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Stackable Burn-In Chambers

RBCI-50 offers flexibility for small-lot qualification testing, burn-in, reliability testing and research and development in the semiconductor industry and other production environments. The burn-in chamber has an automatically modulated damper for energy efficiency and an open rear wall for quick and easy fixturing. Available in temperatures up to 302oF (150oC), the chambers are suitable for high dissipation applications.
Despatch Industries
(612) 781-5363

Infrared Ovens

The company offers a range of infrared equipment in many sizes and configurations. Infrared technology allows faster heating than convection ovens, decreasing oven floor-space requirements by 75 percent to 90 percent. Heating can be provided by either gas catalytic or electric infrared, in long, medium or short wave, and they can be combined with convection as necessary. Testing is available at no charge.
Wisconsin Infrared Systems, a Wisconsin Oven Corp. Co.
(262) 642-4200

Catalytic Infrared Ovens

Paint drying infrared oven line includes dry-off, powder gel/ramp and cure ovens. Other models include continuous and batch convection cure ovens, combination systems, infrared retrofits and portable cure units. Long-wave catalytic infrared ovens reduce curing times of waterborne, powder and most other coatings.
Catalytic Industrial Systems
(800) 835-0557

Ovens for Many Applications

Gas-, electric- and steam-heated equipment can be used for applications such as metal finishing, preheating, solder reflow, composite curing, drying, aging, sterilizing and shrink-fitting. Ovens come in batch and continuous designs with maximum operating temperatures to 1,400oF (760oC). Batch configurations include cabinet, walk-in, car bottom,
top load, elevator, drop bottom and laboratory. Continuous ovens can be arranged as belt conveyor, monorail, indexing, pusher, Ferris wheel, carousel or spindle. Both convection and infrared heating can be employed.
Wisconsin Oven
(262) 642-3938

Gas-Fired Infrared Drying

The company's Embedded Combustion technology increases the conversion to radiation efficiency of the emitter and prevents the formation of NOX pollutants in its gas-fired, infrared drying systems. Systems reach full power in less than 5 sec and are cool to the touch in 1 sec. Providing systems to converting manufacturers, the company reviews machine process data and recommends systems to increase production and improve quality. Engineering and manufacturing services along with commissioning and after-startup services are offered.
Marsden Inc.
(856) 663-2227

Custom Conveyor Oven

Custom-designed conveyor works with a continuous production oven with heating and cooling sections. The conveyor provides three lanes of product in a racetrack pattern, which provides larger production volumes utilizing minimal floor space. The company has designed and manufactured thousands of ovens for integration into customer-unique processes.
(888) 611-6836

Conveyor Oven

No. 906, an electrically heated vertical conveyor oven, has a maximum operating temperature of 250oF (121oC) and overall workspace dimensions of 36 x 38 x 92". Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements house 20 kW and a 4,200 cfm, 3 hp reciprocating blower provides vertical upward airflow to the load. Eleven trays ride vertically on a chain drive, individually indexed to the load/unload position.
Grieve Corp.
(847) 546-8225

Rotary Calciners

Designed for high temperature processing, Bartlett-Snow brand rotary calciners provide maximum product uniformity, greater yields and reduced process time factors. Calciners are capable of calcining catalysts, activated carbon, metallic compounds and a range of other materials in oxidizing, inert or reducing atmospheres. Each unit is designed for controlled and uniform process conditions and has several options available.
Alstom Power Inc., Air Preheater Co.
(877) 661-5509

Energy Recovery System

Secondary and tertiary heat recovery systems are being used as a means of reducing operating costs. Heat recovery through the use of air-to-air heat exchangers or air-to-thermal fluid systems can be added to equipment to capture heat and return it to the process. Steam or hot/chilled water can be supplied through the addition of waste heat boilers or absorption chillers. In areas where building heat is required, water/glycol systems can be installed to capture heat from the process and use it to preheat building makeup air.
Megtec Systems
(800) 862-6943

Infrared/Convection Conveyor Oven

Designed for preheating, drying, soldering, stress relieving, annealing and more, this combination infrared/convection conveyor oven offers temperatures up to 1,000oF (538oC). The company designs and manufactures electric and gas catalytic infrared thermal processing systems for a range of industrial and laboratory applications to develop the best solution for your heat processing need.
Infrared Heating
Technologies Inc.
(865) 574-9784

Direct-Fired Rotary Drum Dryer

QuadPass's dual-zone, four-pass drying system has a reverse design that allows for increased air volumes for drying, lower dryer-inlet temperatures, more intimate air to product mixing, and lower furnish residence times. The dryer's design reduces the amount of particulate and VOC emissions generated during the heat drying process.
Dupps Co., Thermal Technology Div.
(937) 855-6555

