preventive maintenance, repair and refurbishment," says Walter Zurm¿hle, Leister's worldwide sales manager. "These training and certification courses are very demanding, highly technical and expansive. Completing this certification is a significant step towards fully exploiting all the potential of the Leister product line."