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Because of the metal fiber burner's high radiation efficiency, extremely low thermal inertia and high durability, all major paper mill manufacturers use the metal fiber burner for drying paper coatings.

In the wine industry, the leaves of vine are thinned in order to achieve higher quality and productivity in the growing and the harvesting of the wine grapes.

Because the metal fiber burner does not release any products harmful to health, it can also be used in the food industry. Metal fiber burner Technology is used in different types of bakery ovens.

More countries are specifying maximum NOX and CO emission levels for residential heating appliances. To meet these requirements and in order to achieve higher efficiencies, advanced boilers and burners use the metal fiber burners. Metal fiber burner technology offers high modulation capability and allows for compact design.

The company Saey (Belgium) commercializes the QuickGlow. This Barbeque is equipped with a metal fiber burner. Due to its resistance to thermal shocks and its robustness the burner resists to dripping fat and water.

In the forging industry, tools have to be preheated before start-up to reduce tool wear and increase product quality. Acotech has developed a double-faced atmospherically fired metal fiber burner placed between the two tools. The metal fiber burner technology assures homogeneous, efficient and quick preheating.

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