Joint Venture Cements Crown's Leadership in Oilseed Processing

Crown Iron Works Co., Jordan, Minn., and Wuhan Friendship Engineering Corp., an oilseed processing company in China, have entered a joint venture.

Increased need for greater economies of scale in the soybean processing market has compelled the joint venture. Wuhan Friendship Engineering Corp. provides soybean processing systems with capacities of up to 1,200 tons/day. For the last few years, however, demand has increased in China for greater soybean processing capacities and operating efficiencies of up to 3,000 tons/day. As a worldwide supplier of energy-efficient, high-capacity oilseed processing systems, Crown Iron Works Co. answers this need for China.

Crown will offer a full line of oilseed and oil processing equipment for China. Modifi-cation of existing plants will be a strong market for the joint venture, according to Cliff Anderson, president and CEO of Crown, given that Chinese processors need to improve their plants to reduce the discharge of pollutants into the environment.