Infrared, immersion, circulation, tubular or coil -- this section includes several different shapes, sizes and types of heaters.

Quartz Lamp Infrared Heater

Model QRH1 infrared heater has translucent fused quartz that provides efficient heat transfer capability. Lamp assemblies are available from 12.625 to 32.75", 500 to 2, 500 W and 120 to 480 V. Assemblies include rugged aluminum housing with a polished reflector.
Circle 259
Ogden Manufacturing Co.
(847) 593-8050

Thermal Fluid Heater

Available in a fuel-fired coil design, thermal fluid heater provides 800,000 to 12 million BTU/hr and up to 750oF (399oC). The large coil-type unit operates in a closed-loop system pumping hot oil to and from process tanks, presses, baths, fryers, ovens, drying units or reactors. Temperature is controlled to +/-2oF, and there are no high pressures.
Circle 255
Fulton Thermal Corp.
(315) 298-5121

Process Air, Gas Heaters

For direct-fired gas heating applications, process air and gas heaters provide high temperatures without air preheat in a packaged design. The heaters are available in sizes to 25 million BTU/hr for applications such as air separation, fuel gas heating, regeneration gas heating, steam superheating and other vapor-phase, direct-heating processes.
Circle 256
GTS Energy Inc.
(877) 487-4328

Immersion and Fintube Heaters

Oil immersion and fintube heaters are designed for oil preheating, oil baths and other heat transfer fluids. The oil immersion heaters use a tubular heater design while fintube heaters have an aluminum flange welded to longitudinal finned tubing. Fins increase the surface area, lowering the watts per square inch and enabling a higher kilowatt rating to be used in a shorter length.
Circle 262
Trent Inc.
(215) 482-5000

Heaters and Blowers

Hot air blowers and heaters are designed for continuous operation and installation in machines and equipment in various drying and heating processes. Equipment is suitable for shrinking and welding packaging films and molded parts.
Circle 419
Leister Process Technologies
(+41) 662 7474

Fluid Circulation Heater

Electric heater is a complete, custom-packaged unit. It is designed to control heating of water, steam, air and other gases. The company provides an efficient heat source readily available to satisfy the requirements of your process.
Circle 240
Heatrex Inc.
(800) 394-6589

Cartridge Heater

High watt density cartridge heater is designed for maximum watt density, temperature, heat transfer and heater life. The 0.125" Superwatt optimizes heat transfer from the resistance wire to the sheath. Suitable applications include dies, plastic molding, instrumentation and packaging machinery.
Circle 257
Hotwatt Inc.
(978) 777-0070

Contact Water Heater

Thermefficent 100 tube-free heater is rated 99.7 percent efficient. Its boiler stack economizer will recover up to 80 percent of the discharged flue gas, and the wastewater recovery system preheats fresh water and can reduce heating cost by 40 percent to 60 percent. A flash steam recovery system efficiently recovers surplus steam.
Circle 244
Kemco Systems
(727) 573-2323

Silicone Rubber Heater

Rugged and resistant to moisture and chemicals, the silicone rubber heater is thin and flexible to allow it to be used in flat positions or wrapped around curved and irregular shapes. With a maximum operating temperature of 450oF (232oC), the heater can incorporate thermostats, thermistors and sensors into its design.
Circle 260
Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab
(800) 394-9435

Tubular Radiant Heater

Universal mounting clamps on its housing allows Universal 2000 to be dropped into existing systems. The element is a high temperature Incoloy 840 sheath with mica-insulated #10 nickel-plated flat screw terminals. The rigid aluminum extrusion alloy housing has external slots and circular grooves to accommodate heat shield placement or connection between units.
Circle 261
Tempco Electric Heater
(630) 350-2252

Immersion Heater

Designed for both watertight and hazardous location applications, process immersion heater can incorporate an adjustable thermostat that controls temperatures from 70 to 210oF (21 to 99oC). The heater is appropriate for heating water, cooking oil, acid, alkalis, antifreeze, lube oil and process fluids.
Circle 258
Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co.
(509) 536-8660

