From temperature and process controls to power controls and process monitoring equipment, flip though this section to find the devices you need to take control.

Solid-State Relay

Model 11DZ provides on/off control of single-phase resistive loads, outperforming mercury relays, electromechanical contactors and solid-state relay blocks (SSRs) supplied without heat sinks.
Payne Engineering Co.
(304) 757-7353

Combustion Process Control Panels

CP Series can be used to manage combustion processes and optimize system performance. Model CPL is a basic, single-burner control panel. Model CPM provides a larger enclosure and more options, including dual-burner control. Model CPH is designed for higher voltages and three-phase currents required by larger burner blowers. All CP control panels include an ignition transformer and provide a purge sequence, automatic start, damper modulation and alarm.
Eclipse Inc.
(815) 877-3031

Combustion Safeguard Control

Protectofier is designed to protect against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens and heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the flame-rectification principle or ultraviolet scanner sensors.
Protection Controls Inc.
(847) 674-7676

Temperature Controls

Line of temperature controls covers the range from simple analog controllers to complex microprocessor-based units with multiple programmable outputs and universal input. Sizes include 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 DIN controls. Most controls have UL, cUL, CSA or CE approvals.
Tempco Electric Heater Corp.
(630) 350-2252

Gas Flow Control

Moduline system is a compact assembly of coordinated modules for controlling the flow of gas in heating equipment. The company can combine multiple modules, assemble, test and deliver a gas train in accordance to customer specifications.
Kromschroder Inc.
(330) 342-0595

Burner, Boiler Controls

Line of approved controls for burners and boilers includes flame safeguard control relays, valves and actuators, limit controls pressure controls and switches. The components are available through the company’s network of authorized distributors.
Honeywell Inc., Burner & Boiler Controls
(800) 345-6770, ext. 7172

Hybrid Controller

HC900 has a modular, scalable design that is sized to meet the automation needs of the process industry. Many analog and digital modules are offered to support up to a total of 512 I/O points. Up to 256 universal analog inputs minimize the number of input cards and spare parts required. The unit’s integrated loop and logic control shortens design time; its preformatted color displays reduce development time; and automatic tuning and fuzzy logic shorten startup time.
Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control
(800) 537-6945

Combustion Analyzer

CA-Calc provides real-time analysis of flue gases for optimizing the combustion efficiency combustion appliances. Models range from single-gas analyzers to full-feature analyzers that measure CO, O2, flue draft pressure and temperature, and ambient air temperature, with optional sensors for NO, NO2, SO2 and high CO.
TSI Inc.
(800) 874-2811

Infrared Thermometer

MM Series is used in this process to ensure that glass bottles are at the proper temperature prior to filling. The infrared thermometer has a stainless steel housing and provides accurate temperature measurement of materials such as plastics, pulp/paper and steel in harsh industrial environments. Series includes a low temperature model (8 to 14 micron), a glass model (5 micron), a medium temperature model (3.9 micron), a 1.0 micron model and a 1.6 micron model. Accuracy is +/-1 percent of reading and repeatability is +/-0.5 percent of reading.
Raytek Corp.
(800) 227-8074

Temperature Measurement System

Model iR2 is designed for demanding applications in semiconductor processing. The system uses a two-color ratio technique for precise measurement and control of temperatures from 572 to 5,432oF (300 to 3,000oC), even when it is measuring a small, moving target with changing emissivity viewed from outside a window. It is supplied with a compact lens and flexible fiber optic cable and has through-the-lens laser sighting for precise focus and alignment. Other features include full PID control output and a choice of networking options, including Ethernet and serial communications.
Omega Engineering Inc.
(800) 872-9436

Hand-held Dewpoint Meter

DryCap DM70’s graphical user interface, datalogging capability and analog output make it a versatile field instrument in a portable package. The dewpoint meter can measure pressurized processes up to 300 psig with an accuracy of +/-2oC for dewpoint temperatures down to -76oF (-60oC). It serves as an independent instrument, datalogger and integrated calibration reference for the company’s family of industrial dewpoint instruments.
Vaisala Inc.
(781) 933-4500