Advanced Dryer Technology

With more than 100 years of drying technology experience, the company manufactures dryers for drying any type of bulk granular material at a low total cost. Choose from direct heat, indirect heat, impact or steam-tube dryers to meet your needs. Local technical and parts support and material process testing are offered.
Metso Minerals
(717) 843-8671

Infrared Curing Tower

High intensity infrared tower uses short-wave infrared heaters and a drive system to cure silicone tubing at adjustable rates. A driven
capstan wheel pulls the extrusion from the die up through the heaters. The intense (91.2 kW), focused, infrared heat ensures that the tubing reaches green strength quickly, which maintains the desired diameter and wall thickness of the extrusion. Process controls are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure on the tower. Product heating is controlled by a closed-loop feedback system using an optical pyrometer for noncontact
product temperature measurement
and SCR power controllers to regulate power to the heaters.
Glenro Inc.
(888) 922-0106

Custom Ovens

The company designs and manufactures a range of ovens to meet application specifications. Conveyor, batch/walk-in, laboratory and specialty ovens can be specified in temperatures up to 2,000oF (1,093oC). Airflows are offered in horizontal, vertical or a combination of the two in electric, gas or steam models. Standard on/off or fully programmable controls can be specified to suit customer requirements. Multiple heating and cooling zones are offered.
Davron Technologies Inc.
(888) 781-0836

Halogen Oven

QuikLite is a low-cost electric halogen oven kit that creates fast drying cycles by combining the penetrating capabilities of short-wave infrared with the added benefits of recirculating air. The smaller oven requirements and no wasted energy result in money savings.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
(800) 661-8529

Conveyor Oven

Heat-Pro Multi-Zone has independently controlled temperature zones available with vertical down, horizontal or dual airflow patterns. Standard units can be equipped with a range of conveyor options, including wire mesh, steel slat and gravity roller. Available from 350 to 800oF (177 to 427oC) in natural gas, electric, steam and thermal fluid heat, standard units are offered in many size combinations to meet the specific needs of the application.
Heat-Pro by Lewco Inc.
(419) 625-4014

Sanitary Dryer Design

The company's sanitary design for eliminating product collection areas in conveyor dryers and coolers is becoming the standard for the industry for operational hygiene. The design has come in part through Aeroglide's acquisition of Food Engineering Corp. (FEC), a company with a reputation for building sanitary dryers. The company's dryers, coolers, toasters and roasters are custom designed to meet processor product, operating and environmental conditions and requirements.
Aeroglide Corp.
(919) 851-2000

Custom Processing Ovens, Dryers

Line of custom-designed industrial dryers and ovens can be used in many applications, including paper and film coating, pressure-sensitive adhesives, coated fabrics and textiles, and other specialty products. Designed to maintain peak operating efficiency while providing consistent production rates and superior product quality, the product line includes arched or flat-roll support dryers, vertical tower dryers and high velocity jet-tube impingement ovens. Drying uniformity is achieved with proven air nozzles and/or impingement hardware.
(920) 336-9800

Batch Oven Provides Precise Control

Electrically heated, the oven has uniform heating capabilities up to 750oF (399oC), precise temperature control and any airflow pattern. All-welded carbon steel construction ensures reliability. Steam-heated and gas-fired models also are available.
Benko Products Inc.
(440) 934-2180

Burn-Off System

To save energy when using the company's burn-off oven to strip paint racks, hooks, fixtures and reject parts, Model OA-808 can be supplied with a radiant tube burn-off design. The radiant system brings up part temperature at an increased rate, which cuts the overall cycle time by up to 30 percent. The system can be used with dissimilar materials.
ACE Equipment Co.
(800) 255-1241

Aluminized Steel Ovens

Models come in angle-iron frames with a 4" insulated panel construction and 16-gauge aluminized steel duct. Its explosion-relief doors have FM-approved latches. Standard controls include a NEMA 12 control panel, 12-hr batch timer, FM gas train, Honeywell flame safety, main line disconnect, air-proving switches for critical fans and a limit switch on product doors for cycle timer.
Colmet Spray Booths
(888) 452-6684

Expandable Tray Dehydrator

McKenzie model provides 1,152 to 2,304 ft2of drying surface and has an electric fan to provide flexibility for multiple heat sources. A range of tray styles is offered to accommodate every drying need complemented with many humidity, temperature and airflow systems. Users can add up to three extensions to the dehydrator, increasing its production capacity as needed.
Commercial Dehydrator Systems Inc.
(800) 369-4283

Laboratory Ovens

The company offers a line of laboratory ovens, including forced convection and gravity convection models, vacuum ovens, clean room units and nitrogen purge ovens.
Engineered Production Systems
(714) 532-2742

