Infrared, immersion, circulation, tubular or coil -- this section includes several different shapes, sizes and types of heaters.

Gas Coolers and Heaters

Process gas coolers and heaters provide transitions on both ends to mate to process piping. Each transition is customized to properly distribute air across the finned tube bundle and minimize pressure drop. Removable-core design allows heat exchange elements to be cleaned or inspected in a minimal amount of time.
Aerofin Corp.
(434) 845-7081

Dual-Coil Thermal Fluid Heater

Twin-coil HYT heater is designed with twin close-wound helical coils to provide high thermal efficiency in a small compact package. It has an internal ceramic fiber blanket in place of cast refractory, which greatly reduces weight and the expense of maintaining castable refractory. Built to provide years of dependable service, its rugged design protects it from the rigors of process industry applications. It is suitable for use with a wide range of fuels and thermal fluids.
General Combustion
(407) 290-6000

Quartz Mini-Tube Infrared Heater

Suited for systems requiring small area zoning and close control of process, KTE E-Mitter is offered in standard industry sizes and ratings up to 60 W/in2. Interchangeable with the company's ceramic heaters, it is offered in two mounting styles: single-point ceramic header with clip(s) in center of unit or two 0.3125 x 1" studs on centerline. With medium-wavelength output (2 to 8 micron), it is suitable for horizontal or vertical operation with tubes in horizontal plane.
Tempco Electric Heater Corp.
(630) 477-3344

Silicone Rubber Heater

Rugged and resistant to moisture and chemicals, the heater is thin and flexible to allow it to be used in flat positions or wrapped around curved and irregular shapes. With a maximum operating temperature of 450oF (232oC), the heater can incorporate thermostats, thermistors and sensors into its design.
Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab
(800) 394-9435

Process Air, Gas Heaters

For direct-fired gas heating applications, these heaters provide high temperatures without air preheat in a packaged design. The heaters come in sizes to 25 million BTU/hr for applications such as air separation, fuel gas heating, regeneration gas heating, steam superheating and other vapor-phase, direct-heating processes.
GTS Energy Inc.
(877) 487-4328

Oil Immersion and Fintube Heaters

Designed for oil preheating, oil baths and other heat transfer fluids, oil immersion heaters have a tubular heater design while fintube heaters include an aluminum flange welded to longitudinal finned tubing. Fins increase the surface area, lowering the watts per square inch and enabling a higher kilowatt rating to be used in a shorter length.
Trent Inc.
(215) 482-5000

Infrared Heater

Infraround Series is a medium-wavelength infrared emitter composed of long-life elements mounted to proprietary ceramic cylinders. Designed specifically for the wire and cable industry and for curing extruded rubber and synthetic shapes, the heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can be stacked end to end. It has intermediate exhaust ports. Unit is available in diameters from 2 to 10".
Process Thermal Dynamics
(800) 793-2077

Heaters and Blowers

Hot air blowers and heaters are designed for continuous operation and installation in machines and equipment in various drying and heating processes. Equipment is suitable for shrinking and welding packaging films and molded parts.
Leister Process Technologies
(+41) 662 7474

Quartz Lamp Infrared Heater

Model QRH1 has translucent fused quartz that provides efficient heat transfer capability. Lamp assemblies are available from 12.625 to 32.75", 500 to 2,500 W and 120 to 480 V. Assemblies include rugged aluminum housing with a polished reflector.
Ogden Manufacturing Co.
(847) 593-8050

Cartridge Heater

Designed for maximum temperature, heat transfer and heater life, the 0.125" Superwatt optimizes heat transfer from the resistance wire to the sheath. Suitable applications include dies, plastic molding, instrumentation and packaging machinery.
Hotwatt Inc.
(978) 777-0070

Fired Thermal Liquid Heater

System is designed for closed-circuit heating of heat transfer liquids to 750oF (399oC). The heater's heat transfer surface and fluid velocity are selected for optimum film and coil temperature as well as maximum fluid and coil life. The unit employs a heavy-duty, forced-draft, fully modulating burner. Offered in horizontal or vertical designs, it is suitable for use with any gas (including waste gases), any grade of oil (including liquid waste), or a combination of gas and liquid fuels.
American Hydrotherm, Div. of Patterson Process Equipment
(888) 609-5700