Hot Air Tools, Blowers

An authorized sales and service center for Leister products, Assembly Supplies Co. sells hot air tools and blowers for temperatures up to 1,652oF (900oC). These products are ideally suited for installation in equipment for continuous operation.
Circle 411
Assembly Supplies Co.
(800) 694-1472

Process Air Heater

Heater is custom built to accommodate all temperatures, all fuels and all air flows. The company provides for new applications, replacement units or renovation of existing equipment. Indirectly heated units have an efficiency of 89 percent to 95 percent.
Circle 234
Corbett Industries
(201) 445-6311

Drywell Heater

Low sheath temperature, pipe-insert-style heater is designed to heat temperature-sensitive materials without burning, coking, discoloring or otherwise degrading the product. Utilizing a 2 or 3" schedule 40 pipe drywell for its sheath, the internal heating element can be replaced without draining the tank or reservoir.
Circle 248
Process Heating Co.
(206) 682-3414

High Efficiency Air Heater

Varimax IFRG combines the company's heat exchanger design with indirect heating technologies to deliver contaminant-free process air with very high efficiency. Recirculation of the combustion gases allows the heater to attain an efficiency of 95 percent, 600oF (316oC) temperature rise and 1,000oF (538oC) discharge temperature, and a 40:1 turndown.
Circle 235
Des Champs Laboratories
(540) 291-1111

Formed Tubular Heater

The flexibility of the heating element allows it to be formed into any shape, including precision forming for a tight fit into milled grooves or manifold surfaces. Multiple termination options are available depending on application requirements. Options include threaded stud terminals, flexible lead wire or bulkhead fittings. Customized terminations are available for harsh or high-moisture environments. The sheath of the tubular heater is available in a range of materials and surface treatments such as passivation or electropolishing for increased corrosion resistance.
Circle 236
Durex Industries
(847) 639-5600

Single-Element Bench Unit

Glo-Ring works by radiating focused infrared heat at temperatures up to 1,500oF (815oC) and has a temperature controller for variable heat intensity. It can be fitted with 0.5, 1, 2 or 3" dia. gold-plated plug-in quartz elements. Heating elements open and close by activating the electrical foot switch. A triple-element bench heater and hand-held units also are available.
Circle 237
Eraser Co.
(315) 454-3237

Infrared Heater

FiberGas-II Matrix can reach 90 percent power from cold startup within 10 sec, and shutdown from 90 percent power to cool-to-touch will take 10 sec. With these fast cooldown rates, web fires, meltdowns and scrapped product can be avoided. No additional cooling or shielding devices are required for safe shutdown. The heater is resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks.
Circle 233
Casso-Solar Corp.
(800) 988-4455

Heater System

This heater has a high-efficiency three-pass gas flow design that allows for optimum fluid and service life while providing good heat transfer capabilities and production efficiency. The low-maintenance system pays for itself with reduced fuel costs.
Circle 238
First Thermal Heaters
(800) 665-4251

Electric Process Heaters

The company offers an e-commerce web site that highlights more than 40,000 products with industry-leading competitive crossovers. Real-time order tracking and preloaded ship-to and bill-to addresses are part of the new site.
Circle 239
Gaumer Process Heaters, Systems & Controls
(800) 460-5200

For Drying, Baking, Curing

Infrared process modules provide a maximum operating ambient temperature of 350oF (177oC), but higher object temperatures can be achieved. Metal sheath heaters allow for precise product temperature control through percentage timers. Model EXS is constructed with a single Incoloy tube in heavy-duty extrusions and has a replaceable inner reflector. Model EXD is a double-element heater for higher watt densities. Both will mount in any position.
Circle 424
Aitken Products Inc.
(440) 466-5711

Microminiature Spot Heater

Designed for spot heating in small areas where a high heat density is required, LMF Series wire-wound heater is offered in filament form for OEM applications or ceramic bonded to a super alloy substrate. Kanthal A1 (Hoskins 875) and Nichrome elements are available. Resistance can be tailored for most applications.
Circle 241
Hitec Products Inc.
(978) 772-6963