Gas Oven

Used for preheating and annealing plastic sheets, gas-heated oven has an operating temperature range of 120 to 500oF (49 to 260oC). Its airflow pattern is cross-flow recirculation with the supply plenum in the front and the return plenum at the rear.
Mayberry's Custom Metal Fabrication Inc.
(928) 341-9965

Infrared/Air Web Dryer

Designed to dry pressure-sensitive adhesive on paper, the two-pass dryer can handle speeds up to 800 ft/min. Rapid-response heaters combine infrared and air for drying water-based adhesive on paper. Air is recirculated to enhance the operation and save energy. Model has a space-saving configuration.
Radiant Energy Systems Inc.
(800) 486-7786

Drying Systems

Used to remove water from wet commodities for the manufacture of usable dry products, drying system designs include triple- and single-pass models as well as flash tube dryers. Each is built to exacting standards, and a range of sizes is offered to suit a specific application.
M-E-C Co.
(620) 325-2673

Infrared Oven

BT Series uses a refractory board reflector, which can withstand a much higher temperature than a traditional metallic reflector. The unit requires no air or water cooling and is designed to operate continuously in a high temperature environment. Because no cooling is required, there is no risk of airflow contaminating the product and the system has a smaller profile. The refractory board reflector requires less maintenance than a traditional metallic reflector. The infrared heater can be used as a stand-alone oven, or it can be designed as a booster system to augment an existing process. Because of its unique design, it also can be mounted inside a convection oven.
Fostoria Industries
(419) 435-9201

Gas, Electric And Steam Ovens

The company designs and manufactures ovens for all types of curing and drying processes. Customized ovens can be heated by gas, electric or steam.
General Fabrications Corp.
(419) 625-6055

Glass Laminate Oven

Custom industrial ovens are suitable for a range of applications. One model is a 72" x 30' glass laminate oven with an integral post cooler. The unit is used to cure laminated glass, which is more resistant to hurricane-type weather. An advanced microprocessor console provides programmable, pinpoint temperature and belt speed accuracy. Infrared heat panels and recirculating air produce efficient, even heating throughout the curing process.
Hix Corp.
(800) 835-0606

Infrared Oven

Designed to reduce testing time and expenses, IR Smart Oven offers direct heat transfer, 0 percent to 100 percent temperature control, separate zones, a self-cleaning interior and instant heat output control. The standard oven can heat product up to 500oF (260oC) but optional higher temperatures are available. Operating modes include manual, time/power, power/temperature and time/temperature.
ITW BGK Finishing Systems
(763) 792-1506

Custom Radio Frequency Heating and Drying

The company's E-field technology provides users the ability to regulate volumetric heating for both continuous and batch processes. Systems can be sized from 20 kW to several megawatts. Low temperature drying requirements can be addressed by applying E-field heating under vacuum. With vacuum, drying temperatures can be kept as low as 85 to 100oF (29 to 38oC). Custom solutions are developed through application testing. E-field test units are available for food and other nontoxic testing. Bench-scale high-intensity E-field heating test equipment is available as well as large scale E-field vacuum drying test equipment.
HeatWave Technologies Inc.
(250) 359-7442

Coating Drying System

Wood or fiber cement boards that require prime- and top-coat finishes can be dried with an automated drying system. Water-based coatings typically 0.006" thick can be dried in 5 min. System includes take-away conveyor after the coater, transfer conveyor onto the oven conveyor, high velocity convection air oven with conveyor, all required controls and a PLC.
Infratrol Manufacturing Corp.
(414) 475-7140

Vibrating Fluid-Bed Dryer

Vibrating fluid-bed cooler or dryer can heat, dry or cool material by direct contact with air as product is being conveyed by vibratory action. Air is blown on the underside of the conveying pan or permeated deck, which has holes in it so the air can pass through the openings and up through the conveyed bed of material.
Kinergy Corp.
(502) 366-5685

Vacuum Dryers

Ploughshare dryers can be specified to meet or exceed the sanitary requirements and ease of cleaning as required by FDA, 3A and USDA. Based on the mechanically fluidized bed mix action augmented by the high-speed choppers, units are capable of taking products from liquids to dry powders. Products can be dried at lower temperatures, making these units suitable for temperature-sensitive materials.
Littleford Day Inc.
(800) 365-8555

Microwave Oven

Available in continuous or batch models, microwave oven is offered in powers that range from 2.5 to 500 kW at 915 MHz and 2,450 MHz with automatic power control. Microwave energy heats throughout the material, increasing the heating rate up to 10 times, and there is no external energy applied to the surface of
the product.
Thermex-Thermatron Inc.
(502) 266-5454