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensor components and assemblies can be used in utility and waste boilers, incineration, cogeneration, heat treating, forging, smelting, melting and other severe-use processes. Standard component and assembly styles as well as special materials and constructions for use in custom process applications are available. Accessories such as thermowells, protection tubes, transmitters, indicators, controllers, connection heads, thermocouple wire and terminal blocks also can be supplied.
Pyromation Inc.
(260) 484-2580

Datalogging Software

Scorpion Software Version 7 (SV7) is used to analyze data from the Scorpion datalogging system, which consists of temperature, air velocity, heat flux and humidity sensors. The software is written to provide compatibility with the latest Windows operating system features. Users of all computer-skill level can manipulate data displayed in two- and three-dimensional graphs. Toolbar buttons can be used to zoom and make on-screen measurements of time, temperature and slope.
Reading Thermal Systems
(610) 693-9547

RTD-Input Signal Conditioner

Field-configurable, socket-mount device accepts three-wire platinum, copper and nickel RTDs and can be configured with on-board DIP switches. Inputs on the AC-powered Model AP4151-2000 can be set for the specific alpha curve. The output can be linear to the input temperature signal or can be set for no linearization. The outputs can be configured in the field for either 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, or 4 to 20 mA. It incorporates TouchCAL technology, which replaces the mechanical and thermal variability of potentiometers with the electronic stability of a microprocessor.
Eurotherm, Action Instruments Group
(703) 443-0000

ATEX-Certified Process Calibrator

Model 707Ex loop calibrator has an ergonomic design with features such as span check, manual stepping and automatic ramping. It meets FM certification and complies with the latest European ATmosphere EXplosive (ATEX) directive (effective July 1). ATEX certification ensures users a high standard of protection against risk of explosion (EX 2 G EEX ia IIC T4, CENELEC Zones 1 and 2), where hydrocarbons or gases may be present during normal or abnormal operation.
Fluke Corp.
(888) 300-1088

Power Supplies, Signal Converters, Conditioners

Cabur power supplies, interface modules, signal converters and conditioners, alarm modules, relay modules and component holders are offered. Other product lines include RTD modules, universal signal conditioners and compact relay packages that house up to eight relays in a 1" package.
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.
(717) 249-5581

Infrared Thermometers

Line of infrared thermometers ranges from permanent fixed systems to hand-held units. Fixed systems can be used to monitor processes in paper, textiles, food, paints, chemical reactors and kiln applications. Hand-held units measure from -30 to 2,000oF (-34 to 1,093oC) and include automatic emissivity adjustments.
E Instruments
(609) 882 1500

Mini-SCADA Control

CALgrafix uses OPC client/server architecture to simplify process monitoring and networking. Charting, logging, alarm and configuration features are integrated within a single package that requires minimal setup before connecting to a network of the company’s temperature and process controllers or other OPC-compliant products. Once changes are made, the settings are downloaded to the controller. A cloning feature allows groups of parameters to be sent to a number of controllers that require identical settings. The user can create complex profiles by a simple graphical “drag-and-drop” operation.
Cal Controls Inc.
(847) 680-7080

Power Controls

MiniMax series has flexible plug-in options and current limits as well as a space-saving footprint and universal approvals. They are suited for applications that require fast-responding loads such as resistive heaters, electric ovens and environmental chambers, where resistance changes as a function of temperature. MiniMax 1P utilizes phase-angle firing to modulate power to an inductive or resistive load. MiniMax 3 is a three-phase, six-SCR control with optional plug-in proportional firing and shorted SCR detection boards.
(800) 443-2640

Temperature Controller

Model TM215M closed-loop temperature control module is microprocessor based and designed for use with Type J or K thermocouples. It compares the measured temperature to the operator’s chosen setpoint and regulates current to the electric heater to maintain the processing temperature at this setpoint. The 15 A module can function in 15 or 30 A mainframes.
(800) 537-5375

Temperature Profiling Software

Designed for all user levels, Oven Insight works with the company’s oven dataloggers. It starts in wizard mode and guides the user through a one-time setup of an oven profile. For the frequent user, the Download Plus feature downloads the run/file, saves it under the correct process, analyzes it, displays the data and prints a profile report with a single click. Other features allow predicting cures with different oven settings; setting alarms to alert if a process is out of tolerance; and notifying the user when the logger requires recalibration.
Datapaq Inc.
(978) 988-9000