Gas Coolers and Heaters

Process gas coolers and heaters provide transitions on both ends to mate to process piping. Each transition is customized to properly distribute air across the finned tube bundle and minimize pressure drop. Removable-core design allows heat exchange elements to be cleaned or inspected in a minimal amount of time.
Circle 265
Aerofin Corp.
(434) 528-6216

Electric Infrared Heater

Tubular heater is designed to deliver high wattage electrical energy to thermally processed product, including hose tubing, pipe, extrusions, pultrusions and cabling. Applications include curing and drying, fabricating, annealing, forming or surface dressing. The heater is accessible via a hinged clamshell arrangement.
Circle 242
Innovative Industries
(330) 468-2601

Heater with Built-In Sensor

Thermofoil combines the fast warmup and low mass of an etched foil heater with an RTD or thermistor temperature sensor. Kapton heater insulation allows operation to 302oF (150oC). Standard models are available in sizes to 5 x 5" with resistance options to match most applications. Sensor element choices include 100 and 1,000 ohm platinum RTDs and 50,000 ohm NTC thermistors.
Circle 246
Minco Products Inc.
(763) 571-3121

Cartridge Heater

SunRod can be used to supplement the heat of larger heating elements in heard-to-reach places. The 0.125" cartridge heater provides effective temperature control because it can be located close to the working surface of the device being heated. Custom built designs are available from 0.5 to 6" long in wattages from 2 to 300 W.
Circle 251
Sun Electric Heater
(978) 524-9984

Electric Heater

Designed for long service life, electric heater line is available in a range of configurations and sizes dictated by the watt density and type of liquids or gases to be heated. Screw-plug or flange mountings of steel or stainless steel are standard. Options include thermowells, overtemperature protection thermocouples and various terminal housings.
Circle 253
Wahlco Inc.
(714) 979-7300

Flexible Electric Heating Fabric

Thin, conductive textile consists of nickel-coated carbon fibers encapsulated in various thermoplastic, elastomeric or thermosetting materials. The flexible heating material can be configured to any shape and size and can provide a source of uniform heat across a large or small surface area.
Circle 252
Thermion Systems International
(203) 377-3770

Ceramic Heating Elements, Reflectors and Panels

Salamander systems have a ceramic infrared emitter that is 96 percent infrared energy efficient and emits no light. They are suitable for zone control and can be ordered with individual cast-in, fast response thermocouples or the company's replaceable thermocouples.
Circle 243
Infrared Internationale
(616) 784-1121

Over-the-Side Heater

Designed to be a solution to problematic electric process heating applications in existing and new tanks where tank penetration is not practical, the over-the-side heater is built to suit. Integral sludge legs keep the element free of contaminant buildup on tank bottom and support the heaters.
Circle 254
Warren Electric Corp.
(401) 245-3700

Fluid Water Heater

H2Ot Shot electric instantaneous titanium heater is suitable for demanding applications. The design incorporates a helical configuration that minimizes holdup volume and thermal mass for good thermal response. The elimination of dead zones results in contamination-free performance. Sizes range from 3 to 144 kW with 2 to 48 kW UL-listed. Custom configurations for high flow, high temperature and other specialty applications are available.
Circle 250
Process Technology
(440) 946-9500

Multipurpose Processor

U-Max type C processor is designed to offer a high coefficient of heat transfer by heating the mixing shaft and elements on and above the jacketing around the vessel. The machine is designed to withstand high vacuums and internal pressure. Mixing is done with precision of one part per 20,000 and drying down to a fraction of a percent. One of the ends of the vessel is hinged to ease cleaning. A discharge valve is available to provide minimum heel.
Circle 249
Processall Inc.
(513) 771-2266

Heat Blower

Available in three models, Masterblow operates at temperatures of 300, 500 and 750oF (150, 260 and 400oC). All are fitted on adjustable bases that allow up to 90orotation for use in any position. The heat blower also can be mounted on walls, workbenches and machines. A three-way toggles switch offers hot, cool and off settings. The cool setting enables the heating element to cool after use, eliminating residual heat. Safety features include an oil-resistant, grounded cordset and a thermal fuse to protect the heating element from accidental burnout.
Circle 245
Master Appliance Corp.
(262) 633-8840