Opaque Quartz Panel Heater

Q Series has a fused silica (opaque quartz) to maximize radiant efficiency. The back of each fused quartz face is precision machined to hold the resistance coil. A reflective insulating fiberboard is added behind the heating element to direct the infrared energy through the quartz face. Double-layer insulation behind the insulating board decreases back heat loss. Aluminized steel casings and welded stainless steel terminations are standard.
Solar Products Inc.
(800) 616-2601

Thermal Fluid and Process Heating System

Complete fuel-fired three-pass low pressure hot oil heating system provides temperatures up to 750oF (399oC). Offered in sizes ranging from 400,000 to more than 75 million BTU/hr, efficiency can exceed 90 percent. Heating applications include presses, rolls, tanks and reactors, kilns, dryers, fuel heating, glycol solutions, process air and steam generation.
Thermal Fluid Systems Inc.
(770) 425-5556

Thermal Fluid Heater

Available in a fuel-fired coil design, thermal fluid heater provides 800,000 to 14 million BTU/hr output and oil temperatures up to 750oF (399oC). The heater operates in a closed-loop system pumping hot oil to and from process tanks, presses, baths, fryers, ovens, drying units or reactors. Temperature can be controlled to +/-2oF, and high temperatures at low system pressures can be achieved.
Fulton Thermal Corp.
(315) 298-5121

Electric Heater

Hot air/N2/argon electric heater can heat exit gas to 1,900oF (1,038oC) in the plasma mode. Product applications for Airtorch and Plasma Airtorch include ovens, die heaters and aluminum melting furnaces.
Micropyretics Heaters International Inc.
(513) 772-0404

Small Steam Superheater

Available in 150 psi to 500oF (260oC) and 300 psi to 700oF (371oC) and constructed in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel, steam superheater has heating elements with highly derated Incoloy blades. Control panel and system include main disconnect switch, fused power and control circuits, an SCR for 100 percent modulation of capacity, electronic dual-display process controller, high limits and audible/visible alarm circuit. An ASME pressure-relief valve is installed. Applications include providing superheat next to the machinery that requires it instead of superheating the whole steam line.
Acme Engineering Prod. Inc.
(518) 236-5659

Instant Hot Water by Direct Steam Injection

Direct steam heater has no moving parts, and it provides large or small volumes of hot water with precise temperature settings. The flanged steam heater is the same diameter as the incoming cold water feed line. Internal static-mixing module mixes the steam into the water. The high mixing environment prevents scaleup. The company asserts the steam heater is 30 percent more energy efficient than indirect systems.
Komax Systems Inc.
(800) 826-0760

Ceramic-Sheathed Immersion Heater

Designed to supply temperatures up to 2,100oF (1,149oC) for direct immersion in processes, ceramic sheath heater is suitable for molten metal baths, abrasive or corrosive service, and high pressure, vacuum and other extreme temperature applications. The thermally conductive nature of the ceramic sheath reduces the temperature gradient between core and sheath temperatures. Cold ohms standard specifications are +10/-5 percent without annealing the coils. The zoned construction allows for multiple coil configurations, which can provide multizone heating with varying heat flux along the length of the heater.
(800) 443-2640

Air Heater

Designed for forced- or compressed-air operation, Heat Torch can help users improve performance and reliability. Rugged heater is offered in a range of standard configurations and can be customized to meet unique requirements. Application assistance and control packages are offered.
Farnam Custom Products
(828) 684-3766

Single-Sided Heaters

PTC heater technology is designed to simplify the connection between the PTC element and the medium to be heated. With the single-sided design, the bottom side of the thermistor element is isolated electrically from the top side. PTC elements can be soldered, epoxied or spring-mounted to its interface. No thermostat is needed, and it has no moving parts and low noise. Options include resistance values and tolerances, rectangular sizes up to 2", and switch temperatures from 122 to 275oF (50 to 135oC).
Advanced Thermal Products
(814) 834-1541

