Improve heat transfer through your process by choosing among the plate-and-frame and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, coils and heat transfer surfaces within this section.

Multizone Heat Exchanger

Platecoil multizone prime surface heat exchanger provides more efficient heat transfer than pipe coils or units with straight headers. The heat exchanger can be installed and removed from the tank side without emptying the tank. It is offered in standard and custom designs, including banks, shelves, troughs and curved clamp-on jackets.
Tranter PHE Inc.
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Miniature Heat Exchanger

Available as tube-in-tube or shell-and-tube designs, miniature heat exchanger is constructed from 316L stainless steel. Sanitary models and custom designs are offered.
Exergy Inc.
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Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Welded end and primary seals on this stainless steel heat exchanger eliminate contamination. Unit has removable access panels to ease inspection and cleaning. Maximum operating temperature is 1,200oF (649oC).
(800) 662-3966

Heat Exchanger

Hybrid combines the performance of plate-and-frame units with the high pressure and temperature capabilities of a shell-and-tube design. The stainless steel unit is suitable for applications in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and thermal storage industries.
Paul Mueller Co.
(800) 683-5537

Enhanced-Fin- Surface Coil

To provide higher thermal efficiency for ammonia and steam coils, unit has a fin surface utilizing 0.875" OD tubes on a 2.25" equilateral pattern. The coil can be manufactured in three different configurations for design flexibility. The 0.875" tube performs well with ammonia or halocarbon refrigerants and is suitable for applications with low liquid-pressure drops or quick steam-condensate removal.
Super Radiator Coils
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Steam, liquid heating, cooling and refrigeration coils are custom designed for specific application requirements. Copper, stainless steel or carbon steel tubes are offered with aluminum, copper, stainless steel or carbon steel fins.
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Heat Exchangers, Coils

Finned-tube heat exchangers for industrial and process applications are suitable for gas-to-fluid heating or cooling and steam heating. Standard and custom designs come with options to suit most requirements. New, replacement and OEM designs are offered.
Industrial Heat Transfer
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Heat-Pipe Heat Exchanger

Designed for the air-to-air heat recovery, indoor air quality (IAQ) and dehumidification markets, heat-pipe heat exchanger is offered with options of tilt or face-and-bypass for temperature and frost control. Other options include an inline (wraparound) configuration for enhanced dehumidification and indirect evaporative cooling. Standard configurations range up to eight rows deep, 28 tubes high and 20' long with 1" ID integral finned aluminum tube heat pipes.
Colmac Coil Mfg.
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Hydrogen Cooler

Designed for an electrical generator, cooler is made with a range of tube materials to suit the particular water quality at the site and has copper fins non-lead-bonded to the tube wall. Depending on the heat load, the number of fins per inch ranges from eight to 22.
Rome Turney Radiator Co.
(315) 336-2200

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers

Custom shell-and-tube heat exchangers are offered in shell sizes from 4 to 24" dia. Provided in carbon/stainless steel and higher alloys, the exchangers can be supplied to ASME Code stamp and TEMA C, B and R.
Allyn American Inc.
(217) 422-1282

Heat Exchanger Incinerates Fryer Exhaust Pollutants

KleenHeat heat exchanger connects to a fryer exhaust stack and incinerates virtually all odors, oil and other particulates. Without using additional fuel, the heat exchanger's thermal efficiency rating exceeds that of most heat exchangers that do not offer pollution control. Fryer exhaust is drawn into the combustion chamber, where it is mixed with the hot products of combustion from the heat exchanger burner. After odors and pollutants are incinerated, combustion heat is routed through the frying oil heat exchanger, where heat is transferred to the cooking oil instead of being vented to the atmosphere as wasted heat.
Heat and Control
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Specialty Heat Transfer Equipment

Line includes condensers, heaters, coolers, shell-and-tube heat exchangers and air-cooled heat exchangers for oil, air, water and other process fluids. In-house engineering ensures equipment is designed to meet special customer needs, and equipment can be built to TEMA, ASME Code, API, HEI and military specifications.
Ambassador Heat Transfer Co.
(513) 792-9800