Process Air Heater

Designed for heating air or inert gas to 1,600oF (871oC), process air heater is suitable for applications such as drying, curing, soldering, melting and sterilizing. The heater ranges from 1 to 192 kW and is compact and efficient. The company offers full application assistance to help you with your heat processing needs.
Circle 247
Osram Sylvania
(800) 258-8290

Electric Heating Products

A range of application needs can be met with electric heating products. Designs include duct, process air, unit, circulation, immersion and compressor heaters as well as complete heat transfer systems, tubular elements and pipeline heating. The products cover an array of process applications over several industries.
Circle 440
(800) 243-8162

Ceramic Heaters

Developed for use in the semiconductor and process control industries, ceramic heater accommodates watt densities to 100 W/in2. The heater is constructed with a proprietary ceramic adhesive to maintain element registration in extreme temperatures without organic resins to eliminate outgassing at startup.
Circle 441
Translogic Inc.
(714) 890-0058

Tunnel Heater System

Designed for the wire and cable industry, Clam Shell tunnel heater system integrates rugged design with infrared performance. The clam-shell design eases threading and cleaning, and rapid-response heaters provide fast heatup and cooldown. Unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is available in standard 5' as well as custom lengths.
Circle 444
Radiant Energy Systems
(973) 942-7767

Process Air Heater

Inline process air heater can be modularly assembled from a set of components to provide both standardization and design flexibility. The family of heaters can be configured to meet a range of performance specifications and is suitable for use in automotive and circuit board manufacturing as well as drying, curing and heat shrinking applications.
Circle 443
Farnam Custom Products Inc.
(828) 684-3766

Panel Heater

Flexible, durable and efficient, F-Series panel heater is constructed by a patented process that bonds quartz fabric with a ceramic fiber coil support. The end result is a durable quartz composite face heater.
Circle 442
Solar Products
(973) 835-6581

Infrared Heater

Infraround Series is a medium wavelength infrared emitter composed of long-life elements mounted to proprietary ceramic cylinders. Designed specifically for the wire and cable industry and for curing extruded rubber and synthetic shapes, the heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically, can be stacked end to end, and has intermediate exhaust ports.
Circle 445
Process Thermal Dynamics
(800) 793-2077

Plate-Fin Heater

Steel plate-fin heater maximizes heat dispersion efficiency, accommodates tight space constraints and increases field life expectancy. Suitable for use as a replacement for open-coil elements, the heater is offered in a stainless steel version for corrosive atmospheric problem areas.
Circle 446
Encon, Energy Converters Inc.
(570) 675-5266

Cartridge Heater

Firerod cartridge heater offers a swaged design, uniform temperature distribution and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Using the company's LA-lead adapter-modification process, more than 150,000 configurations of the heater can be created to suit application needs.
Circle 447
Watlow Electric
Manufacturing Co.
(314) 878-4600

Electric Heater

Hot air/N2/argon electric heater can heat exit gas to 1,900oF (1,038oC) in the plasma mode. Product applications for Airtorch and Plasma Airtorch include ovens, die heaters and aluminum melting furnaces.
Circle 448
Micropyretics Heaters
International (MHI) Inc.
(513) 772-0404

Drum Hot Box

Sahara drum hot box heats and rotates two 55-gal drums in the horizontal position. Rotator controls and motor are mounted on the outside of the unit for convenient access and temperature protection. Available in a number of capacities, the drum heater can be heated with steam, electricity, hot oil or hot water, depending upon what is available on site.
Circle 449
Benko Products Inc.
(440) 934-2180

Single-Sided Heaters

PTC heater technology is designed to simplify the connection between the PTC element and the medium to be heated. With the single-sided design, the bottom side of the thermistor element is isolated electrically from the top side. PTC elements can be soldered, epoxied or spring-mounted to its interface. Features include no thermostat is needed; no moving parts; low noise; and low cost. Options include resistance values and tolerances, rectangular sizes up to 2", switch temperatures from 122 to 275oF (50 to 135oC), and user-selectable configurations.
Circle 232
Advanced Thermal Products
(814) 834-1541