Gas-Fired Infrared Heater

FiberGas-II Matrix can be used in drying and curing applications such as curing coated electrodip galvanized strips of various widths, thicknesses and web spreads with a maximum line speed of 300 ft/min. The curing system includes a control system for closed-loop control and cut-off zones. Burner is designed with a high temperature alloy matrix panel that provides even distribution and proper air fuel velocities. It achieves 48,000 BTU/ft2-hr, reaches 90 percent power from cold startup within 10 sec and shuts down from 90 percent power to cool to touch in 10 sec.
Casso-Solar Corp.
(800) 988-4455

Electric Strip Heaters

Manufactured under the Caloritech brand, line of electric strip heaters is suitable for process applications such as surface heating on platens, dies, molds, presses, tanks and piping as well as process air heating in drying cabinets, baking ovens and vacuum dehydrating ovens. Heaters can be provided with fins to improve heat transfer in air-heating applications. They are corrosion resistant, able to withstand severe vibration conditions and provide uniform heat distribution over the entire active surface.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
(800) 410-3131

Heated Tubing

Hot Tube provides an energy-efficient solution to hot fluid transfer. Any material such as gas or viscous fluid can be transported through the heated tubing. Its internal temperature control eliminates the need for external controllers. A range of voltage, wattage and temperature options is offered.
Clayborn Lab
(530) 587-4700

Electric Immersion Heaters

Line of stainless steel, titanium, quartz and Teflon immersion heaters and temperature controls includes QuickPlug family of portable heater/control systems. QuickPlug provides up to 3,500 W for small-tank applications and does not require hard wiring.
Cleveland Process Corp. (Clepco)
(800) 241-0412

Coiled Cartridge Band Heater

MaxPak is engineered for processing applications requiring any combination of high temperature, maximum wattage and abuse resistance. The band's inner and outer diameter provides a large surface area and precision fit to external or internal cylindrical surfaces. The resulting high rate of heat transfer to the component maximizes element life and efficiency. Externally mounted coiled band heater is equipped with low expansion straps to maintain a secure fit between element and component. Internally mounted coiled bands expand against the inside surface of the component and rarely require any additional clamping mechanisms.
Duratherm Processing Systems Inc.
(630) 443-9772

Water Heater with Titanium Elements

Tytan has titanium elements for long life. Designed for heating noncritical deionized water applications, it is offered in SEMI- and CE-compliant configurations. Heater is available in sizes up to 144 kW (up to 72 kW for wall-mounted styles).
Process Technology
(440) 946-9500

Drywell Heater

Low sheath temperature, pipe-insert-style heater is designed to heat temperature-sensitive materials without burning, coking, discoloring or otherwise degrading the product. Utilizing a 2 or 3" schedule 40 pipe drywell for its sheath, the internal heating element can be replaced without draining the tank or reservoir.
Process Heating Co.
(206) 682-3414

Lamp Provides Portable Infrared Heat

Model HL2 provides portable heat for applications such as plastics curing and forming, laboratory testing and paint removal and stripping. Two clear, high intensity 500-W tubular quartz heat lamps provide instant electric infrared heat and produce surface temperatures of 680oF (360oC). Heat intensity is controllable with the built-in variable power controller. A self-contained internal cooling system cools the case so the unit can be held with no danger to the operator. The lamp assemblies incorporate the Lux-Therm snap-in system so lamps can be replaced without rewiring.
Eraser Co.
(315) 454-3237

Ceramic Infrared Heating Element

Salamander medium-range infrared heat source emits no light and is warranted for 1 year or 10,000 hr against burnout. Providing good zone control, the ceramic infrared element can be ordered with individual cast-in, fast-response thermocouples or replaceable thermocouples. With a noncorrosive ceramic surface, the heater can be supplied in a range of shapes and sizes.
Infrared Internationale of North America Ltd.
(616) 784-8997

Direct Contact Water Heater

Manufactured of all stainless steel, direct-contact water heater is a nonpressure vessel that does not require a certified boiler operator, inspection, pressure vessel insurance, boiler feed chemicals, blow down or ASME Code construction. The manufacturer asserts it is 99.7 percent efficient and provides instantaneous hot water at the desired temperature.
Kemco Systems
(800) 633-7055

Heat Transfer System

Thermal Kwik includes a circulation heater, a pump/motor, a flow switch, valves and a control panel. Components are prewired and either mounted in a compact skid assembly for use on a wall/tank or free standing. Each system is custom engineered to meet specific application requirements. Process and high limit thermocouples, combined with controllers, monitor the process and protect the heater and inline equipment. Panels utilize SCR or contactor step control.
(800) 243-8162