Portable Clamp-On Power Meters

Model CW120 measures up to 3P3W and Model CW121 measures up to 3P4W. External current clamps are offered in 50, 200, 500, 700 and 1,000 to 3,000 A configurations. Measuring parameters include volts, amps, watts, Hertz and picofarads. Parameter-setting software for a PC is included, and the device is compatible with 128 MB compact flash memory cards.
Yokogawa Corp. of America
(770) 254-0400

Infrared Thermometer

Modline 5’s outer body uses a stainless steel, NEMA 4-rated housing to protect against corrosion and humidity. High temperature cable and sealed electrical connectors improve reliability. Menu-driven setup can be accomplished through a rear panel keypad with back-lit display or via an RS485 device. An optional dirty window detector “senses” if dirt, water or other contaminants are built up on the lens of the sensor.
Ircon Inc.
(800) 323-7660, ext. 258

PID Temperature Control

Single-channel Series SD controller includes a universal sensor input with up to three outputs that can be programmed for heat or cool temperature control. Other features include infrared remote communications operation that eases controller setup, operation and monitoring and a user-defined menu system. Save and restore feature allows users to save their settings or the factory settings.
Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.
(800) 492-8569

Pressure Switches

Series QP pressure switches are intended for gas and air pressure supervision on industrial burner applications. Automatic and manual reset versions are offered in a range of available pressures. Company also offers a complete combustion control line.
Siemens Building Technologies
(800) 877-7545, ext. 5120

PTC, NTC Thermistors

Temperature sensor line includes PTC and NTC off-the-shelf thermistor temperature sensors and custom temperature probes. Temperature ranges from -67 to 392oF (-55 to 200oC) with up to +/-0.1oC accuracy.
Quality Thermistor Inc.
(208) 377-3373

Control/Display Modules

Working from customer-supplied or its own designs, turnkey design/build service for control/display modules manufactures finished or semi-finished modules for producers of industrial machinery in the packaging, medical, powder/bulk, heat processing and other markets. Most modules are microprocessor based, multifunction packages comprising printed circuit board, membrane or touch keypad control, display, automation software and CPU.
Durex Industries, CCSI Group
(847) 539-5600

PID Temperature DIN Rail-Mountable Controller

E5ZN line allows users to choose from two to 32 loops and three different output choices (voltage, current or transistor). With the backplane-less system, users can mix and match the modular PID temperature controllers to meet the needs of their applications from one centralized location. The 0.8858" (22.5 mm) wide controllers have RS485 serial communication to allow connection to PCs or PLCs.
Omron Electronics LLC
(847) 843-7900

Flexible High Temperature Surface Sensor

Ready-to-use flexible sensor is rated for continuous service at 658oF (348oC). All-polyamide construction provides high dielectric strength, and the low profile lamination provides fast response time and increased measurement accuracy. The platinum sensing element meets the requirements of IEC 751 Class B. Typical applications include gas chromatography, silicon chip processing, motor windings, fluid lines and other surface temperature measurements.
RdF Corp.
(800) 445-8367

Rail- and Wall-Mount Transmitter

Microprocessor-based rail- and wall-mount transmitter has universal input, complete isolation and linearization, built-in loop-powered LCD readout and Hart protocol. Model mP87700H accepts 12 thermocouple inputs, three platinum RTD inputs, three nickel RTD inputs, two copper RTD inputs and millivolt and resistance inputs. Minimum spans are 45oF (25oC) for RTD and 90oF (50oC) for thermocouples.
S-Products Inc.
(203) 331-9546

3-Phase SCR Power Controller

Model 7300A is rated from 16 to 40 A, 100 to 500 VAC with a 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA control input. It offers zero cross firing for fixed resistance loads or phase-angle firing for inductive and variable-resistance loads. The unit is available with optional load diagnostics that monitor for SCR failure, total load failure and partial load failure. It is suitable for environmental chambers, industrial ovens/kilns/furnaces, infrared heating and glass melting.
Invensys Eurotherm
(703) 443-0000

