Improve heat transfer through your processes by choosing among the plate-and-frame and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, coils and heat transfer surfaces within this section.

Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Designed for heat recovery, heat exchanger offers options of tilt or face-and-bypass for temperature and frost control; inline configuration for enhanced dehumidification; and indirect evaporative cooling. A range of 1" ID integral finned aluminum tube heat pipes are offered with standard configurations up to eight rows deep, 28 tubes high and 20' long.
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Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.
(509) 684-2595


Steam, liquid heating, cooling and refrigeration coils are custom designed for specific application requirements. Copper, stainless steel or carbon steel tubes are offered with aluminum, copper, stainless steel or carbon steel fins.
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(800) 225- 4328

Miniature Heat Exchanger

Available as tube-in-tube or shell-and-tube designs, miniature heat exchanger is constructed from 316L stainless steel. Sanitary models and custom designs are available.
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Exergy Inc.
(781) 294-8838

Heat Exchangers, Coils

Finned-tube heat exchangers for industrial, commercial and process applications are suitable for gas-to-fluid heating or cooling and steam heating. Standard and custom designs come with options to suit most requirements. New, replacement and OEM designs are available.
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Industrial Heat Transfer
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Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Welded end and primary seals on this stainless steel heat exchanger eliminate contamination. Unit has removable access panels to ease inspection and cleaning. Maximum operating temperature is 1,200oF (649oC).
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(800) 662-3966

Heat Exchanger

Hybrid combines the performance of plate-and-frame units with the high pressure and temperature capabilities of a shell-and-tube design. The stainless steel unit is suitable for use in applications in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and thermal storage industries.
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Paul Mueller Co.
(800) 683-5537

Plate Heat Exchanger

Modu-Flex Series is available in a range of sizes in stainless steel or titanium plates with gaskets to suit the application. Design pressures are up to 400 psig, and connections are up to 20" pipe sizes. The company also offers a "shell and plate" heat exchanger, which is made of an all-welded construction and is gasket-free. This type provides high thermal efficiencies, working limits of 350 psig and 475oF (246oC).
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Plate Concepts Inc.
(908) 236-9750

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

Floating-head-type shell-and-tube heat exchanger is designed to extract heat from a slurry consisting of liquid sulfur and hydrogen sulfide at a temperature of 849oF (454oC). This slurry must be cooled before it can be processed further. The unit weighs 2 tons each, and once paired for in-series operation, it will be relatively compact. Each contains 1.5 tons of S31000, containing 20.5 percent nickel. The tubes, tubesheets and channels, nozzle connection pipe and flanges and all other tube-side materials coming directly in contact with the hot slurry are S31000-compliant.
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Patterson Industries
(Canada) Ltd.
(416) 691-2768

Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

This configuration is designed to offer advantages for severe service applications. The tube bundle can tolerate pulsation and thermal cycling. Cost of corrosion-resistant material construction is said to be lower than a shell-and-tube exchanger. ASME U stamp available with operating pressure to 10,000 psi.
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Sentry Equipment Corp.
(262) 567-7256

Enhanced-Fin-Surface Coil

To provide higher thermal efficiency for ammonia and steam coils, unit has a fin surface utilizing 0.875" OD tubes on a 2.25" equilateral pattern. The coil can be manufactured in three different configurations for design flexibility. The 0.875" tube performs well with ammonia or halocarbon refrigerants and is suitable for applications with low liquid-pressure drops or quick steam-condensate removal.
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Super Radiator Coils
(952) 556-3330

Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchanger

Model GPX includes a one-piece molded gasket. It is designed with two rings to confine each fluid to the appropriate port region of the plate, and a field region of the gasket confines the fluid to the heat transfer area of the plate. A vented region is located between the port and field regions. This design creates a double gasket with a leak path to atmosphere through the vented region, preventing any cross-contamination of the fluids due to gasket failure.
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Bell & Gossett
(847) 966-3700

Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Designed for cooling semiconductor manufacturing equipment, test equipment, electronics and ovens, liquid-to-air 730 Series has manifold circuitry made from 316L stainless steel that is mechanically bonded to the company's riffled and corrugated copper fins. The frames are made from aluminum with gold irridite finish complete with fan plenum and mounting fixtures. Internal passivation is available. The line is available in 16 models with and without attached fans and finger guards.
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Thermatron Engineering Inc.
(978) 687-8844

Heat Exchanger Technology

Originally designed for refrigerated, compressed-air dryer applications, CFX exchanger allows high heat transfer efficiency in a small configuration as a result of optimized performance characteristics. Features include low pressure drop, three-piece stainless steel construction, compact size, high pressure applicability and nonfouling, self-cleaning design. Each exchanger is separated internally by a stainless steel corrugated sheet that is folded to maximize the surface area inside the cylinder.
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Zeks Compressed Air Solutions
(610) 692-9100

Hydrogen Cooler

Designed for an electrical generator, cooler is made with a range of tube materials to suit the particular water quality at the site and has copper fins non-lead bonded to the tube wall. Depending on the heat load, the number of fins per inch ranges from 8 to 22.
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Rome Turney Radiator Co.
(315) 336-2200

Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Compabloc can handle pressures from full vacuum up to 450 psig and temperatures up to 660oF (350oC) and down to -20oF (-29oC) with ASME design. With PED design, the heat exchanger can operate down to -40oF (-40oC) or with special design down to -148oF (-100oC). The exchanger is designed without interplate gaskets for operation in aggressive and high-temperature environments.
Circle 266
Alfa Laval Inc.
(804) 236-1298

Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers

Plateflow provides close temperature control of fluids for heat recovery applications where space is a consideration. Countercurrent flow yields heat transfer coefficients that are three to five times greater than other type of exchangers. The units can be specified in 20 different models for heat transfer surface area as high as 9,180 ft2. Plates are easy to remove for maintenance and service.
Circle 277
ITT Standard
(716) 862-4061

Heavy-Duty Coils

Rhinocase coils are made from an all-welded aluminum construction. The coil is designed to provide increased corrosion control and exact dimensional tolerances.
Circle 272
Red Rhino Heat
Exchangers Inc.
(877) 620-2645

Heat Exchangers

Kenics high efficiency heat exchangers offers maximum heat transfer rates, even with highly viscous, difficult-to-handle materials. Used for a range of process applications, including those found in the polymer, plastic and food industries, Kenics uses static mixing elements to require less space, less energy and less processing time than standard shell-and-tube heat exchangers.
Circle 269
(978) 687-0101

Plate Heat Exchanger

Designed for pasteurization, heating, cooling or regeneration of any homogeneous, pourable liquid, plate heat exchanger is flexible to ease maintenance. All gasket styles are field replaceable. Stainless steel or mild steel frames are offered to satisfy for different processing duties. All are USDA-approved and ASME-certified.
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Chester-Jensen Co.
(800) 685-3750

Teflon-Coated Heat Exchanger

The company now offers Teflon coating on the exterior surface of its heat exchanger housings. Designed to be impervious to the corrosive characteristics of many chemicals used in process applications, the coating also eases cleaning and available in myriad color choices. The unit pictured is used to cool the airstream in a closed-loop processing application at a chemical plant. Design pressure tested at 75 psig.
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Xchanger Inc.
(952) 933-2559

Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger

Terlotherm has one mechanical seal and uses minimal floor space. The vertical, scraped-surface heat exchanger can process complex and sensitive products such as sauces, food/dairy, creams, lotions, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It offers a large surface area and hinged top-cover design.
Circle 426
Terlet Div., MPE Group USA
(856) 317-9960

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers can be constructed in 8 through 12" dia. units in ANSI 150 and 300 designs. Each unit is built to ASME and TEMA standards and comes with certified drawings and calculations that can be thermally guaranteed using HTRI software. A number of material, bundle, tube-side pass and head options are offered.
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Southern Heat Exchanger
(205) 345-5335