Whether you need a burner that can be retrofit into an existing system or one that can fire a new system, you will find it here.

Direct-Spark Ignition Burner

Winnox burner incorporates direct-spark ignition and an air/gas regulator. The unit fires efficiently over a range of gas turndowns at a controlled ratio. Nozzle design allows for mixing of air and fuel, resulting in less than 20 ppm NOX emissions and no CO emissions during normal operation. Due to the swirl generated by the nozzle, the burner's short flame is contained within the firing tube.
Circle 289
Eclipse Inc.
(815) 637-7349

Modular Line Burner

Designed for fresh- and recirculated-air process heating, Crossfire is a nozzle-mixing modular line burner used for in-duct firing. Capable of providing up to 2.25 million BTU-hr-ft produces NOX levels below 25 ppm and CO levels below 250 ppm at 3 percent O2.
Circle 288
Maxon Corp.
(765) 284-3304

Infrared Gas Burner

Flexible burner design has turndown capabilities of 1:100 as well as single digit NOX and CO ratings. The unit is flashback-, splash- and shock-resistant and can withstand very high temperatures. Gas burner design is based on knitted yarns of Fecralloy (stainless steel alloy) fibers.
Circle 294
(770) 514-2273

Packaged Burners

Prepackaged, prepiped burners can be adapted for specific physical arrangements. Nominal thermal capacities range from 239,000 to 5.118 million BTU/hr. Full air-gas modulation, gas-only modulation, high-low or on-off controls are available. Each burner can be fit with complete diagnostic equipment, and the nozzle and combustion tube can be removed without taking the burner off the mounting flange.
Circle 286
Pyronics Inc.
(216) 662-8800

Ultra Low NOX Burner

Suitable for applications that require dilution air or excess air through the burner, 1230 Series is offered in capacities from 1 million to 429 million BTU/hr. The burner uses computational fluid dynamics to provide a short, compact flame and NOX emissions that range from 10 to 30 ppm corrected to 3 percent O2.
Circle 285
Bloom Engineering Co. Inc.
(412) 653-3500

Low NOX Burner

CSB uses fully premixed, surface-stabilized combustion technology to provide users with a simple ultra-low NOX burner. Premixing fuel and air ensures complete combustion with minimal generation of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. Surface stabilization ensures reliable operation at the ultra-lean and high FGR conditions required to meet the most stringent NOX emissions levels. Rugged all-metal construction makes the burner suitable for use in firetube boilers, water-tube boilers and industrial process heaters.
Circle 425
Alzeta Corp.
(408) 727-8282

Raised-Port Ring Burner

Mid-sized cast iron burner has outputs that range from 50,000 to 500,000 BTU/hr. The ports are cast on the burner head and then drilled, producing short blue flames. The multi-ring Buzzer Model V-13 can be set to operate on natural gas or propane. Pilots, flame safety shut-off valves and other combustion control valves are available.
Circle 284
Charles A. Hones Inc.
(631) 842-8886

Space-Saving Burner Control Valve

Valve modulates gas or air supply to burners and can be used in industrial heating applications. Dungs DMK butterfly control valve is suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and inert gases. The space-saving unit actuates from 0 to 90 degrees in either direction. Maximum operating pressure is 7 psi; maximum differential pressure is 1.5 psi.
Circle 295
Karl Dungs Inc.
(651) 792-8912

Gas Infrared Burner

Model QC-12 burner is supplied with Series 2000 pilot system. IPQ-1 is mounted on the burner section closest to the gas inlet. MPQ-1 is mounted at the burner location farthest from the point of ignition and ignited via flame propagation from the adjacent burner section.
Circle 293
Manufacturing Co. Inc.
(201) 943-1000

Radiant Line Burner

R1-130A offers a modular design and single-socket screw mounting. The all-ceramic radiating surfaces have no metal exposures to absorb heat, which increases burner efficiency. The burner can be used to replace inefficient systems or boost existing convection ovens.
Circle 290
Indesco Products Inc.
(630) 462-0933