PC-Programmable Temperature Transmitters and Alarm Trips

Universal, PC-programmable temperature transmitters and alarm trips have 20-bit input resolution, stability of up to 5 years between calibrations, complete signal isolation, RFI/EMI protection, and rugged metal housings that snap onto DIN-style rails. Model CPA limit alarm trip and Model CPT temperature transmitter and signal isolator/converter accept a direct signal input from many sensors and other analog devices, including 23 RTD types, nine thermocouple types, current and voltage signals, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources.
Moore Industries-International Inc.
(818) 894-7111

Linear Integrated Sensor Transmitter

Model L.I.S.T. II provides temperature-to-milliamp signal conditioning, combining the stability and accuracy of an RTD with the benefits of an integral 4 to 20 mA signal conditioning device. It can be programmed and calibrated in the field using software and an interface module with a PC. The programming module allows users to program the device to specific temperature requirements.
Thermo Electric
(800) 776-4020

Temperature-Indicating Sensor Paper

Thermex reveals the temperature distribution between any two heated contacting surfaces. The temperature-indicating sensor paper can aid in research and development as well as quality control/quality assurance for assessing heat distribution between heat sealing bars, welding heads and other industrial applications where heat analysis is important. Supplied as a large, thin sheet, the sensor instantly and permanently turns varying intensities between light blue to black when placed between heated contacting surfaces. Response time is 0.1 sec or less with heat-sensing ranges of 200 to 300oF (93 to 149oC).
Sensor Products Inc.
(973) 884-1755

Inline Moisture Sensing

Developed to sense the moisture level of products exiting industrial dryers, ovens or preheaters, inline moisture sensing method uses Delta T software and two temperature sensors. Accuracy is reported to be unaffected by bed depth, temperature, particle size or moisture content. It can be supplied in a control package or as a sensor only.
Drying Technology Inc.
(409) 385-6422

Sensors and Elements

Selection of ANSI Type J, K, T, E, R, S, B and N thermocouples, heat assemblies, protection tubes, extension wire, hardware and RTD assemblies are offered as well as calibration services. Calibrations can be provided meeting Guide 25 requirements. Rod, strip and coiled heating elements for ovens and thermal processing equipment also are available.
Industronics Service Co.
(860) 289-1551

Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitters

Model HH51 measures relative humidity and Model HH52 simultaneously measures temperature and relative humidity. The output can be configured for 0 to 1 VDC, 0 to 5 VDC or 4 to 20 mA DC and can be powered by 120 VAC, 220 VAC or 10 to 30 VDC. Available options include an LCD display, RS232C data link and remote probe filter for dusty environments.
Omega Engineering Inc.
(800) 872-9436

Paperless Maintenance, Asset Management

SmartFieldOps extends the reach of office-bound asset or maintenance management systems into the plant, yard or shop floor by synchronizing client databases to the realities in the field in the field. It allows users to manage equipment and tools more efficiently through electronic collection of field data, electronic identification and seamless integration with office-bound systems. The program eliminates the need for paper and validates collected field data electronically.
Arnlea Systems North America

Burner Control for Gas- and Oil-Fired Burners

Model D-GF 150 is designed to control and monitor any capacity gas and oil burner in single- or multiple-burner ovens and furnaces. Standard functions include adjustable prepurge time, ignition, fuel-valve control and integrated flame monitor. Additional functions include integrated gas valve-proving system, separate outputs for gas and oil fuel valves, and fast fuel changeover without burner shutdown. It is certified to the EC Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
Durag Industrie Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
+49 40 55 42 18 0

Palm-Based Datalogger Software

HandCar EX for Palm hand-held computers enables uninterrupted datalogging during offload and supports company’s Hobo datalogger. In addition to providing on-location datalogger readout and launch capabilities, the software provides a number of logger management functions such as viewing current measurements and checking battery status. Data from multiple loggers can be stored on the Palm hand-held and later offloaded to a PC for graphing, analysis or data export.
Onset Computer Corp.
(800) 564-4377