Batch and Continuous Ovens

Suitable for applications such as silk processes, aluminum processes, motor winding curing, plastic paint curing, pump painting and drying processes for sensitive materials, these ovens offer uniform airflow and can hold +/-0.5oF or better temperature accuracy. The adjustable circulating system does not blister or scorch paint even if the conveyor stops.
L-Tek Inc.
(216) 524-0955

Lab Tray Dryers

Series of tray dryers is custom engineered for research facilities and can be tailored with sophisticated controls and monitoring systems for conducting product trials to define the necessary parameters to heat or dry materials under a range of conditions. Dryers can be equipped with Ethernet/Internet capabilities for online monitoring of process conditions. The company designs, engineers and manufactures other thermal processing machinery, including dryers, roasters, dehydrators and blanchers for the food, chemical, industrial, textile and fiber industries.
National Drying Machinery Co.
(215) 464 6070

Walk-In Ovens

Gas-fired and electric-heated ovens deliver uniform temperatures from slightly above ambient to 1,250oF (676oC). Features of the line of walk-in ovens include horizontal/vertical airflow with adjustable air ducts and insulated floors. Options include cart guide tracks, temperature recorders and programmers, full horizontal airflow, and shelf-, hanging- or flat-bed racks. Each oven is assembled, wired and tested at maximum temperature prior to shipping. In addition, the blower is checked for balance and the temperature controller is calibrated.
Precision Quincy Corp.
(815) 338-2675

Spherical Dryer

Top-driven batch vacuum dryer has a compact design and close agitator-to-wall tolerance, which minimizes skin formation and allows maximum cleanability. Contoured discharge valve on the low point of the vessel is swivel mounted to ease inspection and maintenance. Options include retractable telescoping spray balls, lump breaker and dust filter. Agitator is sealed with a dry-running double-mechanical seal outside of the product area.
De Detrich Process Systems Inc., Rosenmund Div.
(704) 587-0440

Reflow Solder Furnace

Falcon 1200 is capable of temperatures up to 788oF (420oC) and suited for substrates up to 12 x 1". Based on conduction heating combined with forced thermal convection, the unit has one water-cooled load zone, seven heat zones and two cooling zones, and it includes automatic load and unload buffers with appropriate sensors. The system can be operated with air, N2 or forming gas. Prior to entering the heated zones, the substrate temperature is stabilized by the liquid-cooled load zone. Each heated zone has individual setpoint and gas flow controls that maintain platen temperature to within +/-2oC. Options include O2 monitoring of the reflow chamber and the ability to interface with thermal profiling equipment.
Sikama International Inc.
(805) 962-1000

Air-Flotation And Impingement Systems

Air-flotation dryer uses air-flotation nozzles to transfer heat to a moving web and support the web on a cushion of air as it moves through the dryer. The company's air bar ensures web stability, providing constant flotation performance. System can operate over a wide tension range and comes in sizes of more than 360" wide. The company also provides impingement drying systems, including catenary ovens and roller-support, conveyorized and through-flow dryers.
Spooner Industries Inc.
(920) 336-2010

Fluid-Bed Plate

Directional airflow, nonblinding holes, even gas distribution and a guaranteed pressure drop make Conidur for new or existing fluid-bed dryers or coolers. Its perforated shape reduces the possibility of material trickling through the plate even when there is no gas flow. Plates are custom made in a range of materials and perforation sizes to meet process requirements.
Tema Systems Inc.
(513) 489-7811

Custom Curing Oven

Designed for paint curing applications, oven is offered in high efficiency convection, infrared or combination configurations using electric, oil, steam or gas heat sources. Custom monorail, power-and-free, square transfer and batch designs are offered with aluminized steel interiors and exteriors as well as semirigid, nonsettling mineral wool insulation.
Therma-Tron-X Inc.
(920) 743-6568

Continuous Dryers

Laboratory and pilot dryers include continuous infrared and forced-air models. Labdryer LTE is designed for a maximum sample size of 13 x 17". Controllable values include temperature up to 500oF (260oC), airflow top and bottom, and air velocity. Options include an infrared pyrometer and a contactless measuring device for sensing the surface temperature of the substrate.
Werner Mathis USA Inc.
(704) 786-6157

Fluid-Bed Drying System

Fluid-bed drying system is used for the continuous drying of bread crumbs, sesame seeds, rice and other foods limestone, sawdust, polymers, inorganic chemicals, minerals, wood and plastic products that require processing at temperatures greater than 150oF (66oC). It uses recycled exhaust air, recycling it through a continuous pulse-jet dust collector mounted on the dryer and reheating it through a natural gas burner. The energy-efficient system permits the process to operate at a high outlet moisture content while staying above the dewpoint of the final exhaust air. System may be adapted with a cyclone in the upstream portion of the dryer to accommodate large particle sizes or wet feed materials with low dusting levels.
Witte Co. Inc.
(908) 689-6500