Dual-Tube Coils

Acquired from Parker Hannifin Corp., line of dual heat transfer coils (DHTC) augments line of helical coil, spiral tube and tube-in-tube designs for water, steam and process fluid sample cooling for power and process industries. Standard configurations are offered in copper and stainless steel, and exotic materials such as nickel alloys, titanium, zirconium and PTFE can be specified. An electropolished 316 stainless steel version is designed to meet stringent sanitary requirements.
Sentry Equipment Corp.
(262) 567-7256

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are made to perform at high pressures with low maintenance and high durability. Components can be designed, engineered and manufactured with the latest cathodic protection and automatic tube-cleaning systems.
Amer Industrial Technologies Inc. (AIT)
(302) 765-3900

Pressure-Drop-Reducing Exchanger

C-450 heat exchanger has been used to replace a shell-and-tube design that has high operating costs due to its 2.4 psi pressure drop. While both units have the same cooling capabilities, the C Series model has a pressure drop of 0.1 psi. Unit is stainless steel and has a removable, washable metal prefilter ahead of the cooling core. A removable mist eliminator is placed downstream of the core. It cools 5,000 cfm at 12 psi from 250oF (121oC) to 65oF (18oC) using 55oF (13oC) cooling water.
Xchanger Inc.
(952) 933-2559

Tantalum Heat Exchangers

The chemical material tantalum is well suited for equipment and plants such as those in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where product purity and the avoidance of corrosion are required. Tantalum heat exchangers, reactors, reaction vessels, tubes, columns, mixers and valves are offered.
Cometec GmbH
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Double-Wall, Vented Brazed-Plate Heat Exchanger

DW Series is a compact alternative to shell-and-tube heat exchangers involving projects where double separation of potable water from boiler water and other non-potable fluids is required. Specific applications include process heating and cooling as well as food process makeup water. Double-wall plates and double-seal fluid ports provide positive leak detection with an overall capacity to 150 gal/min.
FlatPlate Inc.
(800) 774-0474

Heating, Cooling Coils

Designed as a solution to control temperatures of liquids inside tanks, coils are offered in several configurations, including grid coil, serpentine coil, U-coil, side-of-tank, bottom-of-tank, evaporator, double- and triple-grid, and grid-coil/air sparger units. They can be constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, niobium and other materials as specified.
MBA Manufacturing and Supply Co.
(800) 466-7783

Purpose-Built Plate Condenser

AlfaCond was developed for condensing vapors under low pressure, low vacuum conditions in evaporation and distillation systems. It is designed for vacuum condensation with one large vapor inlet, two small condensate outlets and medium-size cooling water connections. The unit is formed by a plate pack of semiwelded plate cassettes with welded channels for the condensing vapor and gasketed channels for the cooling water. The plate pattern achieves optimal condensation through an asymmetrical configuration with a large channel width in the vapor channel and a narrow gap in the cooling water channel.
Alfa Laval Inc.
(804) 236-1373

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Terlotherm vertical scraped surface heat exchanger is suitable for process applications such as heating, cooling, slush freezing and pasteurization and will process products such as confectionery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, emulsions, dairy foods and potato products. Its vertical design allows for small footprint space, and it has a hinged top cover for inspection and cleaning. Scraper blades can be replaced without tools. It is bottom-driven to eliminate the possibility of any product contamination.
Terlet, Division of MPE Group (856) 317-9960

Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger

Installed in a chemical plant in Louisiana, self-cleaning heat exchanger is constructed as four vertical heat exchangers with 4,600 m2of surface. They replaced 24,000 m2of conventional shell-and-tube exchangers because of the highly fouling nature of the service.
Klarex Technology
(281) 880-5188

Graphite Heat Exchangers

Graphite heat exchangers are manufactured and remanufactured. Graphite tubes also are offered.
Louisville Graphite Inc.
(502) 893-6576

Plate Heat Exchanger

Suitable for pasteurization, heating, cooling or regeneration of any homogenous, pourable liquid, plate heat exchanger offers high thermal transfer values. Unit is designed to accommodate maintenance; all styles of gaskets are replaceable. Stainless steel frames are offered for various processing duties. Manufacturer asserts that 90 percent regeneration is attainable.
Chester-Jensen Co. Inc.
(610) 876-6276