Temperature stability is essential in a heat transfer system. Consult this collection of heat transfer fluids to find those that will benefit your process.

System Cleaner Liquid

Paratherm SC system cleaner liquid is formulated to dissolve and suspend sludge and carbon lumps frequently produced in hot oil temperature control units where petroleum- or glycol-based heat transfer fluids have been used. Used warm (150oF [66oC] max) or cold, it provides excellent sludge-removal properties across the temperature range. It can be reused after solid matter drops to the bottom of the container or is filtered out. When it is spent, the fluid can be combined with other common parts-washing liquids and disposed of conventionally.
Paratherm Corp.
(800) 222-3611

Nonhazardous Heat Transfer Fluid

With a temperature range of 0 to 600oF (-18 to 316oC), nonhazarous heat transfer fluid can accommodate a range of heating or cooling requirements. Manufacturer's experience includes providing proven recommendations on applications and a Tech-Team approach that identifies system problems that, if left uncorrected, may damage the fluid.
MultiTherm Corp.
(800) 225-7440

Synthetic Fluid

Marlotherm N has a pour point of -76oF (-60oC) and upper film temperature of 644oF (340oC). The nontoxic fluid is suitable for use in closed-loop, nonpressurized, forced-circulation process heating and cooling systems.
Sasol North America Inc.
(251) 861-7333

Fluids Offered in Many Chemistries

Available in a range of product chemistries, these heat transfer fluids deliver performance characteristics for stability, pressure, pumpability and other system operating requirements. Included are Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids; Syltherm silicone fluids; Ucon polyalkylene glycol-based fluids; and Dowtherm, Dowfrost, Dowcal and Ucartherm inhibited glycol-based fluids.
Dow Chemical Co.
(800) 447-4369

Heat Transfer Fluid

Calflo HTF is a premium-grade heat transfer fluid that provides extended high temperature performance in liquid-phase systems operating with bulk temperatures up to 620oF (326oC). Nontoxic and chemically stable, the fluid does not attack seal materials, is less prone to sludge buildup and reduces leakage from control valves and pipe flanges. Its low vapor pressure and oxidation and good thermal stability result in fewer top-ups, reduced maintenance costs and longer fluid life.
Petro-Canada Lubricants
(905) 804-4678

Thermal Fluids

Intercool NFE/NFP inhibited ethylene- and propylene-glycol-based fluids are available as concentrate or preblended to meet customer specifications. The company offers free delivery, free fluid analysis every six months and free technical support.
Interstate Chemical Co.
(800) 422-2436

Biphenyl-Free High Temperature Fluid

Xceltherm LV is designed to eliminate environmental and hazardous material concerns. The fluid is a biphenyl-free direct replacement in liquid- or vapor-phase systems up to 700oF (371oC). The company asserts that the fluid eliminates Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, "Reportable Spill Quantity" concerns. Using this fluid requires no system modifications.
Radco Industries Inc.
(630) 232-7966

Very Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol VLT liquid phase heat transfer fluid offers good heat transfer and fluid properties for use in extremely low temperature applications. This fluid offers exceptional low temperature pumpability and thermal stability. It is suited for single-fluid heating and cooling systems between -175 and 350oF (115 and 175oC).
Solutia Inc.
(800) 433-6997

Synthetic Fluids

TF Series is based on synthetic hydrocarbons and contains additives to clean sludge and varnish from equipment. Line of heat transfer fluids and high temperature lubricants are intended for applications that are too hot, too cold, too wet or too dirty for conventional products. Fire-resistant and highly biodegradable fluids are the company's specialty.
DSI Fluids
(903) 526-7577

Corrosion-Resistant Fluid

Designed to protect brass, copper, steel, cast iron, aluminum and other metals used in cooling and heating systems, Jeffcool coolants and heat transfer fluids contain corrosion inhibitors that attach to metal surfaces to passivate them. The ethylene-glycol- and propylene-glycol-based fluids can be used for process cooling.
Huntsman Corp.
(713) 235-6303