Heat Gun

Flameless Master Heat Gun is suited for drying, activating adhesives, bending plastics, defrosting coils, stripping paint and shrinking tubing and packaging. It is offered in four models that have temperature ratings up to 1,000oF (538oC) with airflow output of 23 cfm. Other features include a double-protected element housing, reinforced mica-insulated ceramic heating element, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing, adjustable air intake to control air volume and temperature range, and a high speed universal motor with accessible brush holders.
Master Appliance Corp.
(262) 633-7791

Rental Heaters

Line of temporary heaters includes a 150 kW electric heater designed for rugged duty. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, heater comes with a remote thermostat on a 25' lead, detachable casters, 20" dia. flexible duct discharge, unit-mounted disconnect and camlock connections. Airflow range is from 3,000 to 7,000 cfm, and the maximum temperature rise is 158oF (70oC). It offers a quick solution to temporary process, plant or worker applications.
(800) 323-3977

Flanged Immersion Heater

Offered in a range of rates, sizes and materials, flanged immersion heater is adaptable to the heating requirements of water, oil and other liquid solutions as well as air and gases. The heater is designed for through-the-side mounting in tanks and vessels using standard pipe flanges.
Heatrex Inc.
(814) 724-1800

Bench-Top Portable Induction Heater

Flexitune 5-, 10-, 15- and 30-kW IGBT-type solid-state induction heating system is a direct replacement for equivalent radio frequency valve oscillators. Typical applications include bonding, brazing, curing, drying, shrink-fitting and fastener manufacturing. The induction heaters are arranged as stand-alone or portable bench-top units and can be integrated with other process equipment to provide a turnkey, cell-manufacturing approach. The system operates over a frequency range of 20 to 60 kHz and is designed not to fail in either a short-circuit or open-circuit condition.
Radyne Corp.
(800) 236-8360

Custom Immersion, Pipe and Air Duct Heaters

Custom-designed electric tubular immersion and pipe heaters can be used to heat any liquid, gas or oil, including corrosive solutions in tanks, pipes or pressurized vessels. Electric air duct heaters can be used for heating process air and gases up to 1,200oF (650oC) for forced-air applications. Air heater applications include drying, curing, reheating, dehumidification and annealing.
Wahlco Inc.
(714) 979-7300

Over-the-Side Heater

Designed to be a solution to problematic electric process heating applications in existing and new tanks where tank penetration is not practical, over-the-side heater is built to suit. Integral sludge legs keep the element free of contaminant buildup on tank bottom and support the heaters.
Warren Electric Corp.
(401) 245-3700

Process and Duct Heaters

Designed for a range of applications, process and duct heaters are offered as a part of a heating system that includes UL control systems. Each is designed to provide optimal temperature flexibility and control.
ThermTech Inc.
(800) 659-8271

Flanged Heater for Air, Gases, Liquids

Suitable for heating air, gas and aqueous solutions, line of flanged heaters is offered in more than 4,300 configurations with capacities of 1 to 1,200 kW. Each configuration can be provided in NEMA 12, 4 and 7. The heater flange is supplied in sizes up to 36" dia. and the immersion length is 9 to 180". Selection of construction materials includes 316 stainless steel, Incoloy, Monel and Hastelloy.
Gaumer Process Heaters
(800) 460-5200

Immersion Heaters

Styles include screw-plug, flange and over-the-side styles to suit most applications. Standard features include heavy-duty magnesium oxide heating elements; NEMA moisture- or explosion-resistant enclosures; copper, steel or Incoloy sheath, welded construction; and operating temperatures to 1,600oF (863oC). Optional features include thermostatic controls; other sheath materials such as Monel, Inconel or titanium; passivated elements and plugs/flanges for pure or deionized water, photochemicals and other special processes.
Durex Industries
(847) 639-5600

Tubular Heating Elements

Designed specifically for process heating applications, tubular heating elements are offered in 0.250, 0.260, 0.312, 0.375, 0.430, 0.475 and 0.490" dia. A range of terminations and hardware as well as tubing alloys are available to suit the application.
Springfield Wire
(413) 781-6950