From temperature and process controls to power controls and process monitoring equipment, flip through this section to find the devices you need to take control.

High Temperature Sensors

From hot to hottest, temperature sensors are designed to function under the most extreme temperatures. The units are suitable for hostile and unbearable conditions.
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Infrared Temperature Sensors for Small Spaces

IR-FA Series fiber-optic infrared thermometers are offered in two-color (ratio) and single-wavelength versions. The devices' quartz fiber allows long fiber lengths and small measuring spots. The compact infrared-thermometer portion can be DIN rail-mounted. The measuring end of the fiber is small, fits into tight spaces and can be placed in ambient temperatures up to 300oF (150oC).
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Chino Works America Inc.
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Multifunctional Gas Valve

VG Series gas-valve bodies are combined with SKP Series electrohydraulic actuators to provide multiple flow control functions, including shutoff, constant pressure regulation and air/gas ratio control. Design allows fewer gas train components to be used, which results in lower pressure drops and smaller diameter trains.
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Siemens Building Technologies
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Infrared Sensing

Noncontact infrared temperature measurement is suitable for numerous industrial processes, including molding, coating, drying, curing and heating, as well as for OEM applications.
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Raytek, Automation Products
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SCR Power Controls

Self-protected phase-angle-fired SCRs provide variable control of AC voltage to constant-resistance electric heating loads. 18D/E controls incorporates the company's "three pillars of protection" to protect them against potentially destructive conditions. Their integral heat-sink chassis utilizes natural convection cooling for full-rated operation in ambient temperatures to 122oF (50oC) without fans.
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Payne Engineering
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Resistance Temperature Detector

Element conforms with DIN, IEC, JIS and SAMA standards and is fully traceable to NIST. Standard platinum wire-wired RTD can be supplied in a range of sizes and accuracy tolerances.
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Sensing Devices Inc.
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Small-Footprint SCRs

Suitable for embedded OEM applications, MaxPac family of SCR power controllers includes models for single phase, three-phase/two leg, and three-phase/three-leg configurations. They provide power control output from 120 to 575 VAC at 100 to 1,200 A and are suitable for high-power resistive or infrared heating. When an electronic temperature sensor on the heat sink registers an overheat condition, the user is notified via a contact closure. If the condition worsens, the system will shutdown automatically.
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Temperature Calibrator

Model 724 has measure and source functions that can test and calibrate most temperature instruments. Standard features allow the device to measure and source/simulate RTDs, thermocouples, volts and ohms to test and calibrate temperature sensors and transmitters; simultaneously view input and output data on a dual display; power transmitters during test using loop power supply with simultaneous mA measurement.
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Fluke Corp.
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All-in-One Sensing Package

AS-interface (AS-i) bus connection for line of flow, level, pressure and temperature transmitters and switches is tailored to the needs of devices such as sensors and valves where low installation cost per device is critica. AS-i is a two-wire cabling methods that carries power and data to multiple process points. Designed to be a connection solution for interfacing sensors with pumps and process valves, it allows up to four input or output signals in bidirectional modules (up to 248 binary signals in one cable network).
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Burkert USA
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Ashcroft Duratemp thermometer has a molecular-sieve design that uses a combination of chemically unreactive gas and activated carbon, which produces much lower internal pressures than conventional thermometers. Featuring an accuracy rating of +/-1 percent of range span, the thermometer is available in ranges from -320 to 1,200oF (-196 to 649oC).
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Dresser Instrument
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Process Control

Temperature and process control has a large dual display, self-tune capability and fuzzy logic. Other features of the 1/32 DIN control include universal input, loop-break protection, peak/valley indication, percent output indication and an illuminated keypad. With ramp/soak function, 32 Series also provides auto/manual station function.
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Love Controls Div., Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Sensor Elements

ABB Sensycon thin film, wire wound ceramic and glass, and surface mount devices offer compact size, fast response time, long-term stability and a selection of temperature ranges.
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DWM & Associates
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Infrared Thermometer

Wahl DHS-35 XT measures surfaces at very high temperatures. Infrared thermometer has a temperature range of 800 to 3,200oF (426 to 1,760oC) with a narrow spectral range of 3.5 to 4.1 micron. It is designed to minimize errors caused by reflectance from walls and flames, making it suitable for measuring furnace tube temperatures through open ports.
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Instrumentation Group
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Vapor Monitor

Model 670 Series is designed to help reduce VOC disposal costs by monitoring vapor at the source of emissions. Continuous mounting allows more air recirculation in the process, reducing the exhaust airflow. The incinerator has less air to process, therefore requiring less fuel. The unit meets safety standards set by NFPA.
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Control Instruments Corp.
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Modular Burner Control

System consists of primary controls with relays and interlocks. System hardware can be based on FM- or IRI-defined requirements and burner capacity. Modular system can be fabricated using most major control manufacturers such as Honeywell and Fireye. It can be combined with valve trains and field devices for total system responsibility.
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Flat Panel LCD Recorders

Designed to monitor temperature and humidity, Models FT and FH have large displays that shows both current readings and a graph of data that ranges from 1 hr to 32 days. Model FT121 uses a K thermocouple probe for process flexibility and a larger temperature range from -200 to 2,000oF (-129 to 1,093oC).
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Dickson Co.
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Natural Gas Flowmeter

Model 10A/NG is FM and CSA approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, and D hazardous areas. The microprocessor-based all-welded sensor is made of 316 stainless steel. It measures in scfm without the need for pressure and temperature compensation.
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Fox Thermal Instruments Inc.
(408) 847-2090

Temperature Controllers

Model TM215M closed-loop temperature control module is microprocessor-based and designed for use with type J or K thermocouples. It compares the measured temperature to the operator's chosen setpoint and regulates current to the electric heater to maintain the processing temperature at this setpoint. The 15 A modules can function in 15 or 30 A mainframes.
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Temperature-Indicating Labels

Designed to provide quick visual assurance that quality control standards have been monitored during storage and transit of temperature-sensitive food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and electronic products, reversible and irreversible temperature-indicating labels tell the current temperature of a product at a glance or indicate whether a critical temperature threshold has been violated. Labels can monitor conditions from -223 to 572oF (-30 to 300oC). Also offered are labels and tags that indicate how long a product has been exposed above critical temperatures.
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Dry Pak Industries Inc.
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Gas Treatment System

Designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from gas-fired radiant tube heaters by more than 75 percent, Ecothal comprises a catalyst package locate din the burner. The first catalyst is positioned in the furnace wall region of the recuperator and is set to provide reducing conditions. NOX formed in combustion is reduced here. To ensure that no CO leaves the system, the second catalyst is positioned after the burner, in the exhaust pipe. Results show that less than 50 ppm is achieved as standard compared to about 200 ppm with conventional systems.
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Kanthal Bethel
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Temperature Transmitters

Line of temperature transmitters for thermocouple or RTD input includes push-button digital linearization with isolation for temperature controllers. DIN rail conditioners and DIN rail RTD transmitters also are available.
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Pyco Inc.
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Gas Flow Control

Moduline system is a compact assembly of coordinated modules for controlling the flow of gas in heating equipment. The company can combine multiple modules, assemble, test and deliver a gas train in accordance to customer specifications.
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Kromschroder Inc.
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Temperature Probes

PTFE-encapsulated probe body and cable allows them to be used for corrosive and aggressive chemical applications. Isostatically molded to a PFA-covered cable, the probe and cable have the identical chemical resistance at temperatures from -328 to 536oF (-200 to 280oC). Platinum RTDs, thermistors, IC chips or thermocouples allow integration with a range of monitoring equipment.
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Sensors, Wire, Tubes

The company offers a range of products and services for those in the process heating industry, including thermocouples, RTDs, protection tubes, thermocouple wire and calibration services.
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Furnace Parts LLC
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Flexible Temperature Sensor

Worm for thermowell temperature assemblies bends right through the top or face of enclosures. It trims to length (up to 36") to handle nearly every thermowell assembly. It is designed to slide through the enclosure's entry port and snaps into place without removal of the enclosure, connection head or any assembly components.
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Moore Industries-International Inc.
(818) 894-7111

Turbine Flowmeter

HO Series provides precise measurement with accuracy of +/-0.5 percent (+/-0.25 percent typical). End fittings include MS, NPT and flanged types. Sizes are available in 0.25 to 12" with 17 overlapping ranges. The flowmeter is designed to operate over a range of temperatures.
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Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.
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Custom, Standard RTDs, Transmitters

Standard RTDs are 100 ohm platinum with DIN curve. Other values and custom R/T curves are available. Two-wire 4 to 20 mA output transmitters can be provided with 8.5 to 36 VDC power and three-wire length-compensation. Offered with Various enclosure designs, units are stand-alone or matched to the RTD.
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Translogic Inc.
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Water Filter

Filter protects heat exchangers and prevents clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages by removing dirt particles down to micron size, of any specific gravity, from once-through and recirculating cooling water systems. Line-pressure powered, the filter cleans itself without external power and does not interrupt system flow. It installs in any position, including upside down.
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Orival Inc.
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Hybrid Controller

HC900 offers a modular, scalable design that is sized to meet the automation needs of the process industry. Many analog and digital modules are available to support up to a total of 256 I/O points. Up to 128 universal analog inputs minimize the number of input cards and spare parts required. The unit's integrated loop and logic control shortens design time; its preformatted color displays reduce development time; and automatic tuning and fuzzy logic shorten startup time. The controller's software provides system configuration using a Windows NT-, 2000- or Me-based PC.
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Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control
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Combustion Safeguard Control

Protectofier is designed to protect against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens and heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the flame-rectification principle or ultraviolet scanner sensors.
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Protection Controls Inc.
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